New Latveria

Crisis Averted
[Pathfinders] - Day 58

Having defeated Archmage Nolveniss and prevented the arrival of Galactus, the assembled Pathfinders took a moment to rest and determine their next course of action. First on the agenda was leaving the “echo,” returning to the present world. Doctor Strange used the portal key he had lifted from Nolveniss. The power to determine any location he desired initially proved overwhelming, and the portal opened first to the city of New York – beckoning Strange and others to finally return home and leave Golarion to its fate. He (with the help of the staunchly-opposed Green Arrow) decided against it and continued. Next the portal led to Star City. Black Canary and Green Arrow, struck by the sight of their home, finally lost all hesitation and stepped forward. Before they could enter, however, Strange quickly shifted the portal to Kaer Maga – a city of mages and merchants.

They arrived in the “Asylum Stone,” where they were entreated to a sprawling metropolis filled with every race and every walk of life imaginable. Half-trolls pulled slaves through the streets. Tiefling whispered rumors of mystic artifacts. Dwarved peddled their wares, and gnomes chased each other through the dense buildings. Caught at a cross-roads in terms of their next direction, the heroes took over a month to rest and restock. Batman and Superman returned to the Watchtower in orbit, where they collaborated in building a teleportation circle – which Batman remained behind to operate. Canary researched psionics while Iron Woman looked into building more efficient, and autonomous, suits. New member Nightwing kept an ear to the ground for rumors, while Green Arrow greatly improved his bow.

Doctor Strange spent most of his time communing with his deities, the Vishanti. They shared knowledge of Doom’s activities, and how the Acolytes were assembling the pieces of an ancient and devastatingly-powerful superweapon. One such shard was across the nearby desert, guarded by incredibly potent foes. They also told him of House Azrinae of the Drow, who were working to once again bring Galactus back to the world.

The Pathfinders then had a choice: Work to stop Galactus from returning permanently, or stop Doom. They opted for the later, and prepared to set off on what was sure to be a brutally dangerous assignment.


Dale: 66,500
Will: 65,500
James: 64,000
Sarah: 58,250
Ricardo: 57,500
Caitlin: 53,250
Hunter: 51,350

