New Latveria

A Sour Note
[Pathfinders] - Day 21

RuinsAfter resting for the night in a protected alcove, the Pathfinders prepared for their next objective: investigating the crumbling Coliseum of the Mask and Lyre. Before they could begin, however, an Elf scout breathlessly ran up to them and announced that Crying Leaf was under attack by a green dragon. Thor immediately offered to protect the village, as did Batman and Black Canary. The others decided to stick to their original (albeit detoured) plan to reclaim Celwynvian. After a few more moments, they prepared to enter.

Peering into the dark and decrepit building, Strange and Arrow recalled how all Elves who had entered the area previously died. Fearing such a fate, they instead coaxed Iron Woman into sending her precious and newly-renovated suit. They surmised that as a non-living construct, it would be safe from the spiritual haunts within. Immediately they came across the only movement in the ancient structure, several diminutive shock lizards. The lizards electrocuted the suit for little damage, prompting Green Arrow to dispatch one of them with a hailstorm of well-aimed arrows. The other lizards scattered, allowing the suit to continue.

Beneath the high, central rotunda the suit searched high and low – scanning everything in its Suitwrappedpath. Unfortunately it didn’t detect the malicious vines overhead, which descended in a flash and grappled the unmanned suit. It began constricting the brilliant mithril as the only entrance to the room slammed shut. Arrow , Stark and Superman rushed to the door, but couldn’t make sense of how to operate the opening mechanism. They also tried prying it open, to no use. Strange drifted through the wall, reporting his observations and casting spells to try rescuing the helpless suit. Eventually they broke through, and immediately Stark and Superman found themselves grappled as well. They fought their way out of the vines and destroyed the remainders, but not before one crushed Iron Woman’s suit to pieces.

The Pathfinders took a second to recuperate, and Stark looked over her mangled suit. Green Arrow, however, spotted an ancient organ-like musical instrument against the far wall. Curiosity got the best of him, and he played a foul note – which radiated throughout the stone complex. As Stark ridiculed him, a mournful ghost (not Strange) rose up between between the once-Sorcerer and once-Iron Woman. Her unsettling presence immediately terrified Arrow and Stark, who ran for cover. She peered into Strange’s exposed soul, sapping his very life essence. Superman tried to reason with her, but it did no good. Arrow ran out of the building as Superman tried to pull Stark to safety. With just a few magical words, the banshee convinced Strange to descend into the lower-levels of the Coliseum. He obeyed helplessly.

CallerindarknessAs he dropped into the dark crypt beneath the others, Strange encountered yet another ethereal being. This one, however, was far more evil and powerful. It was a Caller in Darkness, an amalgam of fallen souls and it yearned for Strange’s. With a few powerful blasts, Strange found himself grievously injured. He tried to flee, but the Caller activated the Obelisk of Water – the artifact Strange was seeking – which trapped him within a sphere of force. Torn between allies, Superman decided to go after strange. Peering through a crack in the floor to get his bearings, Superman spun so fast he vibrated through the floor and into the ossuary. There he and Strange battled the Caller, each taking considerable damage. The Caller also burned Strange’s charisma, leaving him crude and impersonable. Strange knew that if he were to die by the horde of screaming faces that he would not simply regenerate, he would be consumed by them. With no health left he closed his eyes and prepared to accept his fate. At the last second, however, Superman lunged between them and took a direct blast of unholy energy. Drained of energy but otherwise unharmed, they rallied to finish off the howling menage. Strange dealt the final blow, slicing a dozen faces from the others as he cut it in half with his spectral sword. The tormented souls drifted away, leaving the two heroes in silence.

Superman and Strange ascended into the rotunda room. Unable to escape or affect the banshee, Superman tried once more to reason with her. He mentioned the fact that her likely captor was destroyed, and that her soul was free. The woman explained that Magus Nolveniss told her the Pathfinders worked for Doom and sought to destroy the city. When the Pathfinders convinced her otherwise, the grateful spirit looked up to a beam of light descending through the cracked dome above. She drifting skyward, crossing over to her long-awaited rest.

Retreating to their outside barricade, oddly feeling safer amidst war than inside the Coliseum, the Pathfinders holed themselves up for two days as the battle for Celwynvian drifted decidedly in the Drow’s favor. With no one to stem their advance, the Dark Elves pressed forward even during the day. Eventually their forward scouts reached Crying Leaf and its depleted defenders. They destroyed most of the village, including its leader – Councilor Eviana Nirgassan.

Once rebuilt, Doctor Strange once again decided to scout ahead alone. He discovered a trove of treasure and collected items in the crypt and, following a nearby stairwell, ascended into a shrine for an Elven goddess. There he also ran into a blue wisp that attacked him, startled. The wisp electrocuted Strange repeatedly, causing him to retreat. When he returned, the wisp had disappeared. Using the opportunity, Strange flew out and called the others. The party regrouped in the shrine. However, like the door to the rotunda, the strange hole-like markings on the altar perplexed them. They could not figure out how to get passed it, and reach the treasure below. At a stand-still once again, the Pathfinders began discussions on what to do next…


Dale: 35,600
James: 35,100
Sarah: 31,250
Will: 30,950
Thor: 29,250
Caitlin and Hunter: 29,150

For Wrath, For Ruins - Part II

After defeating the Imps in the library, the Pathfinders rested. Doctor Strange discovered an ancient defense system for the city composed of magical obelisks. Activating the first, Fire, he suggested the group continue to the second. As they prepared to leave, however, they first sought to see this obelisk for themselves. Green Arrow discovered a secret doorway, and Thor attempted to break it with Mjolnir – to no effect. Strange also failed to dispel the magical barrier. Instead, they abandoned the quest and moved to leave. The exit was blocked by a Repulsion spell – which frightened Green Arrow, Iron Woman and Black Canary into remaining inside. Rather than contend with the spell, the Pathfinders instead broke open one of the crumbling library walls.

Wading through battle, the group gradually made its way East through Celwynvian. Along the way, the detected – and chose to ignore – several signs of duress, including trails of blood and cries for help. The did spot several Elves who needed assistance. The first was a wounded Elf, at whom Green Arrow decided to throw a healing potion. It knocked the Elf unconscious, though the others roused him to full health and sent him on his way. The second was another wounded Elf, though the Pathfinders spared him from Arrow’s “assistance.” Eventually they even came across a squad of Elven defenders, enslaved and transported by a group of troglodytes. The troglodytes, not wanting to lose their prize, killed several of the Elves before the Pathfinders could react. Once they could, however, the Pathfinders subdued the lizard-folk and freed the Elves.

