New Latveria

Dead Space

[Pathfinders] - Day 72

The assembled Pathfinders gathered aboard the Watchtower to discuss the fate of their recent captive, Loki. Those who knew him didn’t trust him, and those who didn’t considered his help in finding the leaders of the Drow entrenched on the moon.

“It seems you’ll need some help if you want to stop him from entering this world completely," Loki suggested to the group. "Someone who has seen the structures of Moonscar and arrived at such a beneficial moment to aid you.” Loki spoke softly, Dove close and ready to disable him should he try anything. He remained bound and his head was bowed in contrition. “Of course, I can always go back to my cell and imagine the fires of the world burning if you’d like.”

As most of the heroes returned to duty on Golarion, a handful remained behind to plan their assault on the Moonscar. Before they could finish, however, a loud explosion rocked the space station. Alarms blared and Batman announced the arrival of numerous unwanted guests. Soon these intruders appeared – vicious spacefaring plant creatures called Mi-Go. The Mi-Go seeped in through the solid walls of the station, surrounding the outnumbered Pathfinders.

Several Mi-Go surrounded Hyourinmaru and attacked with their razor-sharp pincers. Others faced off against Superman, Flash and Batman. With Hyourinmaru taking heavy injuries and doing his best, lashing back with draconic claws and fangs, new recruit Dove hurried over to heal his injuries. Iron Woman reluctantly gave Loki his scepter back as they too joined the fray.

When two of the Mi-Go knocked out Batman, even more rushed into the room and crowded the Pathfinders. Hyourinmaru continued to face the foes as well as possible. Iron Woman, while constantly grappled by the plant-things, struggled to feel very effective against them. Superman and Flash, however, fared better. Fighting side-by-side they pummeled two of the creatures into submission. Later Superman joined the others and unleashed a powerful blast of ionized heat energy, burning through a large wave like acid.

As the group tended to the remainders, a dire warning came across the PA system: “Self Destruct: Initiated. T-Minus two minutes and counting.” Wasting no time, Flash dashed off around the group and took the lift into the lower-level Engineering Bay. There he came face-to-face with a second wave of invaders – Drow-designed cyborgs called Damascene Drow. The Damascene Drow opened fire, all missing the scarlet speedster. Rather than run away he heard the sounds of a struggle nearby and decided to investigate.

In the next room, Flash found Natasha Stark’s protege Aar’ya being slapped around by one of the Damascenes. He swung and punched the machine, but broke his knuckle against its solid head. Aar’ya, though severely wounded, bravely jumped on the robots back and hung on for dear life. Flash struggled to recuperate before rejoining the fight.

Meanwhile the rest of the team had made it downstairs. Superman once again unleashed a devastating blast of fire energy, nearly destroying most of the Damascenes. The others took turns attacking as well, corralled and pinned down inside the lift. Eventually they destroyed the mechanical army and moved to the security door in an attempt to stop the self-destruct timer.

After Flash rescued Aar’ya – and received her thanks – he decided to check out a disturbance in the artillery room he has spotted earlier. As he opened the door, however, he revealed that the room had been blown open. The vacuum-sealed room erupted, nearly pulling Flash into space instantly. Others slid across the door as well, rolling and falling toward the vacuum.

Superman flew over in a blur, quickly grabbing onto Flash’s hand. As he strained to pull him in, Iron Woman toppled backward and collided into them. With magical help from Hyourinmaru, Superman found the strength to hold onto his Justice-League teammate. Flash was finally able to climb up to safety, but Iron Woman flew out behind him. Superman grabbed onto her, saving her from the void of space. Fortunately, as things seemed most dire, the emergency systems of the Watchtower reset its protocols. The force-field disabled in the blast returned, sealing the area and ceasing the vacuum. The locked security door also opened, and the self-destruct timer deactivated.

Loki quickly rushed into the security room at the same time, coming face-to-face with an imposing, metallic figure. It was an Inevitable, a lawful and interdimensional being that generally only arrived in the Material World to rectify a shift in cosmic balance. The Inevitable kicked Loki out of the way, turning to face the Pathfinders – battered and exhausted – who contemplated their next move…



Ricardo: 150,500
Dale: 150,020
Sarah: 138,850
Will: 131,900
James: 126,800
Caitlin: 81,850
Hunter: 81,250



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