The Asylum Stone - Hopping Mad
[Acolytes] - Day 31

Before the Acolytes left Magnimar for their journey to Kaer Maga, They were called into the mayor’s office. In a seemingly “unrelated note”, the shop of Mortimer Pug had burnt down revealing a hidden basement. In this basement was some plans under the codename “Goldmidget”, Mayor wanted the Acolytes to collect the items that Pug wanted collected and in exchange he’ll hand the deed of “The Golden Ox and the Grunt” to them. After agreeing to this, the Acolytes set off with their trip Kaer Maga.
The trip took them down the Yondabakari, a storm began brewing. After a few of the Acolytes woke up, they noticed the ship was flying low. After questioning the Captain, it was revealed that lightning could hit the engine and that flying low was their safest bet. After passing the town of Wartle, the Palamino was struck by a ballista bolt attached to some rope. The ship lurched to one side as another ballista bolt hit the other side and pulled it back, pulling it down closer to the water. Doomsday and Maggott ran down to the bottom of the ship and began hammering out each bolt. Just then the sound of grappling hooks hit the top deck and Tug, Poison Ivy, Deathstroke and Caladrel went to the top deck to meet the new invaders.
BoggardThe Boggards with their bulbous eyes glare at the Acolytes from atop the creature’s decidedly toad-like head. Deathstroke shoots at one injuring it. Then two boggards shoot their tongues at Deathstroke and Ivy missing both of them. Doomsday hammers at the bolt moving it slightly. Tug hits one of the boggards knocking it off the boat. Poison Ivy puts three of them to sleep before Maggott takes one big swing at the ballista bolt knocking it free of the ship. The ship lurches knocking several acolytes and boggards over, one unfortunate boggard was knocked overboard. More boggards who managed to hold onto the grappling hooks managed to get on to the deck. Poison Ivy cut one of the ropes sending boggard falling to the swamp below. Deathstroke shoots again, killing one boggard and injuring another. The boggards try to attack Tug failing to penetrate his armor. Caladrel gets up from falling and attacks another boggard.
KrugulkDoomsday takes another swing at the bolt and knocks it free. He then moves up the stair just as the ship rights itself. A few more people fall over and the jostle wakes up some of the boggards. Maggott unable to get past the massive Doomsday, swings his sword at a spot just below a boggard cutting up the boggard from below but also creating a hole to which a dead boggard and wood planks fell on top of him.
Giant dragonflyJust then four giant dragonflies move in to attack the Acolytes. Tug grabs one of the Boggards and drops him off the side of the ship. Ivy and another boggard begin fighting. A giant dragonfly flies in and picks up Caladrel and takes her off the ship. Other dragonflies attack Tug, Deathstroke and Poison Ivy missing them. Doomsday goes to swing at a boggard only to step into the hole created by Maggott, falling on the dead toad and Maggott. Frustrated, Maggott pushes the bodies off him to run back up the stairs and take a swing at a giant dragonfly only to missing and fall into the same hole. Doomsday manages to roll out of the way of the falling Maggott. Tug grabs one of the giant dragonflies and begins crushing it. Caladrel stops the dragonfly from carrying her away by mesmerizing it. A giant dragonfly charges Deathstroke only to miss and hit a tree. Deathstroke commands the captain to turn around and get Caladrel. Deathstroke then grabs a grappling hook and throws it at Caladrel just missing her. Doomsday runs up the tearing a boggard in half. Maggott also runs upstairs, grabs a grappling hook and throws it to Caladrel in which they carefully pull her towards them. The mesmerized giant dragonfly was then torn apart. Doomsday killed the last boggard and Tug crushed the life out of the last dragonfly.
After healing, the Acolytes prepared for the next part of the journey. As they passed the weird haunting melodies of Whistle down, the sky cleared allowing them to fly higher and more directly to Kaer Maga. After passing the town of Biston, the captain tells the Acolytes that there isn’t much fuel left to run the Palamino and the closest place is Kaer Maga which luckily is just when they’d run out of fuel. The Palamino low on fuel arrives at the bottom of the great cataracts that come pouring down the Storval Rise, a thousand-foot-tall cliff face that slices Varisia nearly in half and separate the fertile lowlands from the rough and craggy Storval Plateau. The ship moors to one of the piers alongside several other ships that have traveled up the Yondabakari. Once on foot, most of the travelers head east but the Captain points to the smaller less traveled road stating that it is faster route through the Halflight Path.
The trail soon terminates in a open field nestled up against the cliff face. Several corrals, hitching posts, and other amenities stand in a rough circle, and a small group of traveling merchants sit queued up in a line at the clearing’s edge. In the center of the clearing, a huge set of bronze double doors stands embedded in the rock face, the portals embossed with strange runes. The runes are in no known language, and anyone who stares for more than a moment at the door discovers that apparently simple construction plays tricks on the eyes.
There are authoritative-looking figures dressed in brown and gray uniforms with a sigil on the right breast – a golden arch against a midnight blue background. After a few minutes of waiting, one of the duskwardens approaches the Acolytes.
AbraHe is about 30 years old, with a thick brown beard and hard but handsome features, he introduces himself as Abra Lopati, a member of the Duskwardens. He shakes the Acolytes hands informing them that they looks like the type of people who could pull their weight on a journey like this. He then waves over some more people waiting in line – a fat merchant named Bolgar and his strapping but dull- looking teenage sons, Tuggus and Marl. Once the family has hauled it’s cart of trade goods over, Abra explains that the price is 2gp each for the Acolytes and 250gp for the merchant family, much to the family’s chagrin, seeing that cart is large and will slow the group down. Abra also explains that there will be absolute silence when Abra signals for it. He then hands each person a small crystal which he calls a halflight charm. The crystals glow as bright as a torch and in case of emergencies, it be used to call for help. After everyone puts on the charm they walk through the Twisted Door.
Beyond the Twisted Door, the Halflight path is a roughly 15-foot-wide by 15-foot-tall tunnel that winds up through the cliff. It starts off as a natural looking cave, in places it has crude pictographs or is sometimes decorated with elaborately carved pillars and frescoes. Along the journey, Abra explains the various jobs and duties performed by the Duskwardens. He then goes on about his late wife, another duskwarden who had lost her head to the Dark Rider and his hopes for one day getting his revenge.
The group passes an archway in which had been crudely bricked up, with many of the bricks broken or sticking out at right angles. Abra turns to the brickwork and mutters, “That isn’t right.” Before the bricks explode outward as a trio of slithering horrors come barreling through. The acolytes recognize the horrors as Seugathis, a creature they had previously met in the Lady’s Light.
SeugathiThe Acolytes fight the Seugathi’s with relative ease as Tug took most of the damage and blocked the Archway while some of the Acolytes stands back firing upon the Seugathis. A few of the Acolytes stay in close quarters with the Seugathi to prevent any from getting through. Caladrel’s singing helping the party from becoming insane from the Seugathi’s aura.
After the Seugathi’s are dispatched. Caladrel heas those who were injured and they continue on their journey. Some of the Acolytes were curious about exploring further into the archway but Abra and the merchant argues against it. Abra states that its best they get to the other end so he can get the rest of the Duskwardens to investigate and close it up.
The Halflight path terminates in a stone bunker just outside the city, near the district called the Warren. Abra recovers the halflight charm from the travelers and the merchant family, now angry, take off for the city at a run, shouting insults over their shoulder.
Before the Acolytes leave, Abra takes them aside to thank them personally for their assistance in fighting the Seugathis, praising their skills. To Caladrel, he hands a Greater Halflight Charm, instructing her how to use it. He also mentions that it is best to find a guide to this city.
The Warrens, a many-storied shantytown of rickety scaffolding and makeshift shacks, is home to a constant stream traffic in and out of the city. The Acolytes are quickly swarmed by mobs of local children offering themselves as guides. They manage to keep the guides from picking their pockets. One guide, however, immediately distinguishes himself by locking eyes with the Acolytes and hailing them as Doom’s Acolytes, saviors and heroes. The guide is about 16 years old, skinny and wears ragged clothes, yet carries himself with a confidence his compatriots recognize, getting out of his way and leaving the Acolytes to him. He introduces himself as Gav Nahli, the best guide in the city and for only a reasonable price of 5gp a day. After some quick “negotiation”, he agrees on being their guide for 3 gp per day. Gav quickly explains the layout of the city. The Acolytes ask about refueling their ship which Gav recommend Gadka at the corner of Fever Street and Half-a-Chicken Walk. The Acolytes work out with Gadka what needs to be done. The Acolytes also ask if they can get home. Confused, Gav asks where in particular. The Acolytes explain to him where they’re from. The Guide recommends trying the Therassic Spire but seeing how they haven’t been open for days. He then recommends asking the Augurs.
Tired the Acolytes ask about places for lodgings. Gav recommends a few but when Caladrel asks about places of worship for her god, Cayden Cailean, he immediately recommends The Bottoms and states that for some free healing, The people of the Bottoms will offer both free drink and lodgings.
After leaving a severed hand in the Downmarket area, the Acolytes head to The Bottoms.


Candice: 48492
Allan: 48492
John: 43992
Chris: 47413
Dianna: 36392
Brandon: 31892
Gary: 31892

Dark Armageddon Echo - Part III
[Pathfinders] - Day 23
(Please see the corresponding absentee RP FORUM POST for details.)


Dale: 58,200
Will: 57,400
James: 56,000
Sarah: 50,550
Ricardo: 50,000
Caitlin: 45,750
Hunter: 43,350

Dark Armageddon Echo - Pt. II
[Pathfinders] - Day 23

With the Dopplegangers dispersed and newcomer Hyourinmaru incorporated into the party, the Pathfinders continued their trek though the Elven city. Iron Woman took point, having analyzed the layout and deduced that they should head to the Observatory.

Standing in their way, however, was a lone and beautiful Succubus. She peacefully asked to speak with a representative, and singled out the unfortunately weak-willed Iron Woman. Stark was powerless to resist her magical charms, and excused herself from the party. Not wanting her to go alone, the group suggested someone tag along – and Vraxim was the one chosen. While walking over to the Succubus, Stark ordered Vrax several times to go away. When he refused, she attacked him – opening fire with her armbow. Having his fill of enchantresses, Green Arrow took a shot at the demon, but it harmlessly bounced off of her unholy flesh.

Angered at the violence, the Succubus entreated Stark to the nearby Observatory to talk in person. Superman tried to interject, but they stepped inside and locked the door. Inside the observatory were several more Elves, presumably more echoes of the past. One of them, however, looked up from his work and actually acknowledged Iron Woman. As they exchanged words, Batman
explored up above the building. Magistrate Nolveniss Azrinae, the archmage they had been seeking, worked feverishly to operate an obelisk floating in the air. It was adhered to several machines, and hummed with incredible energy. He was preparing for something, and soon.

