New Latveria

Adventure Log
Tales from the Rift

Doom1Earth-616. Doctor Victor Von Doom, considered by many to be the most dangerous supervillain in the world, mysteriously disappeared months ago. While some welcomed the peace and quiet, others grew concerned. Doom never disappears unless he has a plan. Soon others began to vanish as well – only these weren’t villains.

In truth, Doom discovered an alternate dimension while searching for the parallel reality called Earth One. This realm was a medieval land of sword and sorcery, populated by feudal patrons and terrorized by monsters. Initially Doom found his power greatly diminished upon arriving in the realm – which the locals called Golarion – with scarcely more strength than an average mortal. He quickly sought to regain his power, forever, and brought the antiquated citizens under his control. Rebuilding Castle Doomstadt as his base of operations and renaming the world New Latveria, Doom eventually became is undisputed ruler.

Recalling his weakened state upon arrival, Doom devised a devious plan. He sent his Doombot constructs to Earth-616, Earth One and other dimensions and with overwhelming force targeted its heroes. Some fell quickly, while others survived – and still others agreed to serve him in order to be spared his wrath. Doom declared an ultimatum to the heroes: “Your defeat is inevitable. To all who serve, you will not only be spared – but rewarded for your service. Your homes and families will come to no harm, and you will be returned to them once our plan comes to fruition. Yet know that betrayal comes at the ultimate cost.” Fearing for the lives of loved ones, some begrudgingly volunteered while others will subdued by force.

Intro1Over the following weeks, Doombots captured dozens of heroes from the various realms. Each found themselves in one of New Latveria’s dungeons. Magical chains sapped what little strength they had left upon awakening, and even the once-mightiest superheroes were brought to their knees. None fully know Doom’s plan, but the fact that these realms are being emptied of any opposition to Doom is unsettling at best. The weakened heroes have had little time to piece together information from the guards, and most simply wait for their moment to act.

That moment comes with a new arrival. The guard secures the door as usual, but one of the chains is loose. No longer bound by mystic shackles, one hero kindles the hope of escape…
Damp dungeon2

Escape from Tartarus - Part I

The heroes awoke one day to find themselves in prison in a magical realm. To their dismay and anger they faced a Rogue’s Gallery of foes who have aligned themselves with Doom. Some were Flying islandformer allies, while others were long-standing enemies. The feral Sabretooth sneered and snarled, scorning his orders to keep them alive and eagerly wishing the demand to be overturned. Phoenix, full of rage and contempt for being forced to remain in her single mortal form, sensed the loss of hope within the heroes – and relished in their dread. Shape-changing Beast Boy couldn’t look his Justice League compatriots in the eye, for he does not serve Doom willingly. Still, he knew it is little consolation to those who see him as a traitor. Similarly Rogue avoided the Avengers, whom she has regrettably only seen on the news until that point. Among those who eagerly served Doom was the undead heathen Harald Jaekelsson, both of whom received promises of untold wealth and limitless power. Caring little for the promises of the human overlord, fallen prince and accursed wizard Malekith kept to his private studies, plotting his own course to power.

All who populated the floating island prison boded their time. Yet outside the skies grew red and birds retreated. A foul energy grew, as fate prepared to rear it’s head. Inside, Natasha Stark awakened. The guard secured the door as usual, but one of her chains was loose. No longer bound by mystic shackles which previously held them powerless, Iron Woman kindled the hope of escape.

The unarmored Stark picked the lock of her cage and slipped out, though unfortunately the prison guard spotted her. Eager to rescue her closest ally, she ran to the cell of Doctor Strange and broke in – only to have it lock behind her. As the other guard ran for help, Stark released Thor and Superman as well.

It didn’t take long for the jailbreak alarm to sound. Sabretooth and Maggott rushed into the skirmish, as did Harald Jaekelsson. Malekith cast a spell of enlargement on the undead viking, who soon grew into an unholy terror. He arose into the prison area just in time to see Thor emerge from his cell. “Thor!” he called out to his nemesis. Though lacking armor or Mjolnir, Thor deadThor bravely rushed the draugr. Yet with one mighty blow, Harald crushed Thor into the ground. Strange used magic to revive his comrade, but Harald once more beat him senseless – nearly killing him and leaving him permanently out of commission.

Superman burst forth from his cell, charging Harald. The barbarian swung and clanged against the Kryptonian, who absorbed the damage with his trademark invulnerability. Unfortunately as he exchanged blows with Harald, that invulnerability did not last. Several slashes later, Harald ran Superman through and brought him to the ground.

Down in the bowels of the prison island, Malekith followed orders issued by the Captain and secured the power source of the complex before the Pathfinders got the chance. Removing it from its pedestal, the energy of the prison shorted and up above all remaining heroes were simultaneously released from their bonds.