Later the party heard yet another call for help. Upon investigating they discovered the nearby Drow priestessbuilding was inhabited by two Drow priestesses and several shadow demons. Without any form of group preparation, Thor smashed open the door to the building. The demons inside reached for Superman and Thor, but retreated back into the darkness soon after. Superman charged in, engaging the demons with his fiery eye beams. Strange, Thor and Black Canary ran in afterward. Green Arrow stayed back, using arrows enchanted by Strange to illuminate the room. The Drow doused the light with their own magical darkness, and surrounded the heroes inside the room.

To add to the violence, Iron Woman’s corrupted suit overrode her commands, firing on her allies. She struck Thor, and almost blasted Black Canary and Superman. The others continued fighting, keeping a wary eye on her. Eventually, however, the Pathfinders destroyed the demons and Drow. The last priestess – who referred to the party as “Acolytes” – warned them they “are all being used.” She then cast a spell on herself, committing suicide by turning herself to ash.

Having had enough of the defective Iron Woman, Superman pinned Stark against the wall. He ordered her to remove her suit, and she complied. Surprisingly, though, the suit reassembled itself and ran out the door. Superman raced after it and held it still while the others surrounded it. Stark ran in last, shouting for the suit to disengage. The suit instantly powered-down, falling to pieces.

Arrow and Strange urged the group to continue on with haste, as they had little time to waste. Superman made sure Stark returned with a contingent of Elves back to Crying Leaf. There she would reunite with Batman and work on repairing her faulty suit.

For the rest of the day, the remaining group fought on through Celwynvian to the sight of the Wind obelisk – the Coliseum of the Mask and Lyre. There several Elves warned them not to enter, as a mournful spirit has slain everyone who has entered the building recently. Undeterred, Strange contemplated how best to make contact with this fellow ghost.


All Pathfinders

For Wrath, For Ruins - Part I

Celwynvian2 After resting, recuperating and regrouping, the Pathfinders at last prepared to aid the Elves in reclaiming the ancient city of Celwynvian. They set out in the morning, when the Drow would be at their weakest. Batman, also feeling he’d be at his weakest, decided to remain behind in Crying Leaf until nightfall. The rest marched with the Elven vanguard to battle.

As soon as they entered the ruins, the sounds of battle rang out. Elves and Drow fought in the streets, swords clanging and arrows flying. The Pathfinders marched beside the Library of the Dust, now a Drow stronghold. Dark Elves fired poisoned crossbow bolts, immediately rendering Thor and Iron Woman unconscious. Above, a gargoyle perched on the library took flight and engaged the ethereal Doctor Strange. Strange slipped away and revived his colleagues as Green Arrow made short work of the Drow, taking down multiple with a single shot each. Superman and Black Canary pummeled the gargoyle into submission, but not before a surviving Drow poisoned Arrow as well. The Drow tried to poison Canary, but she merely removed the bolt and glared at him – intimidating other Dark Elves into fleeing. The revived Iron Woman took out the last Dark Elf with a powerful blast of energy, ending the battle. Down the road, however, more Drow overwhelmed the Elven vanguard. Superman rushed forward, swapping places with one of the Elves, as Thor and Green Arrow dispatched the Drow.

When Doctor Strange heard sounds of movement coming from the nearby library, he decided to investigate. Still invisible, he floated through the wall – but unfortunately set off a magical trap in the round room inside. The glyph exploded with fire, alerting the half-dozen Imps that resided within. The imps lobbed mystic glass orbs which exploded with electricity, damaging Strange so much he dispersed.

Outside the Pathfinders waited for Strange to return, but in vain. Iron Woman used her suit to detect undead, and indeed sensed a figure behind the wall. Believing it to be Strange, Thor smashed open the decaying door. Iron Woman stuck in her head to investigate, but was immediately Spiderseized by a webbed lash. She flew threw the door, looking up at a massive spider – undead and rotted. The spider immediately wrapped her in a cocoon, rendering her helpless. The others rushed in to aid her, pummeling the monster with all their might. Black Canary hid in the corner as Superman rushed in, swapping places with Iron Woman. He later slipped out of the cocoon, aiding in fighting the spider. Thor, though he discovered the lightning of Mjolnir actually healed the undead spider, slammed it with enough damage to overcome the trait. With one final blow which exploded with a thunderous roar, the spider collapsed into an empty shell of dust and web.

Seeing smoke rise from underneath a nearby door, the heroes deduced that Strange may be on the other side. The Elven scouts they traveled with tried to wait outside, but the Pathfinders – aided by a narrowly-missing shot from Green Arrow – intimidated them into action. One of the scouts (who just happened to be wearing a red shirt) entered the circular room first. He stepped on the fire glyph as Strange had before, nearly dying in the process. The Imps, throwing spheres again, knocked him out and rushed in with claws and teeth gnashing. The other Elf rushed in to pull him out of the room, but an Imp chewed off the fallen Elf’s face. The Pathfinders ran in as soon as they could, fighting the very resilient demons. The Imps screeched loudly, causing the surviving Elf and Green Arrow to cower in fear. The others rallied to defeat the Imps.

Iron Woman blasted the last one against the far wall with her repulsors. She walked up to it, switching to her armbow, and shot an arrow strait into its head. The Pathfinders took a second to catch their breaths as Doctor Strange mystically reformed, rejuvenated. Together they planned on their next course of action…


All Pathfinders

Lessons in Humility

Magnimar2 After finally leaving Smuggler’s Hook behind them, the Pathfinders arrived at the magnificent city of Magnimar. There they reunited with Superman and Batman, and met the diminutive paladin Valhalla Odincousin. Superman warned them that Lord-Mayor Haldmeer Grobaras has sworn allegiance to Victor von Doom, in exchange for a hefty sum, and he has eyes everywhere. The Winter Consulate – the Elven embassy in which he had been staying – is sovereign soil, however. Mayor Grobaras would not risk war or even sanctions over invading the Elven territory. As such, the Pathfinders retreated there for safety.

That evening the divided party spent hours catching up on adventures and developments. Captain America decided to aid the Magnimaran Guard in protecting the streets from the rampant criminals in certain districts, while Aquaman left to clear out an underwater ruin as a potential home base. With Green Arrow still on moral probation, the other heroes appointed Superman as their new leader. Superman instructed everyone to remain within the Consulate, or at the very least the immediate proximity.

The half of the Pathfinders then proceeded to immediately disregard the order. Thor and Valhalla left the district to go drinking at their new favorite tavern, the Leaky Galleon. After several rounds of strong ale good food, a drunken Valhalla found himself once again dancing on a table singing Thor’s praises. When a mysterious stranger scoffed at the “false Bar fightgod,” Valhalla took offense and picked a fight with the man. Ripping off his jacket, the man proved to be a physical powerhouse – covered in dragon tattoos. The man swung at Valhalla, and in only two blows pummeled the halfling into unconsciousness. Thor retaliated and a massive bar brawl ensued. Thor swung Mjolnir, but missed. The trained monk then unleashed a flurry of blows, battering Thor considerably. Aided by several nearby brawlers, the monk made short work of the God of Thunder as well. Meanwhile Batman arrived too late to aid his comrades. Caught in the brawl, Batman took on three thugs but – after missing a punch and falling on the floor, got knocked out by a kick to the head.