Down below, Superman found himself locked out. With about as little patience left as Arrow, he flew threw the window and demanded to stop the discussions. The Elf Clerk suddenly gave an incredible offer, or bribe rather, straight from Nolveniss himself. He wanted to offer them 500,000 gold pieces if they agreed to leave immediately. Superman refused, but the petulant Vraxim overheard and didn’t have such hesitations. He tried signing his name on the offered contract several times, using false names each time. Nothing happened. Before he could sign his true name, Superman used his heat vision to burn the contract. By the time Arrow and Hyourinmaru entered the room, things took a turn for the worse.

The Elf “shadows” along the wall drew swords and attacked. The Clerk joined in as well. The Pathfinders rallied to fight them off, but discovered that the Elves were actually evil creatures known as Dark Stalkers. What’s more, they exploded on defeat in a burst of flame. The Dark Stalkers cast a spell of darkness in the area through which only they could see. The Succubus returned and enticed Vraxim to play music for her, which meant he couldn’t aid his comrades. She also cast a spell on Black Canary, sending her running in fear.

Canary ran outside to hide, and then a moment later she circled the building to find a “safer” way in. As she nimbly backflipped over a wall in the back, she landed in a large stone courtyard. She was not alone. She turned around to see the face of a massive and ancient dragon, who asked her who and what she was. Canary was too terrified to answer coherently, back flush against the wall as she felt around for a means of escape. Soon Green Arrow arrived and, though equally terrified of the dragon, managed to point out how the creature was shackled to the ground. The Dragon, Razorthorn, explained he had been captured and would be “offered up” to an unknown force. Having abandoned his apprentice Hyourinmaru earlier, and believing him dead, the dragon had lost his fighting spirit. He had no desire to leave, though Canary used her powerful shouts to destroy the chains anyway.

Up above, Batman decided to confront Nolveniss alone. When the archmage failed to strike the Dark Knight with his lightning, he summoned a mass of nebulous tentacles. They grappled and constricted Batman, crushing his limbs. Iron Woman, recently free of the Succubus’ charms, ran to the roof and tried to attack her enslaver. Nolveniss hit them both with a powerful bolt of chain lightning. The Succubus declared they should watch the skies, as the demon-lord Abraxus had finally arrived!

“You’re too late!" Nolveniss cackled. :My master has come, and soon all light in this world will be snuffed out forever. The two Cypher Gates give him unlimited power, and with that power he will destroy you all. Long live the devourer, Abraxus!”

In the skies above, dark clouds formed over the moon, turning black as shadow. Lightning flashed within as it expanded to engulf a floating ring of stone – known as a Cyphergate – through which distant stars can be seen. Soon a figure emerged, with glowing eyes and sharp horns on its head – though they appeared to be more of a helmet. The god-like “Abraxus” extended a hand, causing the ground to shake and winds to increase – his power already evident finally it speaks, with the voice of rolling thunder.


While all outside stood in awe at the omnipotent being, only a select few recognized him by another, more familiar name – Galactus.


Dale: 54,200
Will: 53,400
James: 52,000
Ricardo: 50,000
Sarah: 47,550
Caitlin: 45,750
Hunter: 43,350

Taken - A Magnimar Story
[Acolytes] - Day 21

A few of the Acolytes awaken late morning to the sounds of the Magnimar Docks. Maggott and Caladrel stumble out into the Palamino’s kitchen, “blessed” with the challenge that their god, Cayden Cailean. After rummaging through the pantry, Maggott produces a bottle of whiskey.
“By drinking this grog, I’m saved by the hair of the dog.” He yells before slamming the contents down his throat. Maggott then hands the bottle to Caladrel who responds “Aye” before doing the same.
After a few moments pass as they gather themselves, Caladrel lifts her head to find a piece of paper stuck to it. Maggott reaches for the paper, removing it from her head.
Deathstroke walks in. “You two and your love letters.”
“If this is a love letter, I’d be moving to a different neighborhood.” Replied Maggott as he hands it to Deathstroke.
Deathstroke reads the note. “Shit.”
Ivy is laying on the top deck of the Palamino. Her green skin glistening beside her Leaf Armor as she takes in the sun.
Just as Deathstroke, Maggott and Caladrel open up the door, Doomsday steps in front of the door, roaring at them.
“Hold it, Doomsday. They’re useful. Just give me a moment while I slip this back on.” Said Poison Ivy.
Doomsday glares at the other Acolytes.
“What’s this about?” said Deathstroke.
“I gave him permission to kill anyone who gets a sneaky peek as I’m sunbathing. As I’m sure you’re aware, he likes killing.” Said Ivy as looks around the hulking figure that is Doomsday. “By the way, we need another crew member.”
“You need to look at this.” Said Deathstroke as he hands the piece of paper to Ivy.
Ivy reads the note. “So what? They’ve been kidnapped. Good Riddance to them.”
“That’s what I said.” Said Caladrel and Maggott in unison. They look at each and high-five.
“It’s not so good that they’ve been kidnapped along with the shards. The only one we’ve found is the one that Sabretooth had in his room.” Responded Deathstroke.
“We found this too.” Said Maggott, producing a spiked bracer with blood on it and a strange shark-like marking.
“Well, let’s get the four of them.”

