New Latveria

The Conquering of the Crow


Hoard The Acolytes awoke the next morning fully relaxed and rested. Thoth and Sabertooth decided to stay behind and guard the rear while the rest of the group advanced within the Crow. Moving to the next floor the Acolytes noticed signs of habitation to the north of the large room they found themselves in. Harald and Dark Phoenix, however wanted to scout the rest of the area to check for more signs of the enemy. An unfortunate slip by Dark Phoenix alerted the six Wererats of their location and sent them rushing to attack the Acolytes. A long battle ensued wherein Harald was eventually dropped after taking multiple arrows to the chest before Beast Boy ran in to distract the ranged fighters with crossbows. Not long after Maggot and Rogue stepped up to finish off the remaining individuals. They quickly healed… er, injured Harald back to almost full undead health. After finding some treasure stored off in a side room the Acolytes came together to strategize after their last encounter. Fighting in tight corridors was not their best strategy.

Dire ratAfter Beast Boy scouted to the north corridor he reported back to the group with the locations and numbers of enemies: 4 Dire Rits and 4 more Wereats. The Acolytes quickly gathered the fallen Wererats’ crossbows and made a firing line just outside the sight range of the opponents. The first two bolts fired and hit their mark; the lead Dire Rat dropped dead. Beast Boy soon followed up by running out and taunting the enemy into following them down the hall. The next two Dire Rats were soon dropped before making contact and the 4th dropped by a shot from the side. Soon combat ensued as the team once again rushed into combat against multiple Wererats while one of them disappeared into a back room. Similarly to the last bout, the close-quarters combat proved arduous for the Acolytes. Deathstroke had trouble shooting around Rogue while Maggot was constantly attacking over a prone-fighting Beast Boy. After several exchanged blows the trainer of the Dire Rats emerged from the hidden room alongside the Wererat who had disappeared. After dropping the last of the Wererats in the room and the new DireRats that came with the trainer, the group flanked the larger Wererat with Deathstroke delivering the final blow, a sneak attack to her back.

BarracksThe team lay down in the newly discovered Barracks to rest for another night. Awaking the next day they quickly checked the rest of the rooms, discovering more treasure and artifacts before descending to the next level. Beast Boy stealthily snuck into the next room where he found a large chamber with an ancient door on the west side and two solid doors to the east. After touching the door Beast Boy quickly recoiled as it burned his skin. Reporting back to the group that the coast was clear the Acolytes entered the room. After studying the mysterious door, Maggot put his eye to the keyhole of the door to the east. Inside he saw the largest Wererat they came across. She was surely the leader. She was also surrounded by 8 Dire Rats. Reporting back to the group, the Acolytes once again set up in a firing line with their crossbows. Dark Phoenix also meditated to summon up her Phoenix Force to use at will. After firing several bolts into the door to alert the enemy to their presence, the door opened as a flood of Dire Rats came forward into the hall only to be shortly dropped by a hail of arrows from the Acolytes. The remaining Dire Rats rushed forward to attack the Acolytes managing to get a bite or two in before being decimated.

DoorBefore long the leader came out herself and vaulted over the Acolytes placing herself between them and the mystical door. Maggot’s quick eyes caught the form of a key around her neck. After gracefully fighting to survive against the might of the 6 Acolytes, she quickly succumbed to their power. After looting the body the Acolytes searched her room and ended up finding the remains of a legendary individual who had ruled Magnimar’s markets centuries ago but disappeared mysteriously. After looting the room for any goods the Acolytes left the room to examine the door. Dark Phoenix was able to touch the door without taking any damage thanks to her Ifrit heritage but even without the key it appeared they couldn’t do anything until the coming crescent moon which wasn’t for another 2 nights. Preparing to return, the Acolytes returned to get their rear guard and all the treasure they’d found (being carried by Harald’s undead minions) and headed into town (leaving the undead as guards) to sell their treasures and prepare for their return to the Crow in 2 days…

Acolytes: 1,800 XP and 600gp



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