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Taken - A Magnimar Story

[Acolytes] - Day 21

A few of the Acolytes awaken late morning to the sounds of the Magnimar Docks. Maggott and Caladrel stumble out into the Palamino’s kitchen, “blessed” with the challenge that their god, Cayden Cailean. After rummaging through the pantry, Maggott produces a bottle of whiskey.
“By drinking this grog, I’m saved by the hair of the dog.” He yells before slamming the contents down his throat. Maggott then hands the bottle to Caladrel who responds “Aye” before doing the same.
After a few moments pass as they gather themselves, Caladrel lifts her head to find a piece of paper stuck to it. Maggott reaches for the paper, removing it from her head.
Deathstroke walks in. “You two and your love letters.”
“If this is a love letter, I’d be moving to a different neighborhood.” Replied Maggott as he hands it to Deathstroke.
Deathstroke reads the note. “Shit.”
Ivy is laying on the top deck of the Palamino. Her green skin glistening beside her Leaf Armor as she takes in the sun.
Just as Deathstroke, Maggott and Caladrel open up the door, Doomsday steps in front of the door, roaring at them.
“Hold it, Doomsday. They’re useful. Just give me a moment while I slip this back on.” Said Poison Ivy.
Doomsday glares at the other Acolytes.
“What’s this about?” said Deathstroke.
“I gave him permission to kill anyone who gets a sneaky peek as I’m sunbathing. As I’m sure you’re aware, he likes killing.” Said Ivy as looks around the hulking figure that is Doomsday. “By the way, we need another crew member.”
“You need to look at this.” Said Deathstroke as he hands the piece of paper to Ivy.
Ivy reads the note. “So what? They’ve been kidnapped. Good Riddance to them.”
“That’s what I said.” Said Caladrel and Maggott in unison. They look at each and high-five.
“It’s not so good that they’ve been kidnapped along with the shards. The only one we’ve found is the one that Sabretooth had in his room.” Responded Deathstroke.
“We found this too.” Said Maggott, producing a spiked bracer with blood on it and a strange shark-like marking.
“Well, let’s get the four of them.”

The Acolytes leave the Palamino and make their way down to Beacon’s Point to a place called The Golden Ox and the Grunt. Caladrel’s initial entrance into the bar was well received but when Doomday and Maggott entered the Bar went quiet.
Spiked warriorThe bar had 6 Dwarven Barbarians, one behind the bar, one at the bar, 2 seated to the left and 2 in the back corner holding down a very nervous half elf. A Few of the Acolytes notice a giant’s head hanging over the bar. A sign that those who are tall would not be welcome here. They also notice that one of the barbarian is missing a spiked bracer. As they start questioning one another, accusations fly making the tension in the bar worse. The half elf pipes up saying that he knows what the marking on it is. A Dwarven Barbarian quickly shuts him up by slapping him in the face, the rest of the dwarves pull out their weapons and prepare to charge. The fight breaks out with Ivy’s plant transforming from a puffball to a vine crushing one of the dwarfs. Deathstroke starts shooting at the barbarians as one of the barbarians leap up on the bar to swing at Doomsday and falls over. Doomsday swings at the prone barbarian only to caught and flipped over the bar by the dwarf’s surprising strength. Maggott moves in to contain the 2 dwarfs on the left, finding them spryer than he had anticipated. Tug grapples one of the barbarians finding its spiked armor unpleasant. Just as the barbarian escapes Tug’s grasp, Deathstroke fires a shot that blow its teammate’s brain all over the wall. Tug then slams one barbarian against the wall killing him. Doomsday manages to cut another in half. Deathstroke intimidates another that starts to freak out. Maggott manages to kill another before starting to feel weak from the damage he has accumulated. Caladrel heals Maggott giving him enough strength to continue. Doomsday comes over and kills the second last barbarian. The scared dwarf starts to run for the door dodging Maggott and Doomsday before being knocked out by Ivy just at the door entrance.
When the barbarian wakes up he finds himself upside down facing the Acolytes. Tug is holding him up. From the information they gathered, they find out that someone has offered local gangs a chance to make 6000gp if they manage to take down the Acolytes before the barbarian passes out.
KelThe halfelf, calling himself Len, explains that the marking on the bracer belongs to an unimaginative local smuggling gang called The Sharks and where they can find them. He also explains that his local thieves’ guild needs helps placing a severed hand in a public place in Kaer Maga and will pay the acolytes back upon return. After “pressure from Ivy, the half elf agrees to show the Acolytes to The Sharks location.
The acolytes are guided to a warehouse on the docks of Beacon’s Point upon which Len quickly escapes wishing them good luck as he turns a corner. The Acolytes sneak up to the warehouse with Tug turning into a puffball and going through an open window.
RangerTug relays to Ivy that there are 5 people with long swords and hand axes and 3 with tridents banging on drums. Also in the room are 4 cages, holding Gambit, Rogue, Thoth and Harald, dressed down to their underpants and not moving very much.
Deathstroke sneaks around to a side door and readies himself. At Ivy’s cue, Tug transforms again into a large vine falling on top of an unsuspecting ranger and knocking him to the ground. Deathstroke bursts through the side the door and headshots the nearest drummer, killing him instantly. The rest of the acolytes come through the main door. Ivy bringing a wooden box to life and making it kill the unfortunate creature inside of it. Caladrel summons a crocodile which moves in to attack the other members of the shark gang. Gambit manages to wake up from his delirium and starts to pick the lock on his cage.
Wereshark pirateThe two remaining drummer pick up their tridents and transform into weresharks. Two other gang members charge Maggott and the crocodile with one of them falling head first into the crocodile’s mouth but surviving. Another member attacks Doomsday while the one next to him attacks the bloody box. Tug begins constricting a gang member and Doomsday is poisoned from an attack. Deathstroke engages another wereshark and Gambit finally manages to escape his cage tripping one of the weresharks over. Maggott cuts a gang member in half and the other finally escapes the crocodile only to slip and fall back into its mouth, killing him.
TrollAt that moment, two Two-headed trolls burst out of their crates to attack everything in sight. Tug crushes a member to begin moving toward the Two-headed Troll. Doomsday kills another member. Deathstroke kills a wereshark and severely injures the other. One gang member is left finally defeating the bloody box to turn around and notice that his friends are all dead and he attacks Doomsday, poisoning him. A Two-headed Troll attacks Doomsday severely injuring him. Maggot attacks the other Two-headed Troll but the Troll manages to squash the crocodile. The half-naked Gambit manages to blind the Two-headed Troll. The Troll starts to flail hitting Gambit and knocking him back. Deathstroke kills the last wereshark. Doomsday kills the last gang member and Caladrel heals Doomsday before he collapses. Tug attacks a Two-headed Troll and they manage to kill it. Maggott manages to kill the last troll leaving the party wounded and tired.
MorgamerThe Acolytes meet Morgamer Pug, the Halfling who put the price on their head, as he comes out of a room high up in the warehouse. Upon explaining his actions, he offers the Acolytes 6000gp if they collect certain items from Kaer Maga. Feeling cheated by the offer, Ivy tries to negotiate for a higher price. Pug refuses angering the Acolytes. Professing their plot for revenge against the Halfling, they begin to burn down the warehouse as he escapes. After they get out of the warehouse, they help contain the fire only to the one warehouse and explain to authorities that they saves the docks here from an attack by the pathfinder terrorists.



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