The Acolytes leave the Palamino and make their way down to Beacon’s Point to a place called The Golden Ox and the Grunt. Caladrel’s initial entrance into the bar was well received but when Doomday and Maggott entered the Bar went quiet.
Spiked warriorThe bar had 6 Dwarven Barbarians, one behind the bar, one at the bar, 2 seated to the left and 2 in the back corner holding down a very nervous half elf. A Few of the Acolytes notice a giant’s head hanging over the bar. A sign that those who are tall would not be welcome here. They also notice that one of the barbarian is missing a spiked bracer. As they start questioning one another, accusations fly making the tension in the bar worse. The half elf pipes up saying that he knows what the marking on it is. A Dwarven Barbarian quickly shuts him up by slapping him in the face, the rest of the dwarves pull out their weapons and prepare to charge. The fight breaks out with Ivy’s plant transforming from a puffball to a vine crushing one of the dwarfs. Deathstroke starts shooting at the barbarians as one of the barbarians leap up on the bar to swing at Doomsday and falls over. Doomsday swings at the prone barbarian only to caught and flipped over the bar by the dwarf’s surprising strength. Maggott moves in to contain the 2 dwarfs on the left, finding them spryer than he had anticipated. Tug grapples one of the barbarians finding its spiked armor unpleasant. Just as the barbarian escapes Tug’s grasp, Deathstroke fires a shot that blow its teammate’s brain all over the wall. Tug then slams one barbarian against the wall killing him. Doomsday manages to cut another in half. Deathstroke intimidates another that starts to freak out. Maggott manages to kill another before starting to feel weak from the damage he has accumulated. Caladrel heals Maggott giving him enough strength to continue. Doomsday comes over and kills the second last barbarian. The scared dwarf starts to run for the door dodging Maggott and Doomsday before being knocked out by Ivy just at the door entrance.
When the barbarian wakes up he finds himself upside down facing the Acolytes. Tug is holding him up. From the information they gathered, they find out that someone has offered local gangs a chance to make 6000gp if they manage to take down the Acolytes before the barbarian passes out.
KelThe halfelf, calling himself Len, explains that the marking on the bracer belongs to an unimaginative local smuggling gang called The Sharks and where they can find them. He also explains that his local thieves’ guild needs helps placing a severed hand in a public place in Kaer Maga and will pay the acolytes back upon return. After “pressure from Ivy, the half elf agrees to show the Acolytes to The Sharks location.
The acolytes are guided to a warehouse on the docks of Beacon’s Point upon which Len quickly escapes wishing them good luck as he turns a corner. The Acolytes sneak up to the warehouse with Tug turning into a puffball and going through an open window.
RangerTug relays to Ivy that there are 5 people with long swords and hand axes and 3 with tridents banging on drums. Also in the room are 4 cages, holding Gambit, Rogue, Thoth and Harald, dressed down to their underpants and not moving very much.
Deathstroke sneaks around to a side door and readies himself. At Ivy’s cue, Tug transforms again into a large vine falling on top of an unsuspecting ranger and knocking him to the ground. Deathstroke bursts through the side the door and headshots the nearest drummer, killing him instantly. The rest of the acolytes come through the main door. Ivy bringing a wooden box to life and making it kill the unfortunate creature inside of it. Caladrel summons a crocodile which moves in to attack the other members of the shark gang. Gambit manages to wake up from his delirium and starts to pick the lock on his cage.
Wereshark pirateThe two remaining drummer pick up their tridents and transform into weresharks. Two other gang members charge Maggott and the crocodile with one of them falling head first into the crocodile’s mouth but surviving. Another member attacks Doomsday while the one next to him attacks the bloody box. Tug begins constricting a gang member and Doomsday is poisoned from an attack. Deathstroke engages another wereshark and Gambit finally manages to escape his cage tripping one of the weresharks over. Maggott cuts a gang member in half and the other finally escapes the crocodile only to slip and fall back into its mouth, killing him.
TrollAt that moment, two Two-headed trolls burst out of their crates to attack everything in sight. Tug crushes a member to begin moving toward the Two-headed Troll. Doomsday kills another member. Deathstroke kills a wereshark and severely injures the other. One gang member is left finally defeating the bloody box to turn around and notice that his friends are all dead and he attacks Doomsday, poisoning him. A Two-headed Troll attacks Doomsday severely injuring him. Maggot attacks the other Two-headed Troll but the Troll manages to squash the crocodile. The half-naked Gambit manages to blind the Two-headed Troll. The Troll starts to flail hitting Gambit and knocking him back. Deathstroke kills the last wereshark. Doomsday kills the last gang member and Caladrel heals Doomsday before he collapses. Tug attacks a Two-headed Troll and they manage to kill it. Maggott manages to kill the last troll leaving the party wounded and tired.
MorgamerThe Acolytes meet Morgamer Pug, the Halfling who put the price on their head, as he comes out of a room high up in the warehouse. Upon explaining his actions, he offers the Acolytes 6000gp if they collect certain items from Kaer Maga. Feeling cheated by the offer, Ivy tries to negotiate for a higher price. Pug refuses angering the Acolytes. Professing their plot for revenge against the Halfling, they begin to burn down the warehouse as he escapes. After they get out of the warehouse, they help contain the fire only to the one warehouse and explain to authorities that they saves the docks here from an attack by the pathfinder terrorists.

Dark Armaggedon Echo - Pt. I
[Pathfinders] - Day 23

The unfortunate Vraxim the Bard found himself entranced by the seductive nymph sitting atop a lily-pad. As the nymph embraced the reluctant Tiefling, Vrax drifted to sleep. Soon he was at the bottom of a pool inside the Celwynvian Academy, clutched by vines in a state of stasis.

Superman opened the doors to the room, suffering the explosion of a fire trap and holding it open for the others to slip by. Realizing their colleague was in danger, the Pathfinders immediately rushed to… not do anything whatsoever. They debated on what to do for a moment before Batman finally volunteered to dive in after him. The magical waters of the pool had a strange effect on Batman – transferring the skills (or lack thereof) into him, and losing his own. Soon the tentacles of an arcane aboleth lashed onto him, nearly drowning him in the process. As newcomer Cyclops dove in to rescue Batman, the others had their own issue to contend with.

Enraptured by the magical draw and physical sensuality of the rainbow-nymph, Iron Woman was overcome by lust. She removed her power suit and swam over to the lily-pad to oggle the maiden up close. Green Arrow narrowly resisted following suit, fearing Black Canary’s wrath. Yet when Canary stepped to the waters edge, ironically she too fell for the nymph. Avoiding the water, she nimbly jumped onto the pad – followed by Iron Woman.

As Strange and Arrow stares in both confusion and awe, Cyclops hoisted Batman to safety. But the slime he contracted from the aboleth ate at his flesh, leaving him seconds away from death. Superman finally released the door and dove in after Vraxim, tossing him to the surface as well.

Realizing the rainbow-nymph as actually just a powerful illusion conjured by the aboleth, Arrow leaped into action. He jumped to the lile-pad and, unable to talk her out of it, slapped Canary across the cheek. Unfortunately, in her delirium Canary rather enjoyed it. Stark, however, came too (probably because there was now a man involved, which didn’t compute with her affections). Realizing Batman was dying, she ordered her suit to administer a healing potion – narrowly saving his life.

Finally breaking everyone of the nymph’s distraction, the Pathfinders took a second to rest. They revived Vraxim and headed into the next room. The room contained what they had been searching for – a portal leading to Noveniss’ present location. Guarding the portal, however, was a vicious medusa. The creature tried to petrify Iron Woman and Batman with her gaze, but they resisted. Thinking quickly, Vraxim cast a magical darkness into the room and nullified her gaze. Superman rushed in to engage her, but in the darkness had a difficult time striking her. Iron Woman followed, but accidentally wandered into the portal – disappearing. Soon Cyclops and Canary followed suit. As Vraxim played music in the background, the others rallied to eventually finish off the medusa. Deducing the others must have gone through the portal, they followed.

The magical portal whisked the Pathfinders to a dimension known as the Armageddon Echo, a reflection of Celwynvian thousands of years prior. Hundreds of Elves walked the halls once more in the nighttime city, blissfully unaware of the events soon to transpire. What’s more is they appeared to be “echoes,” or holograms of those who came before – unable to see or interact with the mortals walking among them. Searching for Nolveniss, they stepped outside and encountered an unexpected resistance.

