New Latveria

Dark of the Moon - Pt. I

[Pathfinders] - Day 74

After recovering from the attack on the watchtower, the Pathfinders decided to split forces. One would venture to Somal, the planet’s moon, while the other would try to locate and delay Galactus – who had recently arrived planetside. The primary group – led by Loki – dressed as Asgardians and flew in Stark’s magical bottle-ship to the moon’s surface.

Descending into a chasm near the southern pole, the vessel docked in an entryway guarded by half-fiends and demons. One particularly terrifying demon marched up to face the intruders, proving strong-willed against even the silver-tongued Loki. He demanded the good-aligned “Asgardians” – which included everyone except Loki – to remain in the ship. Loki decided to scout ahead alone, searching for the back-entrance to Allevrah Azrinae’s mystic sanctum.

To do so, he needed to first enter the opulent harem of the Vampire Mistress Euphrixia. At the entrance to the perfumed building stood two nude Alu-Demons. The pink-skinned and pointy-eared beauties enticed Loki to join in their revelry. Though he tried to talk his way out of it, the demons turned the tables and magically charmed him into participating. Just as Loki got down to business, he realized the churning and writhing mob was little more than an collective of bodies, which grabbed and ripped at him instantly. Loki took considerable damage, pulled to the floor by the masses. He tried to cast spells that would free himself but was unable – especially when the “offended” Alu-demons returned and attacked him as well.

Just as things looked most grim, the matron Euphrixia entered and dismissed the demons. Apologizing for their rough welcome, she healed Loki’s wounds and invited him for a chat. Loki asked for her to pull some strings for his companions, and let them enter the Moonscar. She agreed, under the condition that one of his cohorts be willing to “appease” her Alu-demons, who have been starved for physical attention as all their other play-things have died. Using her damage resilience and penchant for nude women as reasons, Loki asked Iron Woman to take one – two, rather – for the team. Stark reluctantly agreed, spending half and hour ensuring the Alu-demons wouldn’t walk straight for some time.

Their business over, the Pathfinders were at last allowed in. Euphrixia escorted the group into a secret chamber beneath her lair, which would eventually lead to Azrinae. Into the lightless cavern below, the Pathfinders didn’t get far before they were attacked by vicious creatures. Three tentacled, worm-like somalcygots lashed out with wrenching tentacles and acidic jaws. They blind-sided Loki and Flash, who suffered heavy damage. Superman rushed to their aid, taking the attacks for them – immediately grappled and repeatedly shredded by the monsters. Fortunately his incredible durability kept him alive. The others gathers together, trading spells and blows until finally – after an intense and lengthy battle – they finally destroyed two of the creatures. The third, alone and defenseless, ran off.

Deciding not to pursue the survivor, the Pathfinders headed into the next rooms – first a ravaged ancient library, and then a torture chamber. While Loki tried to get everyone to keep moving, some decided to investigate the bodies left bound and dangling in the pit of pain. Among them was what appeared to be an aasimar, a celestial woman bound and beaten to near-death. Seeing her still breathing, Hyourinmaru flew her aid – only to be snatched by a living trap in the floor. The tongue-shaped trigger lashed out at Iron Woman and Loki, swallowing them as well. As Flash and Superman looked on helplessly, Hyourinmaru quickly expended energy to gain insight on an unfamiliar spell – one that allowed him to possess the trap. Controlling it long enough to rescue the torture victim, the Pathfinders quickly cleared the area.

Once free of the trap, the woman’s identity was finally revealed. It was none other than Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, somehow transported to this world and subsequently tortured by the demonic residents therein. As the group healed the warrior princess, she finally became coherent enough to recognize and speak to her rescuers.



Dale: 163,820
Ricardo: 163,300
Sarah: 151,350
Will: 144,400
James: 141,100
Caitlin: 94,550



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