New Latveria

Into the Depths of the Crow

[Acolytes] - Day 7

After thoroughly enjoying their spoils in the markets of Magnimar, the Acolytes returned to the Crow under the light of the full moon in order to open the mysterious burning door. Met at the docks by Harald’s flood of undead minions, the Acolytes quickly made their way to the door. Inscribed upon the left door was "LISTEN"and on the right was “THE EYES”. Upon examining the door, the Acolytes realized the letters could be re-arranged. After some conference amongst themselves, they re-arranged the letters with the help of their Ifrit friend to say “SILENT THEY SEE”. With a big grating noise the doors swung open to reveal… another hallway and more stairs. The group continued on, leaving Dark Phoenix to guard the door.

Upon exiting the stairs they were soon confronted with a murky pool with stairs leading up either side. Before long, the Draugr had walked past the pool only to get the party besieged by a flood of giant amoebas. The amoebas attacked in pairs grappling the Acolytes and dealing them damage in their bound state. The dark wizard Thoth was the first to free himself after levitating 40 feet into the air and then teleporting 5 feet away to watch as the amoebas fell to their deaths. Soon thereafter he fried the two that were harassing the weakened Beast Boy. The others soon finished off their opponents in the usual fashion of smashing and slicing until nothing remained. Deathstroke took heavy damage and required a potion to recover. Maggot went to investigate the murky depths of the pool from whence the amoebas came. One last amoeba jumped out at him which he quickly turned into a green splotch on the wall. Delving into the pool, Maggot was rewarded by finding a Bracelet of Friendship with two charms still remaining on it. Not knowing it’s use, he quickly handed it over to Thoth.

Moving on the group encountered four giant water spiders feasting on the remains of a dolphin they had killed and dragged on shore. The group in their normal fashion attacked and felled their eight-legged prey without much trouble. The noise however seemed to have startled the bats roosting nearby. In a swarm they descended upon the Acolytes. Quickly recognizing the swarm for what they were Maggot yelled out to his companions how useless their weapons would be against the swarm and how only magics could hurt the mass of screeching creatures. Beast Boy retreated as far away as possible as Sabertooth quickly jumped into the nearby water for protection. Maggot stood his ground and bravely shot a cone of cold at the swarm. Having expended his one ability against the bats, he less bravely retreated to safety. Thoth took the lead and summoned one of his Hell Hounds to finish off the swarm with it’s brimstone-laden breath.

The bats seemed to have been running from something however and upon further investigation by the stealthy Beast Boy, the acolytes discovered a Chimera in the other room that had frightened the swarm. Not one to turn away a good battle, Maggot sprinted off to deal the Chimera some serious damage in his enlarged state and after increasing his weapon size with a spell. Deathstroke and Rogue stayed at the rear with their crossbows choosing to deal with the creature from afar. The mighty Chimera turned its wrath on Maggot and fired a cone of ice straight at him. Maggot laughed this feeble attempt off and once again struck the Chimera with heavy damage. Having reached the Chimera’s side moments before, Beast Boy entered his total defensive state and relieved himself… on the Chimera’s leg. Taking offense at this the Chimera turned his full wrath at the green wolf. Beast Boy nimbly dodged all of the Chimera’s attacks allowing Harald the opening he needed to rush in and deliver the killing blow.

Exhausted from their combat, the Acolytes took a couple days to rest and recuperate before going even deeper into the Crow. The stairs that led downward clearly went below sea level which meant they were headed into the dungeons of the Crow. Reaching the bottom of the stairs they discovered several large mounds that appeared to be as hard as concrete. Their disturbance in the room wasn’t unnoticed as ten giant worker ants attacked the group. No challenge to the group of stalwart Acolytes they soon fell prey to their blades and crossbow bolts.

Beast Boy went down a secret corridor to find an expansion project being dug out by 6 mites. Just as beast boy was prepped and ready to take on the mini-mite horde, he was forced to return to the group as Harald screamed aloud from a Giant Black Widw Spider that had caught him in its grasp. Beast Boy sprinted in to occupy the second spider that was making its way to Harald while the others saved Harald from his imminent demise. Having downed the first spider the group relieved Beast Boy and quickly dropped the last remaining spider. Maggot quickly advised Thoth of the use the spider’s toxin could provide leading him to drain one of the spiders clean. Weary from their day, the Acolytes settled in for another night’s rest.

Acolytes: 2,700 XP



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