They awoke some time later in prison, their gear confiscated. Green Arrow, worried for his wayward teammates, went looking for them and discovered their whereabouts. Using every last gold piece he had, he paid the high bail to release Batman and Thor. The two debated on possibly breaking into the fort to reclaim their gear, but Superman opted for a more diplomatic approach. He flew to the prison and talked his way in, convincing them to release the “harmless” Valhalla. Batman did the same, negotiating the release of their equipment.

Iron woman2Meanwhile Iron Woman, feeling confident in her new suit upgrades, decided to set off alone in search of seclusive real estate to call her own. Following rumors of an overrun keep, she discovered the area was swarming with goblins. Caught by surprise, she tried to fend them off with her new repulsor blasters – but without having practiced with them, missed her marks. Overwhelmed, she was forced to abandon her solo mission and return to Magnimar in defeat.

The humbled heroes returned to the embassy, where they suffered a long lecture by the Man of Steel – followed by a more stern one from Green Arrow. The following morning they responded to a call for aid far to the North. The Meirani Elves specifically requested their assistance in fighting Drow. Teleported by a circle of mages, the Pathfinders appeared at the edge of a massive forest. Venturing in and following their scout, Blink, the heroes soon came under attack by three vicious forest drakes. Spewing acid and snapping jaws, they unleashed their fury. In the end, however, the Pathfinders rallied to victory.

Up ahead, the forest began to thin somewhat, but a screen of plants prevented observation of what lied within. Valhalla searched the canopy of the ancient forest. Strange, he thought, to have lived at the edge of so majestic a place yet never ventured into its heart. After a moment,
several elf scouts approach the screen, which turns out to be a solid wall of thorny vines. Among them was Blink, who put a small silver whistle to her lips and blew three times. As the last twittering note began to fade, the wall of vines sprang to life, pulling back to reveal a small settlement in a clearing on the other side.

Elf headquarter large l“Welcome to Crying Leaf,” she said. The village was a modest one, with low structures made of gracefully shaped stone and wood that has been carefully decorated and carved. What was immediately apparent was that this settlement had seen battle recently. A number of the
buildings bore burn marks and other damage, and most of the citizens are armed with bows and swords.

Blink led the Pathfinders to their own private hut, and the heroes found themselves followed by a host of curious Elves. “Wait here,” Blink commanded. “The Councillor will see you soon.”

Sarah: 7000 XP
Ricar, Hunter and Dale: 6000 XP
Ricardo: 5000 XP
James and Caitlin: 4000 XP

The waiting Lady..
[Acolytes] - Day 16

We find our hearty adventurers at the inn they have begun to frequent, known as the Half Moon Tavern. Waiting for the group after they had exited from the sewers beneath the city was Rogue, and introductions are made between her and Poison Ivy. The adventurers turn in for the night with big plans laid out for the morning.

In the morning the party gets up and goes into town, taking with them the spoils of their adventures so far in the Crow. Finding some vendors, they sell off the items they do not need, getting a decent price which they then share out amongst themselves.

Once the loot has been converted into much easier to manage gold, the group makes its way to the Mayor’s office. He greets them with open arms, expecting to hear good news, and when he is shown the second shard he is overjoyed, confirming that it is indeed the jewel the adventurers were looking for. When asked how to find the third gem, the Mayor responds that the second jewel should tell the holder where it is.

Maggot holds the jewel before him, staring deeply into it, and falls into a trance. A minute later he comes out of the trance, blinks a couple of times, then informs the group that the next shard is at a place called the Lady’s Light. When asked where that was, the Mayor pipes up, stating it is a promontory to the South, about fifty miles away.

As the group gathers their things to head out to the flying ship in search of the third shard, the Mayor also informs the adventurers that the Pathfinders are in town. Harald immediately wants to change the plans of the group and go after the Pathfinders, but Maggot eventually convinces him that while it would be a good thing to rid the world of the scourge that the Pathfinders have become, they are currently protected by Dr. Doom, and Dr. Doom still has an assignment for the group to complete.

The adventurers make their preparations, they board the flying ship (which Maggott has dubbed the Palomino for some inexplicable reason) and head off to the South. It takes a day to get there, during which time the party is able to rest some more and heal up all of those annoying scratches that seem to appear while exploring the smelly depths. Mooring the ship at a shoal near the Lady’s Light, they behold what they are about to explore.

The Lady’s Light turns out to be a giant statue of a beautiful woman, looking out over the water to the West. The statue is so massive that it appears to have a substructure beneath that can be entered.
Ladys light

The group approached the base of the statue, looking for an entrance, and finds one on the East side. The opening turns out to be somewhat small, and the larger members of the group can barely fit through the doorways. Going through a winding tunnel, the party enters a room with a sarcophagus sitting in the center of the room. A discussion between the members ensues, and eventually they decide to open the casket, revealing the body of a beautiful woman inside, wearing no armor, but laden with jewellery.

Before touching the body, however, the adventurers notice that it appears to still be breathing slightly. Quickly the explorers place the lid of the casket back in place, sealing the body inside once again, and for good measure place some rocks on top of the tomb, hoping that if the body inside does come to life and tries to escape, the rocks will make enough noise to alert the group in enough time to prepare for battle.

Leaving the sarcophagus behind, the group moves further into the complex, eventually coming to a room where one wall is covered in a reddish metal that has many buttons covering it and images of succubi engraved into the shiny surface. Harald begins to press buttons randomly, and surprisingly, a door opens to the side, revealing a passageway from which wafts the smell of the ocean.

Making their way down the passageway, they find it opens up into an underground cavern with a river running through it. A sandy beach leads down to the waters edge. Pulled up on the beach are two skiffs, which appear to be seaworthy, though somewhat small. Realizing that the entire group cannot fit into both skiffs, Poison Ivy volunteers to ride her vine down the river instead. Everyone piles into the two skiffs and they head down stream.

Eventually the adventurers enter a tall room with stalactites reaching down from the ceiling. In the middle of the river is a small island with a statue standing in the middle of it. Off to the right is a small beach where a doorway into the solid stone face of the room is placed. At the far end of the cavern the river appears to go over a waterfall and further down a tunnel. The group decides this is far enough and pull their boats over to the side.