Batman and Black Canary both slipped into shadows upon exiting their cells, surveying the action and plotting their next move. Vision and the Flash rushed into battle and managed to subdue one of the guards. When the feral Sabretooth and towering Maggott entered the fray, the tide began to turn considerably in the Acolytes’ favor. Meanwhile, Rogue enacted her own Scorched Earth policy in the prison storage area.

Phoenix and Beast Boy arrived just as Batman and Strange fell to the Acolytes. Suddenly the Batman deadcomplex suffered a massive jolt, sending nearly everyone to the ground. The floating island began to lean menacingly as the power once more flickered out of the complex. By suggestion of Maliketh, the Acolytes seized the fallen heroes and retreated to the flying alchemical ships waiting at the docks topside. Just then the island crashed into the sea, once more sending its inhabitants hurtling and tumbling. The Acolytes escaped with their quarry.

Soon thereafter Flash, Black Canary, Iron Woman and Vision regrouped and raced to escape the sinking island. Stark stopped by the armory to grab her suit of armor, and made a disturbing discovery. The commotion she had heard earlier was the sound of Rogue destroying much of the heroes’ equipment. Batman’s suit was damaged beyond use, and Canary’s gear was torn as well. Even Stark’s suit suffered damage, though it seemed operable. Taking everything they could, the remaining Pathfinders hurried to the last remaining ship at the docks.

The Acolytes took off several dozen feet above the ocean surface, avoiding the tidal waves churned by the sinking island. The Pathfinders commandeered the other ship. Eager to save their fallen colleagues – Superman, Thor, Batman and Strange – they began a daring naval chase…



Escape From Tartarus - Part II

From the billowing mist above the Varisian Sea, the Pathfinder airship approached rapidly. In no Airshipbattletime the rescue party composed of Black Canary, Vision, Iron Woman and the Flash assumed battle positions. In an attempt to liberate their fallen teammates, they opened fire on the enemy vessel. The Acolytes rallied in defense, returning fire as a torrent of ballista bolts filled the air. The Pathfinders drew first blood, destroying a small cache of ammunition and riddling the Acolytes’ ship with holes.

Assuming the helm of the Acolytes, Harald Jaekelsson demanded flawless flying from the frightened ship captain. When he failed to elude the heroes, Thoth Keimal teleported into the cabin and ordered the undead Viking to eliminate the failure. Harald didn’t hesitate, stabbing the captain from behind and dispatching him with a single blow. Thoth then attempted to steer closer to the Pathfinders. Overcompensating, he turned straight into a collision course with the ship.

Thinking quickly, Iron Woman took control of the Pathfinder vessel. She pulled up just in time to avoid getting hit, a mere several feet away. Stark and Thoth then engaged in a tense dogfight in mid-air, each jockeying for an advantageous position. In the bowels of the Acolyte ship, Sabretooth sought to ensure the security of his captives. As a tied up the unconscious MjolnirSuperman, a low rumbling caught his attention. Suddenly thunder rolled as the great-hammer Mjolnir burst from the ocean floor and through the underside of the ship. He flew into the small room, where Thor reached up from his coma and seized it. At once he was on his feet, his health and strength renewed by the Asgardian weapon. He and Sabretooth exchanged blows in the tiny room, mirroring the epic confrontation outside. As they fought, the nearby prison guard – under orders – jettisoned the room, which as it turns out was an escape pod. The room full of bodies crashed into the ocean waves below.

Iron Woman, desperate to evade the Acolytes, made a hard U-turn. Unfortunately she broke the steering wheel and their ship dove toward the sea. Thoth pursued, drifting behind in order to fire or board the crashing airship as necessary. Beast-boy, taking the form of a wolf, nimbly leaped onto the Pathfinder deck – instantly dispatching a crew member in the process. Just as Flash moved to investigate, the airship crashed into the water – narrowly missing the escape pod.

Beast Boy and the Pathinders plummeted into the ocean. While he and Vision quickly rose to the surface, the metal-laden Iron Woman sank like a stone. Trapped in the ship’s cabin, Stark tried to swim but couldn’t. Canary and Flash came to her aid, tying a rope around her. While Flash Supermanwatertried to pull Stark to the surface, Canary had her own problems trying to swim in the churning currents of the sinking ship.

Above, Thoth Keimal declared their mission there complete. “We are not jailors,” he expressed, ordering the crew to abandon trying to recapture the drowning Pathfinders. Sabretooth emerged from the escape pod, having subdued Thor, and climbed back aboard along with Beast Boy. With Superman and Batman unconscious beneath the waves, the other Pathfinders managed to break the surface and converge on the pod. They hoisted the not-so-dynamic duo into the pod and gathered their breath. As a parting gift, Maggott threw down a can of food from his ship above – partially denting Vision’s forehead in the process.