Superman, Batman, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Doctor Strange, Cyclops, Iron Woman and Vraxim – clones of the Pathfinders themselves – stood in their way. “That’s far enough, traitors,” Superman demanded before the Dopplegangers launched their attack. Heroes for themselves, though it appeared the Dopplegangers – identical in abilities – had a tactical advantage, overwhelming the Pathfinders from the onset. Arrow’s Clone nearly took him out in one attack, as did Batman’s. Superman II blasted the party with a massive beam of fire from his eyes.

Struggling to rally against the imposters, Iron Woman tried pleading with hers. The Doppleganger accused the Pathfinders of “bringing the destroyer.” Though Stark had no idea what that meant, the gathering clouds and darkness above weren’t a welcome indication.

As the fight went on, Batman II flanked Cyclops and punched him several times in the back – severing his spine and knocking him unconscious. Strange II possessed Vraxim, while Superman II nearly vaporized the original Strange. While Strange did his best to heal the party, Strange II did the opposite. He blasted a wave of negative energy, burning the Pathfinders and killing the already-dying Cyclops.

Just as things started to look bleak for the now-outnumbered Pathfinders, a stranger approached. With a steely gaze and silent composure, the sorcerer Hyourinmaru walked up while drawing a katana from his back. The Dopplegangers stopped their assault, confused by what they considered a contradiction. “If we say they are Dopplegangers,” they pondered, “And they say we are theirs, whose is this strangers?” With no answer to the paradox, and realizing they existed only in this echo, the Dopplegangers retreated and faded into the darkness.

As Hyourinmaru knelt to give reverence to the fallen hero, Cyclops, the other Pathfinders gathered around to greet the stranger who – in all likelihood – just saved all their lives.


Dale: 52,200
Will: 50,200
James: 49,550
Ricardo: 46,750
Sarah: 44,150
Caitlin and Hunter: 42,350

The Lady's Light - The Safe Word
[Acolytes] - Day **

Wandering around through the labyrinthine corridors of Lady’s Light was becoming rather tedious for most of the Acolytes, they were losing focus…and some were starting to fall behind. Maggot, Caladriel and their “here one minute – gone the next” ally Black Widow had disappeared somewhere between this room and the last, probably via the woman’s teleportation device.

The remaining Acolytes found themselves in a small heptagonal chamber, the walls polished to a high sheen, an engraved red metal door stood in the center of the eastern wall. The only other feature was a tile mosaic set in the floor of the chamber depicting a coiled serpent.

Rogue, Doomsday, Sabretooth, Deathstroke, Poison Ivy and Tug made a quick search of the room before passing through the red door and into another room. The floor of its two wings are decorated with circular snake mosaics twice the size of those in the smaller room. One snake was gold, the other a red metallic color; a 3-foot-tall post capped by a horizontally aligned wheel protruded from the center of each mosaic. There were four doors into the chamber, including the one they had entered through, each opening on to a room identical to the one they’d teleported to initially.

Sabretooth walked to the post in the golden serpent and began turning one of the wheels much to Ivy’s chagrin.

“Having fun trying kill us all with a possible trap?” she scolded.

“I’m bored with this circus, I ain’t spending any more time than I have ta.” replied Sabretooth pausing to glare at Ivy.

“Keen to meet your” Ivy was cut off by Doomsday’s growling.

“Aw, ya know how Doomsday gets when ya argue.” Rogue interjected smarmily.

Deathstroke rolled his eye, but refrained from commenting.

They all looked down at the mosaic.

“It moved 45 degrees,” said Sabretooth.

“It must be safe then, but just a word of warning, Sabretooth, we really don’t need another Harold. We’re smarter than that.” Ivy replied stepping further away from the serpent and any trap it might contain.

“Doomsday turn the other one and see if we can get it to do something,” instructed Sabretooth.

Doomsday moved to the other post and began turning it as well, after a complete circuit nothing had happened and the two looked to the women for suggestions.

“How ‘bout y’all face ‘em toward each other?’ offered Rogue.

Sabretooth nodded and began turning the wheel again; Doomsday took the cue and did the same. Once the serpents pointed towards each the room began to fill up with a semitransparent curtain of golden mist.

“Ya know that thing ya said about being smarter, Ivy?” said Sabretooth as he stepped back into one of the smaller rooms. The rest of the acolytes rushed to follow suit and stepped into the rooms off the chamber.

“You know, it looks like the light from the other teleportation devices, I’ll send Tug through, he can let us know where it goes,” Ivy said after a moment.

Tug, the crawling vine made his way into the center of the room and promptly vanished with golden mist.

Doomsday grunted demandingly.

“I’m trying to find out where he is,” Ivy replied in an annoyed tone, “it’s a large round room made of marble…” her sentence was cut off short by a loud scream as she collapsed to her hands and knees. Fury and pain echoed in her voice as she said “Someone is burning my baby!” After she had collected her wits, she climbed back to her feet and headed back into the central chamber. “We have to go now.”

The rest of the Acolytes quickly gathered into the center room; Doomsday and Sabretooth reset the mosaics as they all drew their weapons, ready for the confrontation ahead. As soon as the snake heads lined up, they disappeared in a golden flash of light.

The room they appeared in was an ovoid, white marble chamber. It was an opulent, domed affair, with a ceiling of polished silver that curved twenty feet above them. Another pair of mosaic snakes decorated the floor to the north and south. Polished black marble pillars rose up along the edges of the room. A half-naked Gray maiden hung suspended from a pair of manacles anchored to a pair pillars. The blood on the floor below her already congealed, a gapping cut across her throat the likely source.

Articles of armor and clothing lie scattered on the floor. A raised platform is located on the south side of the room, strewn with furs and blankets; at its back near the wall was an enormous canopied bed. Blood stains the bed and the rest of what used to be a naked gray maiden.

The Acolytes find the cause of Ivy’s distress, Sorshen, the woman whose image is displayed throughout the Lady’s Light. She was tangled in the grasp of a burnt vine.

At the sight of the Rune lord, Deathstroke immediately fired a shot at Sorshen missing by mere inches. Sorshen distracted from her struggle with Tug looked up and smiled at the approaching Acolytes before vanishing from the room.

Shocked by the sudden departure the Acolytes looked to each in stunned silence, waiting on edge for a surprise attack.

“Okay, that was weird.” Ivy remarked after a protracted silence.

“Yeah…why do ya think…?” Rogue asked glancing questioningly around the room.