Glass golem
Wishing to investigate, Maggott swims across the river to the island and approaches the statue. As soon as he steps upon the platform where the statue has been erected, it comes to life! Rogue immediately attacks the statue, which has a glassy look to it, while Poison Ivy jumps off of her vine to aid Maggot. Harald jumps into one of the skiffs pulled up onto the shore to row himself across, because he doesn’t like the water. Doomsday does the same, but not having any issues with the water instead decides to simply jump into the water and swim across to the island. While this happens, the statue suddenly glows very brightly, and a flash of light washes over the party, partially blinding Rogue. Deathstroke then tries to shoot the statue, but misses. Maggot also tries to hit the statue, but misses. However, he manages to get himself into a position so that the statue is flanked on either side. Sabretooth attempts to shoot the statue with his bow, but instead of shooting an arrow, he pulls too far on the bow and breaks it!

Poison Ivy’s vine moves up onto the shore, and gets into range of the statue. At that point it grabs the statue and entangles it, making it very hard for the statue to do much of anything. Rogue shoots again, but misses, while Harald finally reaches the island and disembarks from the skiff he rowed across. The statue struggles against the vine’s hold and manages to break loose, only to be shot by Deathstroke and then hit by Maggott’s falchion. Sabretooth, his bow now a broken waste, runs across the beach and jumps into the water as well, moving in on the statue to take it on in melee combat.

The vine, not liking the idea of having its hold broken, again reaches in and grapples the statue. Rogue continues to attack from a distance, only to miss again. The statue struggles to break free, doing so again, much to the disdain of Poison Ivy’s vine, only to be attacked by Doomsday, who shatters the statue!

The shattered remains of the statue turn out to not have any obvious value to the adventurers, so they cross back over the water to the beach and look around. There, they find two piles of bones and miscellaneous detritus that seems to hold some things. Doomsday and Harald dig through the mass graves and come up with some pieces of armor and weapons, which they hold on to.

Going through the door, the party enters a room with large murals depicting various acts of lust. The more observant members of the group notice that the murals all appear to have been created by a Amivadeus Yasrin, who is known for his depictions of the decay of society.

Moving through the room and out the other side, the party eventually comes to another more open area whose exit is blocked by a large iron gate. A soft chanting can be heard from beyond the gate, along with a scent of decay. From the darkness beyond the gate, a pale man appears and walks up to the gate, greeting the adventurers.

Asking the group if they are friend or foe, he also requests the password. Maggot, thinking perhaps the artist from the previous room may be the answer, replies “Amivadeus Yasrin!” The pale stranger simply shakes his head in negation, then walks away from the gate. Upon his departure, the chanting picks up in volume.

Gnaeus gnaru
The party reacts to this rude departure with ferocity. Poison Ivy’s vine reaches out and grabs the iron gate, ripping it from the wall in one mighty heave. The party then chases after the ghostly looking man, Maggott reaching him first and hitting him. The man returns the favor, mildly damaging Maggott. Sabretooth runs up quickly as well, hitting the man, but appear to cause no damage.

Poison Ivy’s vine approaches the battle and works its way behind the man, attacking but missing. Poison Ivy herself casts a blinding spell at the man, but it doesn’t appear to faze him in the slightest. Sabretooth is able to get another swing in and hits the man, while everyone else flails about doing nothing to anyone, except for Harald, who manages to drop his sword.

Poison Ivy’s vine, in an opportune position behind the man, reaches out and grabs him, entangling him, and begins to strangle him as well. Rogue then gets a shot in with her cestus, slicing him open and causing him to bleed profusely. Doomsday also gets in a very good hit on the man, causing the man to stumble, until Maggott steps in and kills him with a swing of his falchion.

As Poison Ivy’s vine drops the now-dead figure, the group sifts through the belongings of the dead man, noting that he is dressed as if he were a priest or something. On his chest appear the same markings as those found on a pair of shields found in the graves on the beach earlier. Found in the belongings of the man is a wand, a decent looking composite bow, a finely crafted mithral rapier, a spell book, and some iron rations. These items the gang divide up amongst themselves, either for their own use or to pass on to those that can use them.

A door at the other end of the room leads into a hallway lined with pillars adorned as naked women, one of which is missing a head for some reason. Maggott approaches the pillar missing a head, reaches out, and pushes on the breasts of the statue, only to topple the pillar. The appears to awaken the next pillar in line, and the head atop the pillar extends legs from the base of the head before attacking the group!
Marble sentinels

One of the moving heads moves forward and hits Harald, mildly hurting him, but then Harald and Maggott get back at it and hurt it significantly. That same head returns the favor to Harald again, while another one manages to hurt Rogue. Poison Ivy then attempts to daze the head that is attacking Harald, but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Harald then finishes off the head with a mighty swing of his greatsword.

Seeing the demise of the first head, Deathstroke shoots the second head, and Maggott moves up and hits that same head, causing some amount of damage. Suddenly the second head, and a third head that appears from around a corner in the room, open up with light beams from their eyes, both directed at Doomsday! He survives this, but is visibly shaken. Harald, not liking this turn of events, swings again at the second head and shatters it.

The third head, seeing the sudden demise of two of its partners, and realizing that it is now the only one left, tries to attack in an effort to flee, but makes the mistake of attack Harald. While it does hit the undead killer, Harald is unphased by the attack. Deathstroke at this time tries to shoot the head, but misses, hitting Doomsday instead. Maggot, Sabretooth, and Doomsday then move up to the third head and finish it off.

Players: Diana, Allan, Brandon, Jason, Candace, Chris, Jon

A garden in the darkness..
[Acolytes] - Day 15

Standing at the far end of the room, having dispatched the ectoplasmic beings, the group gathers their thoughts before proceeding through the door at the end of the room. Suddenly, they hear a knocking upon the door. Harald, having the utmost courtesy of the group, walks to the door and opens it, and upon looking through the doorway asks, “Can I help you?”

Poison ivy

Through the doorway walks a medium sized woman with green skin and flaming red hair, followed by an enormous walking, mobile vine. “I,” she says, “am Poison Ivy. How do I get to the surface, and away from this horrible, confining place?” Introductions are made after this, the party welcoming rather than shunning the woman. Learning that she has been brought to this world by Dr. Doom, the group accepts her into their midst.

Continuing down the corridor, Harald and Ivy continue to chat. As the group moves further down, Poison Ivy notices that there is a fungus growing along the walls, and has a chat with the fungus to see where they should be heading. Unfortunately, the fungus does not know very much about the mobile world, and is not very helpful.

Entering a room at the end of the corridor, Harald steps into the center of the room, only to have a green slime drop down on top of him. The slime weakens Harald, and would eventually have consumed him completely if Maggot had not cast a ray of frost upon both Harald and the slime. The slime rapidly fell off of Harold after being enveloped by the cold. The group then set about healing Harold of his weakened condition.