While the Pathfinders cling for survival, the twice-victorious Acolytes continued on to their destination – the magnificent city-state of Magnimar – where they await their next assignment.




ElixirAs the wayward Pathfinders drifted onto a small island, they set to work preparing for a night of rest and recuperation. Thor, Superman, Batman and Strange finally regained consciousness and aided their companions. Within a few hours, a stranger emerged from the island jungle. It was Joshua Foley, also known as Elixir, a fellow survivor from Tartarus Isle. As he moved to introduce himself, the wounded and paranoid Thor threw the mighty Mjolnir and clobbered the stranger. Fortunately for Elixir, Superman stood between them and broke up the misunderstanding. Soon the Earth-616 mutant joined the group, regaling them with tales of shipwrecks and cannibals that infest the island.

Elixir proved himself to be a healer of no small skill, and aided Strange in mending the party’s wounds. Later that evening, however, Thor thought he saw something in the churning waves. He leaped into sea, where unfortunately the pounding surf and weight of his armor proved deadly. He rolled and bobbed in the water, taking damage from the rocks. On watch with him, Black Canary rushed and tied herself to a tree before diving in after him. Soon they were able to pull themselves out and rest for the night.

Come morning, the motley crew began arguing with one another as to the next course of action. Wanting no part of the bickering, Wally West took off down the beach to scout ahead. As he rounded a bend several miles away, he stopped to observe a building in the distance. Just then a massive crocodile erupted from the shoreline, snatching him instantly. Flash tried to escape, but every time he slipped free the crocodile seized him again. All too quickly, Flash fell to the creature. A brief moment too late, an arrow sung through the air and hit the crocodile in the ribs. Green Arrow, also stranded on the islandFlashdead, attacked the beast with fury – avenging his fallen Justice League compatriot. Superman, checking on Flash’s progress, also appeared and burnt the raging animals with beams from his eyes. Together, Superman and Arrow carried the body of Wally West to the other Pathfinders – a morbid testament to their disorganization.

After finally agreeing to traverse the island by beach, rather than risk the inner mountain range, the Pathfinders gradually worked their way southeast. Along the way they explored several shipwrecks, triangulated their position and set up camp. The first night Iron Woman, on watch, heard and later saw a massive creature with piercing red eyes looming in the darkness. She returned to report what she saw, and it was later proven by an enormous boulder – hurled at the encampment as a warning. The rock landed on the sleeping Strange, though Thor freed him. Rather than risk fighting a potentially powerful adversary, the Pathfinders decided to retreat further down the beach.

There they found a relatively well-preserved ship. While exploring it, Batman noticed two Pirate zombie ellisfigures with glowing blue eyes. The others arrived to confront the figures – who turned out to be undead sailors, likely the unfortunate prior inhabitants on the ship. A fight ensued, the skeletons making short work of the priestly Strange before attacking the others. The Pathfinders rallied to defeat the surprisingly adept creatures. In the lower decks, Iron Woman came upon several more skeletons heaped atop one another, and they too joined the combat. Fighting with a sense of unity for the first time, the Pathfinders held the undead at bay. Eventually Superman and Thor pummeled them into submission, aided by ranged attacks from Arrow and Canary. Strange, wielding an unholy relic they had found previously, attempted to rebuke the undead. Unfortunately, it backfired – filling Strange with hatred and contempt for all living souls. The Pathfinders once again fought amongst themselves, eventually subduing the compelled Strange.

Finally at a relative peace, the heroes set to work rebuilding the ship in the hopes of making it seaworthy once more. However that peace was broken in the morning by the sudden departure of Doctor Strange, grief-stricken for his failure to control his own mind, and the arrival of a mutual enemy of Doctor Doom – the Master of Magnetism, Magneto.

Pathfinders: 650 XP

Surviving Doom to Face the Crow

Magnimar Having narrowly escaped the run-in with the Pathfinders, the Acolytes turn their ship toward their destination; the great city of Magnimar. Upon arriving at the docks the Acolytes are greeted by a warden and alerted that their presence at the Mayor’s Chambers has been requested. Wandering through the bustling streets of the metropolis the Acolytes make their way to the tallest tower of the city. After climbing hundreds of stairs they reached the highest chamber of the tower.

Feeling an uneasy sense of dread come over him, Harald quickly drew his sword and Sabertooth followed suit by bringing out his claws. As they swung open the door they saw the cloaked form of a large man standing in front of a desk. Turning around, all the Acolytes realized that Dr. Doom had come to meet them in person and that this did not bode well for them. Standing off to a corner, hiding in the shadows, was the figure of someone they’d never seen before. “I have eyes and ears everywhere and they have alarmingly informed me that you have been less than careful in the way you have handled my precious prisoners… All of you line up.”

