New Latveria

Surviving Doom to Face the Crow


Magnimar Having narrowly escaped the run-in with the Pathfinders, the Acolytes turn their ship toward their destination; the great city of Magnimar. Upon arriving at the docks the Acolytes are greeted by a warden and alerted that their presence at the Mayor’s Chambers has been requested. Wandering through the bustling streets of the metropolis the Acolytes make their way to the tallest tower of the city. After climbing hundreds of stairs they reached the highest chamber of the tower.

Feeling an uneasy sense of dread come over him, Harald quickly drew his sword and Sabertooth followed suit by bringing out his claws. As they swung open the door they saw the cloaked form of a large man standing in front of a desk. Turning around, all the Acolytes realized that Dr. Doom had come to meet them in person and that this did not bode well for them. Standing off to a corner, hiding in the shadows, was the figure of someone they’d never seen before. “I have eyes and ears everywhere and they have alarmingly informed me that you have been less than careful in the way you have handled my precious prisoners… All of you line up.”

No threat was necessary; no anger in the voice. All the Acolytes quickly formed up in a line; the unfamiliar figure walking carefully behind them. “I do hope none of you attempted to kill my prisoners. Lying will NOT be tolerated.” After interrogating each individual, with one false beheading to test Maggot’s loyalty, Dr. Doom turned his gaze towards Sabertooth. “It seems you lack the self-control to do anything other than try to kill them but at least you were honest; you’ll get a chance. Deathstroke, kill Sabertooth.”

Deathstroke pulled out his revolver and took a shot at Sabertooth who carefully dodged. After landing a couple of quick lashes on Deathstroke it was evident who would win this encounter. As Sabertooth was about to deliver the finishing blow, Dr. Doom stepped in ending the conflict. “You have been a great disappointment, Deathstroke; hardly worth what I paid you. Consider our contract void. Sabertooth, you may live but any further attempts to kill the prisoners will result in a personal visit from me. That goes for all of you.” In a puff of smoke Dr. Doom disappeared.

Silent until now, the Mayor of Magnimar spoke up from his desk. “The Great Doom has informed me one of you has a powerful shard. May I see it?” After looking around confused, Thoth came forward to produce the shard for the Mayor. “This is the Shard of Power, one of seven shards that make up the Sihedron or the Shattered Star. It is a great, ancient defensive artifact. Many people are after its power and the one who brings it together will be a legend. I hear they give the holder visions of the location of the next shard in sequence. Have you had such a vision?” After mentioning something about a tall, dark tower in a harbor the mayor directed them to the Crow. The Crow is a tall, wide tower which used to be a support for the Irespan in Magnimar’s harbor.

After ending their meeting the Acolytes did some shopping to prepare themselves for the battle Hybridahead. Making their way to the harbor, the Acolytes found themselves with two rowboats manned by trained sailors. Electing to make their way under cover of darkness the Acolytes arrived in the alcove of the Crow and made their way inside. After exploring several rooms the Acolytes reached a large room with columns lining the middle. In making his way to some far stairs in the corridor, Maggot alerted a Wererat and her dire rat companions who sprinted for the door. Maggot cut them off and landed a devastating attack against the now-hybrid Wererat, thanks to a size boost from Thoth. The other Acolytes soon followed suit and dispatched the remaining enemies.

Tower girlGoing up the stairs, the Acolytes found themselves in several rooms and it wasn’t until Beast Boy spotted a stick supporting a door that they noticed the presence of others in the tower. Stealthily sneaking in to the room Beast Boy noted the position of their enemies and reported back to the group. The group came together (while an enlarged Maggot kindly held open the door) and decided to strategize in order to take out the 4 dire rats and 6 humans within the room. Ready to go, Dark Phoenix and Rogue burst in to fill the entire room in cones of fire with Harald and Sabertooth quickly on their heels and onto their first enemies. The human in the back corner of the room quickly shifted to a hybrid Wererat form and moved to damage their attackers. After a quick battle the Acolytes dispatched their enemies with little challenge.

Making their way in to the next room the Acolytes found themselves in a room with a hole in the center leading some two-hundred feet or more own to the alcove where they had docked their boat. Quickly noticing the contraption set up and the hidden door the Acolytes all began to enter the secret chamber with no hindrance (except for Thoth losing grip of the rope and falling 7 feet onto his back before getting up and trying again). They quickly make their way through the Deathstrokecrypts and disabled the lone trap before coming into a chamber with 2 hybrid Wererats, a lone human, and a Dire Bat. Dark Phoenix tried to sneak up and blast them before they could be caught aware but the Wereat was able to sense her approach. The first blast took care of one of the Wererats. Beast Boy ran up to support but not before an enlarged Maggot took out the other Wererat. The Direbat made a move to attack Maggot only to end up as a splat against the wall. Lunging for the only remaining human, Beast Boy slipped and shocked the man backwards making him snap the string on his crossbow in the process. Deathstroke moved up to threaten him to surrender with no luck. Deathstroke drew his longsword and revolver and made his way into the fray. Thoth quickly stunned the poor soul who was later destroyed by 5 of the Acolytes who had moved into position to take him out.

The day’s fatigue began to set in and the Acolytes set-down to rest for the night. The mysteries within the Crow would have to wait for the next day in order to be unveiled…

Acolytes: 800 XP



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