After a short trek through yet another passageway, the adventurers come into a room with balconies around the edges, a couple of passageways leading off from the room, and a spiral staircase leading down. A blue fungus that glows covers different areas of the room, and what is not covered are murals depicting different scenes. Poison Ivy attempts to communicate with the fungus once more, but the only thing that she is able to get out of the spore releasing plant is that it wants the adventurers to stay in the room and be friends with it. Maggot, with his knowledge of nature, identifies the fungus as being poisonous in nature, and advises that they not spend very much time in the room breathing in whatever noxious things the fungus may be releasing into the air.

Going down one of the passageways, the party enters a room with a star shaped pattern inlaid into the floor. In the center of the shape, a crystal on a small pedestal gleams. Cautiously the group approaches the crystal, discussing how they should remove it, but Maggot throws caution to the wind and grabs the crystal. When he does this, four Shiezyx’s magically appear around the star emblem in the floor and attack the party!
Harald and Sabretooth attack the creatures and hit, while Doomsday, Maggot and Deathstroke miss their targets. The vine that has been following Poison Ivy reaches out and grabs one of the creatures, entangling it, and begins to crush it. One of the creatures does get in a strike at Harald, but misses.

The vine continues to constrict on the monster it has caught, causing damage. Deathstroke, Harald, and Doomsday cause more damage to the monsters, but this time the monsters get back at their opponents and Harald, Doomsday, and Sabretooth are all hurt. Sabretooth gets an attack in on one of the Shiezyx’s, but in doing so also hits Doomsday, causing him even more damage!

Deathstroke and Harald both miss on their next swings, but Sabretooth, Doomsday, and Maggot all hit their targets, Maggot killing one of the monsters! One of the monsters also falls to the ground at this time, apparently tripping over its own feet.

Finally, Deathstroke backstabs one of the three remaining monsters, killing it instantly. The monster that fell previously stands, but is immediately chopped down by Harald. The final Shiezyx is eventually crushed by Poison Ivy’s vine.

Once all of these vile creatures had been killed, Poison Ivy went in and harvested some of the poison that the creatures apparently had in them. Luckily for our adventurers, none of them had been poisoned! Maggot, looking carefully at the crystal he had recovered from the center of the room, declares that it is the shard that they had been looking for, and slips it into his backpack.

Returning back to the room with the noxious fungi, the group go down the spiral staircase in the middle of the room, hoping that it might lead out. Leading the group was Doomsday, and after about thirty or so feet of descent, is suddenly grabbed by Harald, just before he plunges into an abyss. Looking more carefully, it turns out that the staircase simply ends, hundreds of feet above an underground lagoon. The adventurers realize that they are lucky to be alive, and climb back up the stairs to the fungi infested room.

Exploring further, the adventurers eventually make their way to a closed doorway with a lever next to it. It is checked for any possible traps that the group can think of, then pulled. The door simply opens. Beyond the door is a passage with a slight uphill cant to it, eventually ending in a dead-end with a metal ladder leading up to a sewer grate. Moving the grate out of the way, the party climbs out onto the surface, finding themselves in a back alley of what appears to be the Beacon’s Point district of Magnimar.

Unfortunately, the group is noticed exiting the sewer, and is accosted by three rogues. At first the rogues feel the need to attack the group with crossbows, and actually hit the adventurers. Unfortunately for the rogues, the Acolytes are much more than a match for them and proceed to kill all of them in two rounds. The bodies are looted of valuables, at which point the adventurers go into the town to rest, knowing it is too late at this time to bother the mayor with the news that they have found the second shard.

Players: Jon, Allan, Chris, Candice, Brandon, Jason

Selling the items from the rogues (@50% value) results in 990gp to distribute among the party. Adding this to the 2709gp earned from the previous week’s treasure collected (again @50% value) we have 3699gp.

5/5/2013: Brandon, Jon, Gary, Allan, Diana, Chris, and Jason: 387 gold each

5/12/2013: Brandon, Jon, Allan, Diana, Chris, and Jason: 166 gold each

So total gold by person:
Brandon: 553
Jon: 553
Gary: 387
Allan: 553
Diana: 553
Chris: 553
Jason: 553

...The Harder They Fall

As Iron Woman and Elixir tended to Banner’s burial, the others prepared to interrogate the bizarre alien-like creature in the cannibal camp.

Aquaman used magic to heal those he could. Batman investigated the ancient lighthouse, discovering a meat-house filled with the corpses and bodies of the unfortunate village victims. Captain America and Thor searched the area for anything of use. Taking what healing salves Aquaman had, Captain America revived the unconscious Black Canary. Once awake she investigated the central bonfire for any clues or remnants of the cannibal’s victims. Indeed she found one – the broken and burnt bow of Roy “Speedy” Harper. She fell to her knees, inconsolable with Canarybreakgrief. Aquaman used his magical scarab around his neck to scan the undead effigy, learning it was indeed a conscious golem. Batman exited the lighthouse just as Aquaman shouted for him to run. The others took up defensive positions and began to fall back as the Bone Golem came to life.

The Golem reached out and entrapped Thor, holding him still while it lumbered closer. Captain America grabbed the grieving Black Canary as he withdrew, but Canary pulled away. She circled the bonfire, shouting threats and obscenities at the unholy creature. Captain America rushed to engage it as Aquaman, unable to affect it with magic, summoned a giant frog to try and slow it down. Thor burst free from his skeletal cage and retreated from battle, though he would return later. Captain America tried to tumble passed the large creature, but failed to avoid its swinging arm – struck in the chest, nearly killing him and sending him flying into a nearby hut.

Returning from aiding Iron Woman, Green Arrow nimbly climbed onto a nearby roof and took several shots at the Golem, doing moderate damage. Thor returned and pummeled the creature with Mjolnir. The Golem gripped Captain America in its cage, seemingly killing him – though Aquaman rushed over to make sure.

Batman, having had enough of the battle, gripped the alien-like creature by his ragged clothes. He demanded he order the Golem to withdraw. After failing to sway Batman by offering discounts on body parts and trinkets he had gathered from the victims, the Conjurer agreed. The Golem stepped into the central fire, where the others continued to attack. Batman then forced a sleeping poison into the Conjurer’s mouth, rendering him unconscious. Free to continue attacking, the Golem stepped back out and engaged the others.

Seeing Batman pummel his master, the Golem trapped him in its bone cage as well. The Pathfinders rallied to finally destroy the lumbering giant, dispelling the cage and ending the combat. Batman and Thor took the Conjurer to the height of the lighthouse, threatening the creature. He once more attempted to bribe his way out. Failing that, he explained that he was given permission from the Drow House Azrinae to gather his items – and that he was to meet with “The Emissaries” on the nearby Quiet Island. The Pathfinders tied the creature to the old lighthouse lens for safe-keeping. As they left, however, the tormented Green Arrow tipped over the lamp’s whale oil and lit it – burning the creature alive.