No threat was necessary; no anger in the voice. All the Acolytes quickly formed up in a line; the unfamiliar figure walking carefully behind them. “I do hope none of you attempted to kill my prisoners. Lying will NOT be tolerated.” After interrogating each individual, with one false beheading to test Maggot’s loyalty, Dr. Doom turned his gaze towards Sabertooth. “It seems you lack the self-control to do anything other than try to kill them but at least you were honest; you’ll get a chance. Deathstroke, kill Sabertooth.”

Deathstroke pulled out his revolver and took a shot at Sabertooth who carefully dodged. After landing a couple of quick lashes on Deathstroke it was evident who would win this encounter. As Sabertooth was about to deliver the finishing blow, Dr. Doom stepped in ending the conflict. “You have been a great disappointment, Deathstroke; hardly worth what I paid you. Consider our contract void. Sabertooth, you may live but any further attempts to kill the prisoners will result in a personal visit from me. That goes for all of you.” In a puff of smoke Dr. Doom disappeared.

Silent until now, the Mayor of Magnimar spoke up from his desk. “The Great Doom has informed me one of you has a powerful shard. May I see it?” After looking around confused, Thoth came forward to produce the shard for the Mayor. “This is the Shard of Power, one of seven shards that make up the Sihedron or the Shattered Star. It is a great, ancient defensive artifact. Many people are after its power and the one who brings it together will be a legend. I hear they give the holder visions of the location of the next shard in sequence. Have you had such a vision?” After mentioning something about a tall, dark tower in a harbor the mayor directed them to the Crow. The Crow is a tall, wide tower which used to be a support for the Irespan in Magnimar’s harbor.

After ending their meeting the Acolytes did some shopping to prepare themselves for the battle Hybridahead. Making their way to the harbor, the Acolytes found themselves with two rowboats manned by trained sailors. Electing to make their way under cover of darkness the Acolytes arrived in the alcove of the Crow and made their way inside. After exploring several rooms the Acolytes reached a large room with columns lining the middle. In making his way to some far stairs in the corridor, Maggot alerted a Wererat and her dire rat companions who sprinted for the door. Maggot cut them off and landed a devastating attack against the now-hybrid Wererat, thanks to a size boost from Thoth. The other Acolytes soon followed suit and dispatched the remaining enemies.

Tower girlGoing up the stairs, the Acolytes found themselves in several rooms and it wasn’t until Beast Boy spotted a stick supporting a door that they noticed the presence of others in the tower. Stealthily sneaking in to the room Beast Boy noted the position of their enemies and reported back to the group. The group came together (while an enlarged Maggot kindly held open the door) and decided to strategize in order to take out the 4 dire rats and 6 humans within the room. Ready to go, Dark Phoenix and Rogue burst in to fill the entire room in cones of fire with Harald and Sabertooth quickly on their heels and onto their first enemies. The human in the back corner of the room quickly shifted to a hybrid Wererat form and moved to damage their attackers. After a quick battle the Acolytes dispatched their enemies with little challenge.

Making their way in to the next room the Acolytes found themselves in a room with a hole in the center leading some two-hundred feet or more own to the alcove where they had docked their boat. Quickly noticing the contraption set up and the hidden door the Acolytes all began to enter the secret chamber with no hindrance (except for Thoth losing grip of the rope and falling 7 feet onto his back before getting up and trying again). They quickly make their way through the Deathstrokecrypts and disabled the lone trap before coming into a chamber with 2 hybrid Wererats, a lone human, and a Dire Bat. Dark Phoenix tried to sneak up and blast them before they could be caught aware but the Wereat was able to sense her approach. The first blast took care of one of the Wererats. Beast Boy ran up to support but not before an enlarged Maggot took out the other Wererat. The Direbat made a move to attack Maggot only to end up as a splat against the wall. Lunging for the only remaining human, Beast Boy slipped and shocked the man backwards making him snap the string on his crossbow in the process. Deathstroke moved up to threaten him to surrender with no luck. Deathstroke drew his longsword and revolver and made his way into the fray. Thoth quickly stunned the poor soul who was later destroyed by 5 of the Acolytes who had moved into position to take him out.

The day’s fatigue began to set in and the Acolytes set-down to rest for the night. The mysteries within the Crow would have to wait for the next day in order to be unveiled…

Acolytes: 800 XP

The Conquering of the Crow

Hoard The Acolytes awoke the next morning fully relaxed and rested. Thoth and Sabertooth decided to stay behind and guard the rear while the rest of the group advanced within the Crow. Moving to the next floor the Acolytes noticed signs of habitation to the north of the large room they found themselves in. Harald and Dark Phoenix, however wanted to scout the rest of the area to check for more signs of the enemy. An unfortunate slip by Dark Phoenix alerted the six Wererats of their location and sent them rushing to attack the Acolytes. A long battle ensued wherein Harald was eventually dropped after taking multiple arrows to the chest before Beast Boy ran in to distract the ranged fighters with crossbows. Not long after Maggot and Rogue stepped up to finish off the remaining individuals. They quickly healed… er, injured Harald back to almost full undead health. After finding some treasure stored off in a side room the Acolytes came together to strategize after their last encounter. Fighting in tight corridors was not their best strategy.

