New Latveria

Adventure Log
Tales from the Rift

Doom1Earth-616. Doctor Victor Von Doom, considered by many to be the most dangerous supervillain in the world, mysteriously disappeared months ago. While some welcomed the peace and quiet, others grew concerned. Doom never disappears unless he has a plan. Soon others began to vanish as well – only these weren’t villains.

In truth, Doom discovered an alternate dimension while searching for the parallel reality called Earth One. This realm was a medieval land of sword and sorcery, populated by feudal patrons and terrorized by monsters. Initially Doom found his power greatly diminished upon arriving in the realm – which the locals called Golarion – with scarcely more strength than an average mortal. He quickly sought to regain his power, forever, and brought the antiquated citizens under his control. Rebuilding Castle Doomstadt as his base of operations and renaming the world New Latveria, Doom eventually became is undisputed ruler.

Recalling his weakened state upon arrival, Doom devised a devious plan. He sent his Doombot constructs to Earth-616, Earth One and other dimensions and with overwhelming force targeted its heroes. Some fell quickly, while others survived – and still others agreed to serve him in order to be spared his wrath. Doom declared an ultimatum to the heroes: “Your defeat is inevitable. To all who serve, you will not only be spared – but rewarded for your service. Your homes and families will come to no harm, and you will be returned to them once our plan comes to fruition. Yet know that betrayal comes at the ultimate cost.” Fearing for the lives of loved ones, some begrudgingly volunteered while others will subdued by force.

Intro1Over the following weeks, Doombots captured dozens of heroes from the various realms. Each found themselves in one of New Latveria’s dungeons. Magical chains sapped what little strength they had left upon awakening, and even the once-mightiest superheroes were brought to their knees. None fully know Doom’s plan, but the fact that these realms are being emptied of any opposition to Doom is unsettling at best. The weakened heroes have had little time to piece together information from the guards, and most simply wait for their moment to act.

That moment comes with a new arrival. The guard secures the door as usual, but one of the chains is loose. No longer bound by mystic shackles, one hero kindles the hope of escape…
Damp dungeon2


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