Captain shieldWith the majority disavowing Arrow as the team leader, the Pathfinders appointed the revived Captain America to the position. Following his lead, they set off toward the mysterious Quiet Island. Along the way, they came across a massive and ancient tree surrounded by slain cannibals. Upon investigating they discovered it was inhabited by Aycenia, a timid and distrusting dryad. Speaking only to Black Canary, Aycenia described how her tree has been protecting her – and she was the last of her kind, her sisters slain by the “Angry Men” of the island. Aycenia asked Canary to help cleanse the island of the darkness investing it, and Canary agreed.

After sailing to Quiet Island, the Pathfinders made berth near a steep cliff. They climbed one at a time, all successfully except Canary – who slipped and fell a considerable distance. She survived and, healed by Aquaman, tried again successfully. The Pathfinders investigated, discovering a sole lighthouse atop a central ridge. The Lighthouse was seemingly occupied by a group of mages – likely the ones who sent the signal flare nearly a week prior. The building was boarded up, but overrun by a horde of powerful creatures, as evident by countless scratches and marks throughout the structure.

Batman flew overhead, scouting. He discovered a surprising sight – what appeared to be an alien craft preparing to depart on the far end of the island. The drow druid, whom they had fought before, followed and pleaded with what appeared to be an alien of some nobility or renown. Batman summoned the others, and Green Arrow got a closer look. The alien ignored the frantic pleas of the Drow, and when he drew near his ship turned and placed a palm to the dark-elf’s Alienchest. In a flash of green light, the Drow vaporized and turned to dust. The alien then summoned a menacing wraith, which proceeded to consume the soul of the fallen druid.

The Pathfinders prepared to attack. Arrow sent the first volley, managing to hit the wraith. It rushed to counter, swinging at Captain America in the front lines. His hand passed through Rodger’s shield, sapping his very strength and vitality. When Canary attacked him, the wraith hesitated.

“Virashi, what has happened to you?” he asked. Realizing the wraith was none other than the lost-soul Yaris, the Pathfinders held back their attacks.

Canary pleaded with the spirit. “Virashi is on the island. She is looking for you. Go to her. She needs you.”

Halting his attack, Yaris’ fearful demeanor faded to concern and love as he vanished into the nearby trees. Instantly the dark presence and muffling sound of the island lifted with the cleansing departure.

Arrow, Thor and Batman followed the alien. Batman flew into the hovering craft to investigate. Immediately the door closed. Before Thor or Arrow could aid him, the craft rose and flew off into the distance – taking their comrade with.

Having no recourse but to carry on, the Pathfinders headed back to regroup and finally leave the forsaken Smuggler’s Hook. Iron Woman and Elixir got back on board. Canary fulfilled her promise to Aycenia. Captain America and Green Arrow fulfilled their promise to Virashi. All fulfilled their promise to Banner to cleanse the island.

After nearly two weeks on a jungle island, the Pathfinders set sail for the mainland. One day later, they finally beheld their first Varisian city – Magnimar.




The devil you know..
[Accolytes] - Day 15

When last we saw our grand adventurers, they were standing at the top of a set of stairs leading further down into the depths of the Crow. Before they started down the steps, Beast Boy mentioned that it might be a good idea to go back to Magnimar and refresh their supplies, not to mention unload all of the glorious treasures that they had collected. This sounded like a good idea, so into town they went. There they were able to sell off a good amount of the antiquities that they had accumulated in the Crow, and then use the proceeds to buy some other much needed items in their quest to find the crystals demanded of them by Dr. Doom.

While shopping, a call comes down from the mayor of Magnimar to meet with him at his manor. The team arrives at his residence and is escorted in. The mayor then tasks the group to go out into the wilderness in search of a creature that Dr. Doom wants recovered. A magical rune is provided to the group, which Thoth accepts, but no explanation is given concerning its use or purpose.

The team makes its way out of the city towards the location that was pointed out vaguely on a map handed to the group, and soon finds what appears to be an impact crater in the area indicated. The party cautiously approached the hole in the ground, and found at its center a large boulder with a large humanoid creature chained to it. Since the creature was still chained to the boulder, and had apparently also survived crashing into the ground at a fairly high speed, the group felt somewhat safe in approaching the site.

Up close, the being had grey skin with what appeared to be light blue diamond highlights on protruding parts of the body. It saw the group approach, and roared in frustration at being bound to the boulder. Thoth approached the large figure, and began to talk to it. Soon, it was found that the name of the being was Doomsday, and recognition of the name flashed across Deathstroke’s face. He warned Thoth that letting the brute loose would not be a good idea, but Thoth felt that Dr. Doom’s anger at the party for not fulfilling the mission would be far worse than anything that Doomsday could ever come up with. Thoth pulled the rune from within his robes, passed it across the large lock holding the chains of Doomsday, and soon he was free.

Doomsday1 Returning to Magnimar, the group receives word that they have done well, and that Doomsday is to remain with the party until such time as Dr. Doom calls for him. At this time the party thinks that they are now one member stronger, but unfortunately as they gather to go back into the Crow, they realize that Beast Boy has apparently abandoned them, and cannot be found. Dr. Doom is notified of this problem, but no answer is received. Reluctantly, the crew returns to the Crow to continue their search for Dr. Doom’s crystal shard.

Reaching the stairwell behind the magical door, they climbed down the long stairwell, entering an octagonal chamber covered in slime. In the center of the room is a large red statue. Also in the room, slithering through the slime, is a puffy and bloated human-sized whitish-yellow maggot with purplish veins pulsating under the skin. A vaguely humanoid head rests atop the body, with facial features twisted as if the creature was in a constant state of pain. Horns just from the head, curving down to just above the creature’s sunken eyes. The mouth of the beast is lined with filthy, sharpened fangs.

The Acolyte team, repulsed by this creature, immediately attacks the beast, dispatching it with relative ease, but not without Maggott slipping and falling into the slime coating the room. Picking himself up out of the slime, the creature shuddering in its death throes, he mentions that the ranseur that is held by the statue in the center of the room appears to be glowing slightly. Figuring that the weapon might be magical in nature, he removes it from the grasp of the statue and hands it over to Thoth, who confirms that it is a special weapon. The group puts the weapon away for further examination.

On the other side of the room, the party finds a door, and behind the door another staircase down. Following the stairs down, the group enters a room with a balcony wrapping around the upper level. In the center of the room is a shallow open pit with two grossly fat, demonic looking beings, apparently placed in the pit to do battle with each other. The adventurers roll into the room and destroy the two demons quickly, but as the last one is dispatched cries from the balcony are heard, shouting “No fair! No fair!”

