New Latveria

The Asylum Stone - The Waiting Game

Day 58

The Acolytes, upon finding out that the Augurs have closed for business because of some internal Kaer maga1Kaer Maga dispute, have decided on staying Kaer Maga to work on the flying ship, The Palamino. While doing so, Maggott and Caladrel help out the Freemen of the Bottoms, developing a close relationship with them and also going on several covert missions freeing slaves.Fluffy love. Meanwhile Rogue, Poison Ivy and Deathstroke maintain a close eye on fixing the Palamino, adding their own touches to it, and develop a close relationship with Gadka Burtannon. Deathstroke also crafts some pistols and begins teaching the Palamino crew to use them. Poison Ivy initiated the “green initiative”, creating green spaces in the core of Kaer Maga. Deathstroke and Doomsday work with the Duskwardens in clearing out the Halflight Path. Harald spends time in Ankar-Te with Horus Ilaktya and Thoth spends his time investigating the mysteries of bloatmages. In a fire that was burning its way through the Warrens, Doomsday saves a kitten in which he calls George. Doomsday’s hard rock exterior and multiple resistances were no match for the kitten’s immense cuteness. After a few weeks, The Acolytes receive a message to meet Vargun, an Augur, in the Sorry Excuse.


Candice: 56492
Allan: 56492
John: 51992
Chris: 55413
Dianna: 44392
Brandon: 39892
Gary: 39892


Scrolling through pictures of kittens was hazardous to my health


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