After take a quick sniff of the air Sabretooth growled. “She ain’t here.”

Ivy shook her head in answer to Rogue and then moved to Tug’s side taking stock of his wounds and doing what she could to heal them. “Perhaps we should search the room.” She suggested over her shoulder as she began rubbing some Fire Ward Gel over Tug’s skin.

Beyond the discarded remnants of armor and clothes scattered around the room, the only real find is a set of gems hidden near the bed. The gems appear to fit the depression in the mosaic serpents’ eyes.

“It’s probably another teleport.” Rogue said looking down at the serpent at the north side of the room.

“Well I’m not sending Tug anywhere alone again.” Ivy said, patting Tug soothingly.

“Don’t worry shuga, we’ll stay together.” Rogue assured her.

“Okay so we’ll put the stones in and see what happens.” Sabretooth said as he crouched next to the southern serpent gem in hand.

Rogue nodded in agreement and reached out with the other ready to set it in place at his signal.

Doomsday made a growl of approval and pulled his axe, standing a few feet from Sabretooth he looked eager for the next fight. Deathstroke watched from his vantage point next to Sabretooth as they dropped the stones into place in unison.

Doomsday, Deathstroke and Sabretooth found themselves in a small room. The walls of the oddly shaped room appeared strangely molded, the surfaces like sweaty pink clay with bits of glittering crystal. The floor looked like dry, cracked mud, a dark red in color, and the ceiling arched only 8 feet overhead. A disturbing sound filled the space, resembling the endless exhalation of some bizarre, hulking beast. A mosaic of a coiled snake was inlaid in the floor of the small alcove off to the side, all along the walls of the strange room sat numerous interesting-looking objects but none were more intriguing than the triangular shard of red metal that sat alone on a shelf at eye level. “Where’s the girls,” Sabretooth asked suddenly.

Deathstroke glanced around, “Must have been two separate teleportation devices.”

Sabretooth shrugged before setting about slowly and carefully scouting the small room looking for any signs aggression or traps. After finding nothing dangerous Deathstroke pointed to the triangular gemstone. “That look very similar to the other shards. My guess would be it is the shard of lust.”

Sabretooth nodded and pulled out a small sack which he then placed over his hand. Using the sack as a make shift glove he carefully picked up the shard, then flipped the sides up over it before tying the end tightly. He then shoved the sack into his backpack pocket.

“Well, I don’t feel like a whore. Let’s pack this shit up and get out of here.”

After packing everything up they used the teleportation device to return to Sorshen’s bedchamber. -—-
Ivy looked around, they were back in the banquet hall, fortunately, it didn’t look as though anyone was getting ready to shoot any fireballs at them. It took a moment for her to realize that while she, Rogue and Tug were present and accounted for, Sabretooth, Doomsday and Deathstroke were nowhere to be seen.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.” She said as she met Rogue’s eyes.

“Two teleports?” Rogue responded looking around.

“Do you remember the way back to that room?” Ivy asked, shaking her head in frustration.

“I’m sure we’ll find…” Rogue stopped abruptly as Sorshen appeared a few feet away and smiled seductively at them. “New adherents for my order, how lovely, you shall spread my word and the faithful shall flourish, come join me now.” She spoke in a husky contralto voice that seemed well suited to a woman well versed in the carnal arts. The tone gently beguiling, it seemed to stir something inside Rogue and she took a half step forward, before Ivy reached out to grasp her arm bringing her back to herself.

“We’re not here to serve you…we serve another, perhaps you’ve heard of our lord? Doom?” Ivy replied trying her own brand of enchantment, Sorshen seemed unmoved by it, and smiled patronizingly at them.

“He sent us in search of the shard of lust, do you know it?” Ivy continued desperately wanting to avoid a confrontation she was almost certain she and Rogue would not survive.

“I know nothing of doom, but of desires I am mistress. Come serve me and all that you wish for shall be yours, I ask nothing but that you serve me faithfully and spread my word to all you meet.” She replied her tone husky, the voice of a woman well sated.

“We met some of the ladies servin ya already shuga, what’d the Grey Maiden’s desire?” Rogue asked skeptism creeping into her voice as she thought of the remains they’d found in Sorshen’s bedchamber.

Sorshen frowned for a moment before answering. “They wished but to serve me.” She looked to Ivy. “What are your desires, serve me and they shall be yours.”

Ivy gave a small strained smile, “Oh, I’m not one for indoor work, a nice patch of sunshine, a bit of grass and I’m good.” How the hell were they going to get out of this she wondered, if they turned the woman down she was sure to kill them, and if they said yes….well she was still sure to kill them.

Sorshen starred at the two women, confused by their reluctance to join her, dismayed at the lack of desire they seemed to feel. She’d tried to stir their desires, her magic flooding the room meant to heighten their need to be touched and caressed, to make them willing…but they seemed unaffected.

“Come serve me, spread my word, all will be well, you may have your sunshine as you desire.” She offered at her most coercive.

Ivy looked at Rogue, at a loss as to what to do, before turning to look again at Sorshen, “Uhm…could we maybe have a few days to consider it? This is a big decision…” she trailed of giving Sorshen a hopeful look.

Sorshen frowned but nodded. “Of course, come to me when you have made your decision.” She nodded once more at the women and vanished from the ballroom.

“I…” Ivy started and then stopped words completely deserting her.

“Yeah,” Rogue replied starring at the space where the Rune Lord had stood.

Tug, apparently the only one not confused by the entire exchange rose and began making his way back towards the room and the staircase beyond.

Ivy shook her head after a moment, and followed him out of the room. Rogue glanced back around the banquet hall before joining them.

Sabretooth, Doomsday and Deathstroke had just appeared back in Sorshen room, when Ivy, Tug and Rogue reappeared.

“Have you guys seen Sorshen?” Ivy asked after a moment.

“No, but we got the shard, let’s get out of here. Where’s the other teleport go?” Sabretooth replied.

“It leads to the banquet hall.” Rogue replied somewhat distractedly.

“Good, let’s go.” Deathstroke said as he walked to the northern serpent.

The other’s joined him and they were soon standing back in the ballroom.

Ivy and Rogue kept glancing around as though they expected something to happen at any moment, but they made it safely from the room, once the men had collected all the gear and treasure that had been left there.

Making their way back through the building and down to the boats was a rather long procedure as Sabretooth and Deathstroke insisted they pick up everything that could be sold once they got back to Magnimar.

Fortunately they found Maggot, Thoth and Caladrel, in the library where they had been researching the history of the shards. Harald, they located still in the Giantess’s Hall, he had been attempting to raise her corpse to serve as one of his undead minions. Apparently it had not gone very well. With the help of the rest of the party they were all able to make it out of Lady’s Light a good deal richer than when they had gone in.