Suddenly, from the far side of the room a door opens and a woman clad in spiked black armor rushes into the room, only her eyes visible behind a scowling mask. Wielding a flail, the fiend attacks Harald, causing quite a bit of damage. The rest of the team recover from their surprise and attack the wild woman, surrounding and killing her in a couple of rounds. Harald, not enthused by the attack, rushes up the stairs to the balcony above and massacres a trio of demonic imps that had been gambling on the outcome of the battles below. A fourth imp attempts to get away, but is caught by Thoth before it can do so.

Nunya1 Speaking to the imp, the party finds that there is a gateway to a demonic dimension deeper in the Crow, though it does not know exactly where any longer. Thoth considers this, then through threats both real and imagined forces a deal with the imp to make it his servant for the next month. He then argues with the imp for a small time, attempting to get it to take the party to what he hopes is the location of the crystal shard.

Finally arriving at what he thinks is the correct request, Thoth motions for the rest of the group to follow, as the imp leads the adventurers through a winding set of passageways. Eventually they end up in a room with a portcullis blocking the exit. The imp insists that the item the group is looking for is beyond the blockage. Using their strength, both Harald and Maggott make short work of the gate, bending the bars as if they were made of putty. It turns out that it had been formed of bronze, a relatively soft metal. The party chooses this time to rest for a small while, healing the nicks and cuts that tends to accumulate while exploring in the depths.

The imp continues to lead the group through more passageways to their destination, once they have finished resting. While the party makes their way past many rooms that must have had unspeakable horrors, Thoth and Rogue retell the story of the adventure they had to recover a magical device for the mayor a few days earlier. Apparently this turned out to be the same device that set free Doomsday. In that adventure, they apparently had help from a very small barmaid who felt like tagging along and a priest of the accidental god Cayden Cailean named Caladrel. Maggott payed particular interest to this conversation, as the god seemed to fit in with his beliefs, and he had been curious to hear more about this god.

Upon entering another room that the imp has led them to, a statue of a warrior in the corner suddenly shoots a fireball at the team. The fireball fortunately misses everyone, and Harald rushes up to the statue and breaks it into small pieces before it can shoot again. Beyond this room is an abandoned lab, whose walls are adorned with ornate murals depicting demonic scenes. Around the edges of the room are many urns. Thoth mentions that these depictions appear to be of the demon lord Yamasoth. A passageway leading from this room comes to a location where there is a deep pool spanning from wall to wall.

While the group looks across at the other side of the room, trying to decide what to do about the pool, Maggott takes the initiative and pushes Harald into the pool, telling him when he surfaces to swim over to the other side. Sabertooth also jumps in, figuring that if Harald gets into trouble, he should have backup ready to go… a wise choice as it turns out. Suddenly from each side of the room where water is pouring through, eight beings made of what looks like ectoplasm slither in, attacking the two heroes in the water with ranseurs.

Thoth reacts very quickly to this attack, summoning fire from the ether that quickly eliminates two of the beings. The battle continues, small scratches appearing on the comrades whilst they made short work of the beings, Maggott literally taking a ranseur out of the hands of one of the beings and then beating him over the head with it. Once the creatures are dispatched, the rest of the party swims across what is finally determined to be a sewage channel (though quite clean for sewage) to the other side of the room.

Participants: Brandon, Jon, Gary, Allan, Diana, Jason, Chris
XP Rewarded: 1,700xp

The Bigger They Are...
[Pathfinders] - Day 15

After recovering from the battle with the swamp wargs, the party prepared for the day’s agenda. They would investigate the cannibal village before heading off to the mysterious island they had seen before, from which Green Arrow had spotted a distress beacon.

Before they left, however, Captain America recounted hearing the voice of a woman in distress from the other end of the cave system. He, Green Arrow and Batman went to investigate. They reached a chamber which was sealed off by the Drow, riddled with dire warnings for those who would enter. Speaking through the barricade, they interacted with Virashi – a ghostly siren who Virashisang a lament for her husband, Yaris. She asked the heroes to find him and ease his angry, darkened heart. They agreed, and asked what had happened to Virashi – to which she explained she fell to her death into the cavern years prior while running from cannibals. Asking permission to enter the chamber, the four Pathfinders found the skeletal remains of the woman in the center, beneath a broken opening in the cave ceiling. They promised to reunite the forlorn lovers, and to respectfully bury her body.

Meanwhile, Iron Woman discovered that those who had been bitten by the cyborg wargs were infected by a nanobot virus. It seeped through the veins of Thor and Green Arrow, and began coursing through Iron Woman’s suit as well. She had to spend several days repairing it, finding the almost intelligent virus extremely resilient. Arrow and Thor eventually recovered as from any disease, and at long last Stark managed to purge her suit as well.

That night they laid Virashi to rest and split the party to investigate the village. Thor, Captain America, Elixir and Green Arrow went off while the others remained behind to finish recovering and repairing. The above-ground explorers came across the cannibal encampment – which consisted of numerous large wooden huts with palm-frond roofs arranged in a small clearing in the jungle, in the shadow of a stone lighthouse. Unlike before, where the villagers appeared to be casually moving about their normal lives, the cannibals now appeared mobilized. Drums pounded rhythmically as numerous natives danced around a massive central bonfire. The piles of corpses, likely former Tartarus inmates had now been assimilated into a massive and putrid effigy near the lighthouse. A female shaman oversaw its construction, and the mutilated humanoid monstrosity – made of bone, flesh and bits of jungle wood and vine – stares as a vacant statue over the war celebration.

Arrow shockedScouting ahead, Green Arrow saw a sight that ripped his heart in half. Roy “Speedy” Harper – a sidekick whom Arrow had considered more of a son – lie dead and dismembered, piled onto the heap that formed the effigy. Burning with rage and ignoring their stealthy reconnaissance mission, Arrow burst from the jungle. He fired on the cannibals, missing their marks in his fury. Captain America and Batman rushed in to protect him and soon the trio found themselves surrounded by the savages – who proved very formidable in battle. Thor ran in to assist later as Elixir sprinted back for help.

WitchwyrdDuring the battle the “old woman” of the village moved forward, transforming into a bizarre, alien-looking creature. It conjured magic missiles in its multiple hands, launching them at the helpless Pathfinders. Captain America took massive damage, falling back into a defensive position. Arrow and Batman suffered as well, though Batman was able to vanish and fly up onto one of the grass huts and safety. When Thor at last made it to the village, the Conjurer pulled a crystal ball and cast a Resilient Sphere, trapping him inside – and Mjolnir outside. Without his mighty hammer, Thor was powerless to escape.

