New Latveria

The Asylum Stone - Hopping Mad

[Acolytes] - Day 31

Before the Acolytes left Magnimar for their journey to Kaer Maga, They were called into the mayor’s office. In a seemingly “unrelated note”, the shop of Mortimer Pug had burnt down revealing a hidden basement. In this basement was some plans under the codename “Goldmidget”, Mayor wanted the Acolytes to collect the items that Pug wanted collected and in exchange he’ll hand the deed of “The Golden Ox and the Grunt” to them. After agreeing to this, the Acolytes set off with their trip Kaer Maga.
The trip took them down the Yondabakari, a storm began brewing. After a few of the Acolytes woke up, they noticed the ship was flying low. After questioning the Captain, it was revealed that lightning could hit the engine and that flying low was their safest bet. After passing the town of Wartle, the Palamino was struck by a ballista bolt attached to some rope. The ship lurched to one side as another ballista bolt hit the other side and pulled it back, pulling it down closer to the water. Doomsday and Maggott ran down to the bottom of the ship and began hammering out each bolt. Just then the sound of grappling hooks hit the top deck and Tug, Poison Ivy, Deathstroke and Caladrel went to the top deck to meet the new invaders.
BoggardThe Boggards with their bulbous eyes glare at the Acolytes from atop the creature’s decidedly toad-like head. Deathstroke shoots at one injuring it. Then two boggards shoot their tongues at Deathstroke and Ivy missing both of them. Doomsday hammers at the bolt moving it slightly. Tug hits one of the boggards knocking it off the boat. Poison Ivy puts three of them to sleep before Maggott takes one big swing at the ballista bolt knocking it free of the ship. The ship lurches knocking several acolytes and boggards over, one unfortunate boggard was knocked overboard. More boggards who managed to hold onto the grappling hooks managed to get on to the deck. Poison Ivy cut one of the ropes sending boggard falling to the swamp below. Deathstroke shoots again, killing one boggard and injuring another. The boggards try to attack Tug failing to penetrate his armor. Caladrel gets up from falling and attacks another boggard.
KrugulkDoomsday takes another swing at the bolt and knocks it free. He then moves up the stair just as the ship rights itself. A few more people fall over and the jostle wakes up some of the boggards. Maggott unable to get past the massive Doomsday, swings his sword at a spot just below a boggard cutting up the boggard from below but also creating a hole to which a dead boggard and wood planks fell on top of him.
Giant dragonflyJust then four giant dragonflies move in to attack the Acolytes. Tug grabs one of the Boggards and drops him off the side of the ship. Ivy and another boggard begin fighting. A giant dragonfly flies in and picks up Caladrel and takes her off the ship. Other dragonflies attack Tug, Deathstroke and Poison Ivy missing them. Doomsday goes to swing at a boggard only to step into the hole created by Maggott, falling on the dead toad and Maggott. Frustrated, Maggott pushes the bodies off him to run back up the stairs and take a swing at a giant dragonfly only to missing and fall into the same hole. Doomsday manages to roll out of the way of the falling Maggott. Tug grabs one of the giant dragonflies and begins crushing it. Caladrel stops the dragonfly from carrying her away by mesmerizing it. A giant dragonfly charges Deathstroke only to miss and hit a tree. Deathstroke commands the captain to turn around and get Caladrel. Deathstroke then grabs a grappling hook and throws it at Caladrel just missing her. Doomsday runs up the tearing a boggard in half. Maggott also runs upstairs, grabs a grappling hook and throws it to Caladrel in which they carefully pull her towards them. The mesmerized giant dragonfly was then torn apart. Doomsday killed the last boggard and Tug crushed the life out of the last dragonfly.
After healing, the Acolytes prepared for the next part of the journey. As they passed the weird haunting melodies of Whistle down, the sky cleared allowing them to fly higher and more directly to Kaer Maga. After passing the town of Biston, the captain tells the Acolytes that there isn’t much fuel left to run the Palamino and the closest place is Kaer Maga which luckily is just when they’d run out of fuel. The Palamino low on fuel arrives at the bottom of the great cataracts that come pouring down the Storval Rise, a thousand-foot-tall cliff face that slices Varisia nearly in half and separate the fertile lowlands from the rough and craggy Storval Plateau. The ship moors to one of the piers alongside several other ships that have traveled up the Yondabakari. Once on foot, most of the travelers head east but the Captain points to the smaller less traveled road stating that it is faster route through the Halflight Path.
The trail soon terminates in a open field nestled up against the cliff face. Several corrals, hitching posts, and other amenities stand in a rough circle, and a small group of traveling merchants sit queued up in a line at the clearing’s edge. In the center of the clearing, a huge set of bronze double doors stands embedded in the rock face, the portals embossed with strange runes. The runes are in no known language, and anyone who stares for more than a moment at the door discovers that apparently simple construction plays tricks on the eyes.