Sabretooth ensures that the boats and the painting of Sorshen that teleports travellers into the watery cavern are destroyed.

As they were exiting, Sabretooth began eyeing the form in the coffin. The jewels there tempted him, and he was reaching out to grab the necklace when Ivy slapped his hand away.

“What the hell do you think yer doin woman?” He growled as he glared at her.

“Ensuring my happy and speedy exit from this god forsaken place,” Ivy snapped in reply.

“What’s that mean?” He asked through clenched teeth.

“It means…there’s some sort of spell on that coffin, which probably means it trapped…However if you really just have to know what type of sadomasochistic magic it’s imbued with…be my guest?” She answered after taking a deep breath.

“Oh…right.” He replied as he readjusted his backpack. “Guess we should just go.”

Ivy smiled tightly.

“Why don’t we?” As she watched him walk from the room she took another breath and looked around the room, the worry in her eyes clearly evident. Somehow she doubted this was the last they’d hear from Sorshen.

The airship and its crew were waiting for the signal flair and landed within moments, allowing the Acolytes to board and load their ill-gotten gains with no more trouble. The flight back to the city was uneventful and allowed all the Acolytes to begin the process of recovering from their ordeal and sift through the treasure for any items they wanted to keep.

Doomsday, Rogue, Poison Ivy, Deathstroke get 2840gp Sabretooth gets 1560gp Gambit gets 1280gp

Mighty Have Fallen
[Pathfinders] - Day 22

After Thor destroyed the magical barrier protecting the Celwynvian Academy, the Pathfinders moved in to investigate. They peered into a crumbled wall segment and collapsed floor, leading into a dark chamber below. Using magic from Doctor Strange, Green Arrow fired several illuminating arrows into the room. Superman, Arrow and Iron Woman descended into the room, an ancient arcane study filled with smoke – and a summoning circle on the floor, which seemed active. Superman rushed to engage the room’s occupant – a large, undead monstrosity known as a Devourer. Hungry for souls, the creature retaliated. Soon the entire party had entered the room – except for Vraxim, who stayed safely up above and played music to bolster the party.

At first the battled looked decidedly in the heroes’ favor. Within seconds they had pummeled the creature nearly into submission. But then it magically dominated the mind of Doctor Strange, who was powerless to do anything but aid the Devourer. Strange started healing the creature, giving it the strength to continue fighting. It lashed out with claws, magic and a devastating ethereal touch. Each touch drained an incredible amount of vitality, adding to its own. Thor valiantly Thor deadstepped up to face the Devourer, wreaking havoc with Mjolnir. Yet, thank to Strange’s healing, it wasn’t enough. The Devourer once more reached into the God of Thunder, stealing the last of his health. Thor fell by its feat, but before the Devourer could feast on his soul, Thor vanished in a flash of light. Stunned by his defeat and disappearance, the party rallied to overcome even Strange’s considerable magic to finally slay the Devourer. Superman dealt the felling blow, punching it under the jaw and cracking its skull.

In the midst of the battle, a figure appeared in the summoning circle. Wearing a crystalline Cyclopsvisor, the man who introduced himself as Cyclops stood in confusion. The only person he recognized with Doctor Strange, who tried convincing him that the others were enemies. They denied it, of course, leading to a very conflicted Scott Summers. When the Devourer was finally destroyed, however, the mentally-liberated Strange finally explained the situation and gave Cyclops a run-down on the situation thus far. They explained that many heroes were captured by Doctor Doom, and that some have chosen to aid them. To Summers’ horror, that included Jean Grey – AKA Phoenix. He refused to believe it, and even at the end of the conversation had his hesitations.

With no time to waste, the Pathfinders pressed on. Cyclops demonstrated his power by removing his containing lenses and blasting the nearby doors into oblivion. From the darkness beyond, however, a 4-armed flesh golem fired a hailstorm of arrows. Cyclops, pelted, had to retreat almost instantly. Superman led the charge into the next room, where they engaged the construct. Fortunately the battle went much more smoothly, with the group overwhelming defeating the golem in moments. During the battle, Cyclops contemplated the tactics of the situation and deduced that these creatures were little more than decoys to stall anyone who entered the Academy. They decided to press their advance, moving to a locked door. Iron Woman detected a trap within the doors, but when she attempted to disarm it the fireball device exploded. Superman quickly covered her with his body and cape, shielding her from any injury.

Beside the door was an old shrine to Abraxus, decorated with various Drow markings and decorations. Doctor Strange determined that a prayer to the demon lord was necessary to bypass the doors. He offered Vraxim – who had recently tried to pocket Thor’s helmet and skirted battle – as the honorary tester. The tiefling had little choice, and so reluctantly complied. Instead of simply asking Abraxus to open the doors, he pleaded “Dear Abraxus, please help me in any way you can.” The reply came swiftly, as Vraxim vanished in a tuft of flame and smoke.

He appeared in another room. Unlike the crumbling Academy, this large chamber appeared at the height of Elven beauty. Polished white marble gleamed from the walls, carved in the likeness of dancing and frolicking elves. Along one wall was a gigantic sparkling pool of crystal clear water, behind which stood a gateway made of the purest alabaster, carefully shaped to look like a ring of leaves. In the center of the pool, a comely (and nude) nymph reclined on a tremendous floating leaf, her hair flowing like rainbow-colored streams of paint.

“A visitor?” she asked, intrigued. “Come, lay with me.” She gently patted the leaf beside her, a serene smile across her flawless face. “It is plenty large enough for both.”


Dale: 46,200
Will: 43,200
James: 43,150
Ricardo: 40,750
Caitlin and Sarah:37,150
Hunter: 36,350

Here There Be Dragons
[Pathfinders] - Day 22

VraximAfter a drunken Natasha Stark finally rejoined her comrades, the golem to which they had been speaking destroyed itself in order to activate the Earth Obelisk. Among them was Vraxim the Raven Harper, a Tiefling bard who had been forced into serving the Drow. Liberated from his captors – and fearful for his life – Vrax offered to aid the Pathfinders, and they accepted.

Following the parting advice of the golem – as well as Doctor Strange’s original plan – the group gathered what weapons and supplies they could carry and headed off toward the Vista of Visions near the center of Celwynvian. Choosing to avoid the fighting in the streets, they took to the rooftops. Vraxim had difficulty – falling several times – as did Green Arrow on occasion. Finally they reached their destination. The long avenue sloped up from south to north until reaching an apex, then sloped down to street level again. All along the vista loomed ruined statues, once of exceptional quality, with each displaying an elven figure from history, song, or legend.