Eventually both Rodgers and Queen fell to the incessant hacking, biting and club-swinging of the natives. They dragged them toward the central bonfire, preparing to add to their feast. At the last moment, however, a deep roar from the jungle signaled the arrival of reinforcements. The Hulk – flanked by Iron Woman, Elixir and Black Canary – charged head-long into the village. He punched one of the cannibals, dazing him enough to pull the burning Captain America from the flames. He placed Rodgers on a nearby roof before turning back to the native, who quickly Hulk hitsurrounded him. Iron Woman sent a miniaturized replica of herself to attack the cannibals as a stinging pest, while she separated herself from her power suit. Teaming up with her own devices, she managed to subdue several cannibals. “Hey! Want to hear a secret?” Black Canary yelled to one of the cannibals before releasing a devastating sonic shout – which knocked him into the bonfire. Unfortunately for the Hulk, who held his own for some time, the numbers and damage of the cannibals proved too much. With one brutal blow to the back of his neck, Hulk roared his last and fell lifeless to the ground.

Flying from rooftop to rooftop, Batman drew his batarangs and imbued them with the Drow sleep poison they had found previously. He struck the Conjurer and it fell unconscious nearly instantly. At that moment, the globe of force that held Thor dissipated. Summoning Mjolnir, he waded into battle and proceeded to lay waste to the hostiles. Captain America and Green Arrow recovered from their injuries, but the Pathfinders still struggled against the horde of cannibals.

Having heard the commotion from a distance, and seeing the Hulk charge through the jungle, one last survivor of Tartarus rushed from the beach and followed. Wielding a coral spear he leaped over Green Arrow to surveil the situation. He was aquaman, member of the Justice League and ruler of the Earth seas. After a brief nod to his compatiot, Arrow, Aquaman lifted his left hand – which was mystically formed from tangible water. He summoned an icy hail-storm of stone and rain, pelting the gathered cannibals with magic. He later launched an orb of ice into the fray, rolling from foe to foe and further dwindling their numbers. Iron Woman and her duplicates aided in taking down the last of the cannibals.

With less than a minute remaining until the Conjurer regained consciousness, the Pathfinders healed and aided one another as quickly as possible. They also took a brief moment to honor Bruce Banner – who lied now in his human, frail frame after giving his life to save others. When the Conjurer at last came to, Batman held it by the neck. Just as he prepared to question the defeated mystic, it shouted something in a language no one spoke.

Suddenly the grotesque effigy of human remains jerked to life. It pulled and snapped the ropes that held it in place, towering over the stunned heroes. Slowly it turned and looked down on them with burning eyes, and searing hatred….
Bone golem2


Pathfinders: 2,350 XP

Unstopable force meets a green force..
[Acolytes] - Day 12

We rejoin our hearty adventurers after a short rest in the room that contained a silver statue of a sphynx. During this time Sabretooth had rejoined the group, and Rogue decided to go meet with Thoth and stand guard with him in Sabretooth’s stead.

The room only had one exit, off to the left of the way they came in, so that is the way our stalwart crew went. Upon seeing that a room lay ahead, they sent Beast Boy ahead to scout it, as he was the most stealthy of the crew. Moments later he returned, running, and warned the rest of the group that there was a green dragon coming up on the party from the aforementioned room.

Pzo1001 green dragon

While this was a young dragon, it was known by the group that it would be a tough battle. They retreated to the room with the Sphynx statue (and the corpse of the dead sphynx that they had already defeated) and lay in wait for the dragon that was approaching.

As the dragon turned the corner into the room, the Acolytes attacked, causing minor damage to the fell beast. It was at this point that the dragon decided to breath upon our heroes, which turned out to be quite painful as it was a cloud of acid that drenched the party. At this point Maggott had had enough, and attacked the dragon ferociously, only to slip on some of the acid on the floor and slide directly underneath the beast, who promptly sat upon him. The rest of the team proceeded to beat upon the dragon, with Harald dealing out most of the damage (and receiving most of the damage).

The damage became too much for Harald, and he fell to the beast, but within seconds the dragon was also deposed. As Maggott pushed the corpse off of himself, the others surrounded Harald to see what could be done about his health. He was still alive, only unconscious. Maggott warned them not to use healing potions on him, as that would only cause more harm. Instead, it was suggested that they pour the poison from the glands of the black widow spiders they had defeated earlier down his throat and see if that might revive him. To the amazement of everyone, this did in fact work, and after downing the contents of all of the glands collected, Harald appeared to be fully healed!

The rest of the party took the time at this point to heal as well, downing potions that they had on hand to heal from the crushing blows and stinging acids that had come from the dragon. Once the adventurers had recovered from their daring exploits with the wyrm, they proceeded to skin the dragon of its valuable scales, planning to sell them in Magnimar.

The group then went into the lair of the dragon where it had built its nest, and found that it had the match to the Bracer of Armor that King Zuuga had been wearing as a hat before the party came along and dispatched him. In the center of the room, they saw a statue that looked somewhat valuable, and resolved that they should try and get it out of there at some point to sell back in Magnimar.

While investigating the rest of the room, Maggott noticed that the western wall of the room appeared to be different from the rest of the walls, and soon determined that there was some sort of magical lock on it. After informing the rest of the party of his discovery, they all tried to get the door open, but to no avail. They then decided to explore the rest of the area, hoping that they might find a way through or around the magical doorway.

Beast boy The group sent Beast Boy into the southern passage, and he soon came back with information that the next room down that corridor appeared to hold a number of skeletons that were moving around unnaturaly. The party devised a plan of attack to take care of this threat, and quickly implemented it, proceeding to turn the entire cluster of skeletons in a pile of bones. They found nothing of interest in the room nor on the skeletons, so decided to press on.

Opening the door to a room to the west, they saw a giant rolling ball of what appeared to be centipedes in the room. Maggott took one look at the swarm, and swiftly shut the door on them, commenting that it would be better to leave them in there as there was no way for anyone there to do anything about them.

Since there was only one more exit to the room with the corpses of the skeletons, the adventurers decided to head in that direction. At the end of the passage it opened up into a room filled with large spider webs, and the party could see six giant black widows moving amongst the webs.Audi spider 2

The party rushed in and attacked, but before they could do very much damage the spiders shot webs at the warriors, entangling them and causing much mayhem. Unfortunately for the spiders, Maggott quickly broke free of the spiders and laid waste to the first one he came up to. The rest of the party broke free moments later, and soon all of the spiders were dispatched, with very little damage to the group. The spiders were quickly harvested for their poison glands, replenishing the stocks that were used in healing Harald.

Searching amongst the webs and broken debris in the room, the adventurers found a runestone that appeared to be magical in nature. On a hunch, the party returned to the magical door they had found earlier and figured out that the rune was, in fact, the key to the door. Soon the door was opened to reveal a set of stairs leading down further into the depths of the Crow.

Attendees: Jon, Brandon, Chet, Allan, Jason


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