New Latveria

Girl On Fire

[Pathfinders] - Day 66

As the Pathfinders rested from their brutal battle, Superman and Batman determined that the Guiltspur spire they were headed toward was composed of irradiated Abysium. The radioactive metal would prove detrimental or potentially fatal to Superman and so, rather than be a burden to his teammates, decided not to continue with the exploration into its depths.

Instead he flew to Magnimar, where he recruited the assistance of Captain America. The Avenger took command of the group, overseeing their recovery through the night and leading the charge against the Giants in the morning. Flash – hasted and hidden by magic – rushed up to the Giant’s central building, only to immediately fall into a pit trap. The others hurried to help him as several giants emerged. They swung with powerful clubs, dealing massive damage to Iron Woman and Doctor Strange. Captain America held his own against the giants, even protecting Strange for a time, but was soon overwhelmed as well.

After Iron Woman also fell into a trap, Flash rapidly dashed out and rejoined the fight. Hyourinmaru flew above with magic, unleashing devastating barrages of ice and lightning spells. Soon the giants fell to the rallying heroes, who briefly healed themselves before continuing.

Inside the Great Hall, the wooden walls were adorned with dozens of trophies, some of which seemed to be still alive judging by their feeble twitchings and cries. The majority of the trophies were animals-bears, aurochs, giant lizards, and a few monsters-but here and there hung the mutilated bodies of orcs or humans. A great fire pit lied in the room’s center, forming a layer of smoke near the ceiling some fifty feet above, while additional torches guttering on the walls only added to the room’s foul scents. Suspiciously familiar meat roasted slowly over the central fire, while a balcony twenty-five feet above the eastern half of the room looked out over the hall.

Against the railing of the balcony stood General Stom, an intimidating Fire Giant with a dubious proposal. She offered to take her clan of giants and leave Guiltspur without a fuss if they would defeat her rival, Chieftain Jubbek, in the caverns below. She even offered gold as incentive. While some in the group seriously considered her offer, the adamantly honorable Captain America merely threw the blood money back at her.

Angered, Stom invited Flash – who had made an ill-timed cat-call at her – to join her on the balcony. As he zipped up there, however, she attacked with her powerful spiked warhammer. Flash narrowly escaped with his life as the others gathered against Stom and her two minions. Captain and a healed Flash engaged them in melee, while Hyourinmaru and Iron Woman blasted Stom with magical blasts. Iron Woman dealt the final blow; two concussive repulsor blasts to the chest. Stom fell hard, followed by her giant subordinates.

Taking a slight breather, Iron Woman scanned the area and detected more evil presences. The Pathfinders gathered a few supplies from the fallen giants and vacant store rooms before preparing for battle once again.


Dale: 100,320
James: 100,220
Ricardo: 94,820
Sarah: 89,370
Will: 83,520
Hunter: 74,050
Caitlin: 72,850



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