Strange instructed the party on how to finalize the city-protection ritual. Splitting up, Vraxim offered leaves to Faustinil the Winemaker’s goblet. Thor offered a sword to Leremi the Watcher, who remained ever-vigilant. When it came time to build a prism for Sadrissil the Many-Hued, the DeadpoolPathfinders turned to Stark. Unfortunately in her drunken delirium, she was distracted by dancing with a hallucinatory Deadpool (who later also stole a chimichanga Stark attempted to lift from an unsuspecting Elf). Finally she became lucid enough to build a small prism which, illuminated by Strange’s magic, bathed Sadrissil in light.

Lastly, the reverence of a lord was needed to placate the visage of Thelissia Seven-Starred, an elven wizard whose research led to many of the arcane defenses that once protected and bolstered Celwynvian. The statue flickered and vanished, revealed to be only an illusion. At its base was an arcane device which launched a beam of bright light into the air – blinding several of the Pathfinders. The beacon spread into a dome of energy, covering Celwynvian.

A wave of energy erupted, mystically blasting the dozens of Dark Elves in the city. Suddenly they fell to the ground, no longer Drow but now aged Elves. The defenses had cleansed the darkness in the Celwynvian Elves, though at a cost. The former Drow writhed in pain and agony, their bodies withered and twitched on the ground. The stunned Meirani Elves eventually moved to assist them.

The dome had another effect: it chased off the green dragon that had terrorized Celwynvian and destroyed Crying Leaf. The spawn of Razorthorne fled into the distance. Unable to let such a beast escape, Thor whirled Mjolnir and took flight in a flash. Iron Woman and Batman took off after him, followed by a reluctant Superman. The others chased after on foot. Thor sped up to the dragon, throwing his warhammer at the back of its head. The dragon responded by turning and unleashing a flurry of bites and claws. Beaten severely, Thor retreated to the safety of Doctor Strange. Superman and Batman arrived to engage the creature, though Batman found himself at a tactical disadvantage. Iron Woman found herself in the same scenario, and when the dragon unleashed several devastating acid-breath attacks, the heroes reeled.

Stark found herself face-to-face with the killer of her beloved Eviana, she shouted at her accuser. “You look much like her,” the dragon replied snidely. “Except she couldn’t fly.” When Stark reminded him of the attack, he said he honestly couldn’t remember much of the assault. “To you the loss of your beloved was the zenith of your life. To me? It was a Tuesday.” Stark, engraged, punch the dragon to no effect. It responded by smacking her toward the ground, nearly destroying her suit. Superman hurried to help the injured Batman and Iron Woman to the ground while Thor continued his assault.

Eventually the ground team arrived. Vraxim bolstered the attacks of the others with song. Black Canary shouted at the dragon, pummeling it with sonic energy. Green Arrow launched a storm of arrows, piercing the dragon repeatedly. For a while the dragon appeared to have the upper hand. With a final breath of acid it vaporized the ghost of Doctor Strange, dispelling him. Just as the dragon turned to leave, Green Arrow let loose one final shot. It pierced under the dragon’s jaw, plunging into it’s brain. The dragon crashed to the ground like a living comet, landing on Thor. The God of Thunder shrugged it off, crawling out from under the carcass.

Unfortunately faced with the loss of their healer, the Pathfinders had no choice but to chase after Archmage Nolveniss. Gathering teeth, blood and other materials from the dragon, the heroes marched back toward Celwynvian.


Dale: 41,900
James: 40,050
Will: 38,000
Thor: 36,550
Caitlin and Sarah:34,050
Hunter: 33,250

The Living Obelisk
[Pathfinders] - Day 22

Overcome with grief over the loss of her beloved Councilor Eviana, Natasha “Mithril Woman” stark wandered off into the city in a haze. Unable to follow and pressed for time, the other TowerruinsPathfinders continued their mission without her. They fought their way through the intensified battle, confronting Drow and avoiding hazards of war as they marched south. Their destination was a large, stone building – the remains of an ancient watchtower.

Once there they spotted several Drow within its thin windows. They fired on the intruders, and both Thor and Superman flew up to confront them. The others rushed the wooden door at the base which – thanks to a devastation shout from Black Canary – exploded into kindling. Doctor Strange floated in invisibly, observing a Drow Mage conversing with a Captain. Unfortunately unable to understand Undercommon, he couldn’t determine what they were saying. Out in the main foyer Batman, Black Canary and Green Arrow engaged a squad of over a dozen Dark Elves who had Drow4made the tower their base of operations. Arrow took out several, while unfortunately Batman took a poisoned crossbow bolt to the knee and fell unconscious. Another insurgent tried to finish off the Dark Knight, but was unable to deal enough damage in a single blow.

Black Canary fell to a flurry of crossbow bolts, and things began to look grim for the heroes. The Drow Mage dismissed Strange’s invisibility, making him a target for the priestly Captain. Arrow had to try to fend off overwhelming numbers. Finally contending with the Drow upstairs, Superman and Thor raced to aid their allies. Superman jumped in the way of another attack aimed at Batman, and blasted the entire room with his heat vision. Thor flew into action, swinging Mighty Mjolnir and devastating Dark Elves left and right. The tables had turned.

While the battle raged, Doctor Strange sought the third Obelisk in his quest to activate Celwynvian’s ancient defenses. He floated through the ground into a subterranean chamber, discovering a colossal stone statue. Up above, as Batman had a premonition in his slumber, the statue suddenly came to life. It opened its dusty eyes, which glowed a faint yellow.

The Pathfinders continued fighting. At last Green Arrow took aim at the powerful mage. Firing two arrows at once, he struck the Drow in each eye. The colliding ammunition exploded, decapitating and destroying the leader immediately. With only one nameless skirmisher left alive, the heroes surrounded him intimidatingly. Green Arrow demanded he talk, and the Drow sang like a canary.

AbraxusHe told them that Archmagus Nolveniss had led a contingent of House Azrinae from the Shadowlands through a portal gate – for which he holds the only key. Nolveniss was trying to summon a demon god known as Abraxus, though even his followers doubted the existence of the ancient deity. Abraxus is also a plural term, leading some to believe it is a group of entities – rather than a single god. Undetered, Noveniss seeks to call upon his master and thus be spared his wrath when he arrives to destroy all light in the realm.

Just as Strange arrives to heal the wounded combatants, a panel in the center of the room opens. The stone sentinel rises from below like a missile from a silo, looking down at the intruders before him…


Dale: 39,150
James: 37,300
Will: 34,250
Thor: 32,750
Caitlin 31,300
Sarah and Hunter: 31,250


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