There are authoritative-looking figures dressed in brown and gray uniforms with a sigil on the right breast – a golden arch against a midnight blue background. After a few minutes of waiting, one of the duskwardens approaches the Acolytes.
AbraHe is about 30 years old, with a thick brown beard and hard but handsome features, he introduces himself as Abra Lopati, a member of the Duskwardens. He shakes the Acolytes hands informing them that they looks like the type of people who could pull their weight on a journey like this. He then waves over some more people waiting in line – a fat merchant named Bolgar and his strapping but dull- looking teenage sons, Tuggus and Marl. Once the family has hauled it’s cart of trade goods over, Abra explains that the price is 2gp each for the Acolytes and 250gp for the merchant family, much to the family’s chagrin, seeing that cart is large and will slow the group down. Abra also explains that there will be absolute silence when Abra signals for it. He then hands each person a small crystal which he calls a halflight charm. The crystals glow as bright as a torch and in case of emergencies, it be used to call for help. After everyone puts on the charm they walk through the Twisted Door.
Beyond the Twisted Door, the Halflight path is a roughly 15-foot-wide by 15-foot-tall tunnel that winds up through the cliff. It starts off as a natural looking cave, in places it has crude pictographs or is sometimes decorated with elaborately carved pillars and frescoes. Along the journey, Abra explains the various jobs and duties performed by the Duskwardens. He then goes on about his late wife, another duskwarden who had lost her head to the Dark Rider and his hopes for one day getting his revenge.
The group passes an archway in which had been crudely bricked up, with many of the bricks broken or sticking out at right angles. Abra turns to the brickwork and mutters, “That isn’t right.” Before the bricks explode outward as a trio of slithering horrors come barreling through. The acolytes recognize the horrors as Seugathis, a creature they had previously met in the Lady’s Light.
SeugathiThe Acolytes fight the Seugathi’s with relative ease as Tug took most of the damage and blocked the Archway while some of the Acolytes stands back firing upon the Seugathis. A few of the Acolytes stay in close quarters with the Seugathi to prevent any from getting through. Caladrel’s singing helping the party from becoming insane from the Seugathi’s aura.
After the Seugathi’s are dispatched. Caladrel heas those who were injured and they continue on their journey. Some of the Acolytes were curious about exploring further into the archway but Abra and the merchant argues against it. Abra states that its best they get to the other end so he can get the rest of the Duskwardens to investigate and close it up.
The Halflight path terminates in a stone bunker just outside the city, near the district called the Warren. Abra recovers the halflight charm from the travelers and the merchant family, now angry, take off for the city at a run, shouting insults over their shoulder.
Before the Acolytes leave, Abra takes them aside to thank them personally for their assistance in fighting the Seugathis, praising their skills. To Caladrel, he hands a Greater Halflight Charm, instructing her how to use it. He also mentions that it is best to find a guide to this city.
The Warrens, a many-storied shantytown of rickety scaffolding and makeshift shacks, is home to a constant stream traffic in and out of the city. The Acolytes are quickly swarmed by mobs of local children offering themselves as guides. They manage to keep the guides from picking their pockets. One guide, however, immediately distinguishes himself by locking eyes with the Acolytes and hailing them as Doom’s Acolytes, saviors and heroes. The guide is about 16 years old, skinny and wears ragged clothes, yet carries himself with a confidence his compatriots recognize, getting out of his way and leaving the Acolytes to him. He introduces himself as Gav Nahli, the best guide in the city and for only a reasonable price of 5gp a day. After some quick “negotiation”, he agrees on being their guide for 3 gp per day. Gav quickly explains the layout of the city. The Acolytes ask about refueling their ship which Gav recommend Gadka at the corner of Fever Street and Half-a-Chicken Walk. The Acolytes work out with Gadka what needs to be done. The Acolytes also ask if they can get home. Confused, Gav asks where in particular. The Acolytes explain to him where they’re from. The Guide recommends trying the Therassic Spire but seeing how they haven’t been open for days. He then recommends asking the Augurs.
Tired the Acolytes ask about places for lodgings. Gav recommends a few but when Caladrel asks about places of worship for her god, Cayden Cailean, he immediately recommends The Bottoms and states that for some free healing, The people of the Bottoms will offer both free drink and lodgings.
After leaving a severed hand in the Downmarket area, the Acolytes head to The Bottoms.


Candice: 48492
Allan: 48492
John: 43992
Chris: 47413
Dianna: 36392
Brandon: 31892
Gary: 31892



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