Dire ratAfter Beast Boy scouted to the north corridor he reported back to the group with the locations and numbers of enemies: 4 Dire Rits and 4 more Wereats. The Acolytes quickly gathered the fallen Wererats’ crossbows and made a firing line just outside the sight range of the opponents. The first two bolts fired and hit their mark; the lead Dire Rat dropped dead. Beast Boy soon followed up by running out and taunting the enemy into following them down the hall. The next two Dire Rats were soon dropped before making contact and the 4th dropped by a shot from the side. Soon combat ensued as the team once again rushed into combat against multiple Wererats while one of them disappeared into a back room. Similarly to the last bout, the close-quarters combat proved arduous for the Acolytes. Deathstroke had trouble shooting around Rogue while Maggot was constantly attacking over a prone-fighting Beast Boy. After several exchanged blows the trainer of the Dire Rats emerged from the hidden room alongside the Wererat who had disappeared. After dropping the last of the Wererats in the room and the new DireRats that came with the trainer, the group flanked the larger Wererat with Deathstroke delivering the final blow, a sneak attack to her back.

BarracksThe team lay down in the newly discovered Barracks to rest for another night. Awaking the next day they quickly checked the rest of the rooms, discovering more treasure and artifacts before descending to the next level. Beast Boy stealthily snuck into the next room where he found a large chamber with an ancient door on the west side and two solid doors to the east. After touching the door Beast Boy quickly recoiled as it burned his skin. Reporting back to the group that the coast was clear the Acolytes entered the room. After studying the mysterious door, Maggot put his eye to the keyhole of the door to the east. Inside he saw the largest Wererat they came across. She was surely the leader. She was also surrounded by 8 Dire Rats. Reporting back to the group, the Acolytes once again set up in a firing line with their crossbows. Dark Phoenix also meditated to summon up her Phoenix Force to use at will. After firing several bolts into the door to alert the enemy to their presence, the door opened as a flood of Dire Rats came forward into the hall only to be shortly dropped by a hail of arrows from the Acolytes. The remaining Dire Rats rushed forward to attack the Acolytes managing to get a bite or two in before being decimated.

DoorBefore long the leader came out herself and vaulted over the Acolytes placing herself between them and the mystical door. Maggot’s quick eyes caught the form of a key around her neck. After gracefully fighting to survive against the might of the 6 Acolytes, she quickly succumbed to their power. After looting the body the Acolytes searched her room and ended up finding the remains of a legendary individual who had ruled Magnimar’s markets centuries ago but disappeared mysteriously. After looting the room for any goods the Acolytes left the room to examine the door. Dark Phoenix was able to touch the door without taking any damage thanks to her Ifrit heritage but even without the key it appeared they couldn’t do anything until the coming crescent moon which wasn’t for another 2 nights. Preparing to return, the Acolytes returned to get their rear guard and all the treasure they’d found (being carried by Harald’s undead minions) and headed into town (leaving the undead as guards) to sell their treasures and prepare for their return to the Crow in 2 days…

Acolytes: 1,800 XP and 600gp

A Marvellous Discovery

After salvaging a wrecked galleon, the Pathfinders continued their track south along the island beach – ship in tow. They made rest in a small cove as Batman and Iron Woman took first watch. Stark noticed her armor starting glowing, as if under some magical effect, but she wafted it away. Soon the source of the glow became apparent – one of several fire elementals, which were Fire elementalhuddled together and hiding inconspicuously within the group’s campfire. Stark informed Batman, and as they discussed the nature of the creatures, the elementals burst forth and attacked the sleeping party. Thor took heavy damage as he lay on the sand, and the others quickly rose from their sleep. They each attacked the flames – Green Arrow with his bow, Batman with his shuriken – each with no effect. Thor, however, found the magic Mjolnir could actually do damage to the creatures. Shaking off the repeated fire attacks, he swung and threw his hammer – devastating the elementals. Elixir mended his wounds as Magneto and Superman attacked from a distance. Running to and from the water, in the hopes of gaining an advantage over the fire, the Pathfinders eventually subdued their magical foes.

In the commotion, Iron Woman looked to the tree line and noticed a half-dozen native Cannibals watching from a distance. Once the elementals faded away, so too did the natives – back into the island interior. Deeming the “haunted” beaches as unsafe in which to rest, the group decided to risk the Cannibals and make camp further inland. Arrow and Batman took to the trees to scout around. There they noticed two interesting events on the horizon – a distress flare signaled from a mist-covered island nearby, and what looked to be the central village of the Cannibals. After resting for the uneventful remainder of the night, they decided to set off for the village in the morning.

