New Latveria

Big Trouble in Little Kaer Maga

Acolytes - Day 59

Eating at a food cart they found in Cavalcades, Maggot, Caladrel and Harald spot the shiny Ironwoman walking with the mysterious Hyourinmaru. After Maggott waved at them, Ironwoman quickly informs Hyourinmaru that the individuals eating across from them were in fact the Acolytes, the jailors who kept them locked up in Tartarus Island.
Skull ripperFearing recapture, they quickly dart off down the nearest dark alley only to be face to face with a giant headless scorpion- like thing of blackened bone and chitin with its two pincers snapping ominously. A long, grisly tail composed of dozens of chattering skulls arches up over its back. Some of the skulls are ancient and bleached white, while others are recent trophies still shrouded in rotting cheeks, their jellied eyes rolling madly in their sockets. A curved bony tip protrudes from the last skull of its tail, its deadly point smeared with poison. Ironwoman identifies it as a Skull Ripper. Before they could react, the scorpion it scuttles up to Hyourinmaru grabbing him in one of its large pincers. Nearby Pedestrians scream and fall over each other trying to get away. One person tries to run past Harald but ends up being cut in half by the undead Viking. Maggott berates Harald for his irresponsible action. Harald and Maggott run up to the scorpion cutting into it. Ironwoman begins blasting the scorpion. Caladrel inspires the group with her music. Hyourinmaru begins getting crushed as Caladrel heals him. The Skull Ripper is eventually killed but as they begin to talk to one, another Skull Ripper tears through the factory doors to their right and then another one tears through the factory doors behind them and to the left.
Hyourinmaru plunges his sword into the dead Skull Ripper’s stinger coating his sword in poison. One Skull Ripper rushes Ironwoman trapping her in its pincer crushing her. The other Skull Ripper charges Maggott trying to capture him as well but Maggott grows to a larger size making it hard to do so. Zombies also pour out of the factories. The fearsome image makes Harald and Maggott run from them. Hyourinmaru flies above casting ice shards on the Skull Rippers. Feeling her suit begin to crack, Ironwoman starts cursing at the Skull Ripper and blasts it right in the center causing massive damage to its blackened carapace. Infuriated the Skull Ripper begins focusing all of its attention on Ironwoman. Getting their composure back, Harald charges cutting down a few Zombies in his way while Maggott manages to cut down some himself. A Skull Ripper kits Maggott with its stinger causing Maggott to slow but it wasn’t enough, Maggott tears through the rest of the zombies and tears the Skull Ripper in twain.Blog260313 iron Hyourinmaru destroys 4 zombies with a hail of ice. Harald, Hyourinmaru and Maggott take down the last Skull Ripper but not Ironwoman’s suit is destroyed. Caladrel heals the group as they begin talking, the battle forming bonds between the unlikely allies.
Caladrel invites them to the Bottoms for free drinks and rest. Ironwoman happily agrees ready to drown her sorrows of another lost suit while Hyourinmaru reluctantly agrees to tag along. After a couple of hours of drinking except for Hyourinmaru who refrains from drinking, Hyourinmaru wonders loudly about the factories where the creature came from. In drunken curiousity, the rest tag along. Stumbling back to one of the factories, they notice a large hole in the middle of it.
Harald leaps down to the bottom of hole with reckless abandon and lands in front of two Mohrgs.Mohrg by prodigyduck d5ph31r Its thick tangle of discolored entrails clings to the lurching skeletons’ torso and winds upward to loll from their jaws like a clawed tongue. They immediately attack Harald who finds himself stuck in a hole with these 2 creatures. Maggott, Caladrel and Ironwoman decide that this was actually a silly idea and begin to head back to the pub. Hyourinmaru pleads with them to stay and help Harald. Hyourinmaru then buffs Harald with his spells as Harald attacks back. Reluctantly, they return.Hyourinmaru6 Maggott leaping into the hole landing on top of one of the Mohrgs and kills it. Ironwoman lands in the hole and fires at the other Mohrg. Harald then kills and they decide to return to the pub except for Hyourinmaru who has no interest in drinking until the early morning. The Duskwardens arrive to clean up the mess.


Candice: 62692
Allan: 62692
Chris: 61613
John: 59792
Brandon: 47692
Dianna: 44392
Gary: 39892



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