New Latveria

Plaza de Chaos

[Pathfinders] - 58

After several weeks of research and gathering information, the Pathfinders set about their daily routines in Kaer Maga. Iron Woman and Hyourinmaru set off for the Tarheel Promenade district, while the others gathered in the Cavalcade. Doctor Strange, Nightwing and Green Arrow exited a central market into a lush plaza – recently terraformed by Poison Ivy herself. They soon realized that Ivy and Doomsday were in the plaza as well. They did their best to avoid them, slipping into the crowd and walking around them. Deathstroke watched from the side, under the protection of a Ring of Invisibility. As the Pathfinders peacefully prepared to slip away, Deathstroke shouted “It’s the Pathfinders, the wanted criminals!” The citizens looked around in confusion and concern, but had no idea who the Pathfinders would be among them.

Suddenly an even greater commotion ensued. Summoned from the central fountain, a massive scorpion-like construct called a Skull Ripper emerged and crushed several civilians. It immediately grabbed the unsuspecting Poison Ivy in its giant pincer, crushing her instantly. Doomsday and Ivy’s pet Tug tried to attack the creature but could do little damage. The Pathfinders, in an effort to keep the peace, joined in as well.

Controlling the Ripper was a powerful demon, sent by the dark god Ravagog as vengeance against Doctor Strange. The demon tried to attack Strange several times, but miraculously Strange managed to resist at the last moments. Deathstroke jumped on the Ripper’s back, but found himself grabbed as well. Arrow could do little against the demon, but sent over a dozen shots into the Ripper. Finally Tug reared up and slammed into the center of what would normally be the Ripper’s head. The creature crumpled and succumbed to its wounds.

All turning to the Demon, Nightwing gathered his courage and charged the demon. The demon raised its hand and blasted Nightwing with a powerful spell, disintegrating him instantly. The Pathfinders looked on in anger and shock while the Acolytes took it as further incentive to leave. Doomsday, though, was too infuriated to back off. He rushed the demon, swinging wildly but having no effect on his ethereal form.

The situation looking dire, Green Arrow shouted into the sky for Superman – who had been flying about looking for Iron Woman. Superman descended and faced the demon, but Doomsday rushed to attack his old foe as well. Strange rushed in to assist, and the two fought back-to-back. Poison Ivy shouted out to Doomsday, tricking him into following by using his cat George as an alibi. Doomsday rushed over and Deathstroke shouted to the sky as well – this time for Doctor Doom.

Doom arrived nearly instantly. Eager to protect his minions and investments, he vaporized the demon with a single blast from his armor. Superman moved toward his remaining adversary, but Doom intimidated him into backing off.

Wounded and a man down, the Pathfinders gathered up and retreated.

The Acolytes remained behind, plotting and reacquainting with Doctor Doom.


Dale: 72,700
Will: 71,700
James: 70,200
Sarah: 66,050
Ricardo: 65,300
Hunter: 57,550
Caitlin: 53,250



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