With Arrow expertly navigating the ship, the Pathfinders quickly sailed south to the Cannibal’s encampment. Batman scouted ahead, using his cape to fly over the tree line. Along the way he spotted a mountain peak with several ceremonial stones crowning the peak. He also spotted the encampment, which composed of a broken lighthouse and 7-8 stone buildings. Over twenty natives went about their morning routine, and several piles of unidentified bodies littered the center of the encampment. One his way back, Batman spotted one last thing – the body of a woman lying on a trail, leading down a river away from the Cannibals. He returned to the boat, where he asked Superman to follow up with the woman. Superman flew over and, some time later, flew back with the deceased woman in his arms. Iron Woman identified her as Mary Madison – known as Ms. Marvel in her particular universe. Arrow found a note Madison had written crudely, reading only “They got the others. Two leaders are not Cannibals. Following them.”

Superman explained that the trail on which he found Madison was a dead end, but the group decided to investigate. Green Arrow led them from the shore across the peninsula to the river. Vine1Along the way, however, the thick foliage proved too difficult to navigate. The group got lost for several hours. Soon they found themselves in the tangled web of a Yellow Musk Creeper, a deadly vine. Magneto was the first victim, grappled by the plant quickly. Its tendrils siphoned into the back of his neck, draining his very with and mental clarity. Another vine attack Arrow, but missed. He stabbed it, but lost control of his rapier – which rose with the vine into the canopy. The Pathfinders rallied to destroy the vines – except for Iron Woman, who was too confounded by the unnatural creatures to develop a plan of attack. Magneto destroyed one – using superheated magnetism to microwave the plant. Thor crushed the other with his hammer.

Resting for yet another night, the Pathfinders make camp close enough to hear a raging river just on the horizon.

Pathfinders: 675

Into Darkness

Having made their way through the island jungle, the Pathfinders came upon their destination – a narrow walkway descending along a cliff face. Batman and Green Arrow investigated, finding a secret doorway in the stone. With the help of Superman, Black Canary and Thor they managed to pry open the heavy door – though not without inadvertently triggering a Glyph of Warding, which exploded with sonic energy. Batman took the brunt of the damage, while Thor recoiled slightly. Drow4The Glyph warned the denizens inside – a handful of Drow guards – who fired on Black Canary and prepared for battle.

The Pathfinders rushed into the bottle-neck cave, taking formations and fighting as a unit for the first time. The darkness proved difficult for some, but thanks to Magneto’s illuminating of Mjolnir, most were able to see comfortably. Thor dispatched one Drow with a single hit, while Green Arrow and Magneto damaged others. Everyone rallied against those who remained, and Elixir mentally compelled the last guard to collapse. It surrounded itself in magical darkness, but that didn’t stop Thor from throwing his hammer into it – ending the threat.

After briefly exploring their surroundings, the group moved on. In the next chamber Iron Woman Iron womanscouted ahead. Though she could see only darkness, a foul whisper echoed in her mind. Without thinking, she turned and announced there was nothing to see there. Suddenly she turned on Elixir, firing her arm-bows. Batman and Superman rushed to stop her, but her armor proved too formidable. Within seconds Iron Woman took down her ally, finally snapping out of her compulsion. The others rushed into the cavern to find the perpetrator. Peering into a pair of blood-red eyes, Black Canary screamed with fear. She retreated into the unwitting arms of her husband Green Arrow, clamoring for safety.

Barely able to see their foe, the united Pathfinders identified the culprit – a monstrous Shadow Demon. The demon hid amongst the shadows until Thor threw Mjolnir its direction. Furious, the creature rushed into Thor, causing massive damage with its incorporeal claws. Superman and Iron Shadow demonWoman attacked the demon, but did little good. Magneto, Elixir and Batman could not affect it. Green Arrow had his hands full – literally – with Black Canary. Thor, though wounded, valiantly fought on – able to damage it with Mjolnir. In time, however, the demon overwhelmed him. Thor fell, leaving the others to carry on.

Canary, eventually free from the demon’s fear, joined the fray. She and Arrow attacked, pummeling the creature from afar. Finding his heat vision and punches useless against the demon, Superman reached down and miraculously wielding Mjolnir. He swung the heavy hammer, missing at first, but finally nailing the demon beneath the chin. Mjolnir exploded in a burst of light, engulfing Superman. Suddenly in the flash Superman vanished, without a trace, dropping Mjolnir to the ground.

Heavily wounded, the demon retreated. The Pathfinders followed suit, firing into the darkness. In an act of redemption, Black Canary chased after. She launched two telekinetic attacks, one missing but the second finding its mark. The demon howled in pain, slamming against the wall by the force of the blow, and fading away.

After raising Thor to consciousness, the group pressed on into the nearby room – a barracks. There four Drow – two of them survivors from earlier – opened fire from behind two overturned tables. They felled Green Arrow in one attack, and prepared for others. Thor shattered one table with his hammer, while the others rushed in to face the hidden enemies. Batman utilized the darkness himself, throwing his batarangs to take down one of them. Cornered, two guards drew their swords and rushed Thor – nearly killing him with well-placed stabs to his ribs. Magneto countered, blasting them with superheated magnetism and reducing them to ash. After a lengthy battle, the remained two Drow finally fell to the heroes.

While the others explored and secured the room, Magneto noticed a figure strapped to one of the tables in a back corner. It was Bruce Banner (Hulk), unconscious and grievously injured in anatomically-poignant locations – almost as though he was experimented upon. Raised back to consciousness by a healing potion dropped by Superman, Banner thanked his rescuers and tried to recall how exactly he ended up there.

At last granted a brief reprieve, the Pathfinders recuperate and prepare to continue their trek into the dark cavern…

1,600 XP

Enemies Below
[Pathfinders] - Day 13

After introducing Bruce Banner to the party, the Pathfinders continued through the underground cavern. Batman scouted ahead, investigating a massive cavern opening. At the center stood a Drow druid, who was in the middle of a rousing speech. His audience was a pack of nearly two-dozen swamp wargs, with eerily mechanical mannerisms. The Drow stood atop a ledge, shouting is dire intentions:

“Tonight we rise, children of the Dark Star. The ground will shake and the abyss shall open its maw, and the surface world will suffer ash and darkness forevermore. Tonight, children, we feast on the flesh of the oppressors! Let your dark heart-stones guide you!”

The Pathfinders discussed the prospect of the overwhelming odds, being outnumbered and in darkness. While some wanted to leave, Batman urged everyone to stay. “Should these beasts make Swamp wargit to the surface, who knows what kind of destruction they could bring on the people of this realm.” Finally it was left to the leader, Green Arrow, who proposed they stay and fight.

Thor, Iron Woman and Green Arrow formed a barrier in the cavern entrance while Batman scouted ahead. Banner, Magneto and Elixir stood back to focus on ranged attacks. As they moved into position, the wargs picked up their scent. They beasts rushed the Pathfinders before they could get completely settled, and they rallied to defend themselves. Thor unleashed Mjolnir, easily dispatching wargs with every blow. The numbers proved overwhelming for the others, however, who were tripped and viciously bit by the mindless creatures. Still, the Pathfinders held their own for some time.

That all changed when the druid returned, having prepared for battle. He launched a massive fireball at the center of the clustered heroes, devastating their numbers. As the Pathfinders recuperated, a bestial and thundering roar echoed through the cavern. Banner kneeled, flesh Hulk rageburning, as he grew larger and more muscular. In his place the Hulk stood, furious. Hulk charged passed the gathered wargs, shaking off their attacks as they bit his now-hardened skin. Thor continued whittling their numbers as Elixir feverishly healed and tended to his allies.

Across the water-filled cavern, Batman crept ahead. While investigating a side passage he accidentally set off a fire trap, taking damage and alerting the wargs to his presence. He quickly found himself surrounded, but before they could attack Batman vanished into shadow. Spreading his cloak, he flew across the water’s surface to escape. He landed on the outcropping behind the druid, and the two scuffled at close range. The druid, amused at Batman’s persona, summoned a deadly bat-swarm, which attacked the Dark Knight. Following with a fireball to his face, the druid nearly defeated Batman – who tried to fly away. The bats followed, however, and bit him to unconsciousness.

Hulk continued his rampage, picking up a huge boulder and smashing it on several wargs at once. Green Arrow and Magneto fell to the wolves, though Arrow clinged to consciousness. Magneto, however, was helpless as a ravaging warg bit him on the neck – killing the Master of Magnetism.

Thor felled more and more of the wargs, racking up an incredible body count. In he zeal, however, he accidently hurled Mjolnir directly at the near-death Green Arrow. As Arrow braced Captain shieldhimself for impact, from nowhere a star-spangled shield flew in and deflected the hammer. It returned to the arm of yet another survivor of Tartarus, none other than Captain America himself. Steve Rodgers saluted his former comrades – Thor, Hulk and in a sense Iron Woman. Taking position beside him, he helped finish off the last of the wargs.

Hulk ran and leaped across the water, but hit the wall just underneath the druid, falling into the water. He climbed up just as the other Pathfinders surrounded the drow. Cornered, the druid cloaked the area in darkness and dove into the water. Everyone ran to the surrounding shore to search for him as Hulk jumped in after. What he found, however, was a large shark that attacked him instantly. Struggling beneath the waves, the enraged Hulk grabbed hold of the shark’s jaws and could not be shaken free. Captain America dove in as well, stabbing the shark just as the Hulk ripped its jaws open. In a fury he reached for Rodgers as well, but instantly recognized his great ally and relented.

Wounded and exhausted, the Pathfinders finally got a chance to rest. The gathered together in the central island and decided to make camp for the night. They lost an ally, but regained an old comrade, the entire group feeling more invigorated and cohesive as a unit.


Pathfinders: 2,750 XP

Into the Depths of the Crow
[Acolytes] - Day 7

After thoroughly enjoying their spoils in the markets of Magnimar, the Acolytes returned to the Crow under the light of the full moon in order to open the mysterious burning door. Met at the docks by Harald’s flood of undead minions, the Acolytes quickly made their way to the door. Inscribed upon the left door was "LISTEN"and on the right was “THE EYES”. Upon examining the door, the Acolytes realized the letters could be re-arranged. After some conference amongst themselves, they re-arranged the letters with the help of their Ifrit friend to say “SILENT THEY SEE”. With a big grating noise the doors swung open to reveal… another hallway and more stairs. The group continued on, leaving Dark Phoenix to guard the door.

Upon exiting the stairs they were soon confronted with a murky pool with stairs leading up either side. Before long, the Draugr had walked past the pool only to get the party besieged by a flood of giant amoebas. The amoebas attacked in pairs grappling the Acolytes and dealing them damage in their bound state. The dark wizard Thoth was the first to free himself after levitating 40 feet into the air and then teleporting 5 feet away to watch as the amoebas fell to their deaths. Soon thereafter he fried the two that were harassing the weakened Beast Boy. The others soon finished off their opponents in the usual fashion of smashing and slicing until nothing remained. Deathstroke took heavy damage and required a potion to recover. Maggot went to investigate the murky depths of the pool from whence the amoebas came. One last amoeba jumped out at him which he quickly turned into a green splotch on the wall. Delving into the pool, Maggot was rewarded by finding a Bracelet of Friendship with two charms still remaining on it. Not knowing it’s use, he quickly handed it over to Thoth.

Moving on the group encountered four giant water spiders feasting on the remains of a dolphin they had killed and dragged on shore. The group in their normal fashion attacked and felled their eight-legged prey without much trouble. The noise however seemed to have startled the bats roosting nearby. In a swarm they descended upon the Acolytes. Quickly recognizing the swarm for what they were Maggot yelled out to his companions how useless their weapons would be against the swarm and how only magics could hurt the mass of screeching creatures. Beast Boy retreated as far away as possible as Sabertooth quickly jumped into the nearby water for protection. Maggot stood his ground and bravely shot a cone of cold at the swarm. Having expended his one ability against the bats, he less bravely retreated to safety. Thoth took the lead and summoned one of his Hell Hounds to finish off the swarm with it’s brimstone-laden breath.

The bats seemed to have been running from something however and upon further investigation by the stealthy Beast Boy, the acolytes discovered a Chimera in the other room that had frightened the swarm. Not one to turn away a good battle, Maggot sprinted off to deal the Chimera some serious damage in his enlarged state and after increasing his weapon size with a spell. Deathstroke and Rogue stayed at the rear with their crossbows choosing to deal with the creature from afar. The mighty Chimera turned its wrath on Maggot and fired a cone of ice straight at him. Maggot laughed this feeble attempt off and once again struck the Chimera with heavy damage. Having reached the Chimera’s side moments before, Beast Boy entered his total defensive state and relieved himself… on the Chimera’s leg. Taking offense at this the Chimera turned his full wrath at the green wolf. Beast Boy nimbly dodged all of the Chimera’s attacks allowing Harald the opening he needed to rush in and deliver the killing blow.

Exhausted from their combat, the Acolytes took a couple days to rest and recuperate before going even deeper into the Crow. The stairs that led downward clearly went below sea level which meant they were headed into the dungeons of the Crow. Reaching the bottom of the stairs they discovered several large mounds that appeared to be as hard as concrete. Their disturbance in the room wasn’t unnoticed as ten giant worker ants attacked the group. No challenge to the group of stalwart Acolytes they soon fell prey to their blades and crossbow bolts.

Beast Boy went down a secret corridor to find an expansion project being dug out by 6 mites. Just as beast boy was prepped and ready to take on the mini-mite horde, he was forced to return to the group as Harald screamed aloud from a Giant Black Widw Spider that had caught him in its grasp. Beast Boy sprinted in to occupy the second spider that was making its way to Harald while the others saved Harald from his imminent demise. Having downed the first spider the group relieved Beast Boy and quickly dropped the last remaining spider. Maggot quickly advised Thoth of the use the spider’s toxin could provide leading him to drain one of the spiders clean. Weary from their day, the Acolytes settled in for another night’s rest.

Acolytes: 2,700 XP


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