New Latveria

Hench for Life!

The Demise of Maggott

Exploring through the depths of an underground fortress, Maggott was with his party members fighting off various infernal beasts. After having defeated a mid-level Gnome sorcerer who used the room he was in to spin the party in hopes of turning them into soup, Maggott felt that he could jump through the door that was left open in order to escape the spinning room.

Unfortunately, he failed to negotiate the door that flickered quickly by, and getting caught in the door was slowly chopped into slices of his former self, much like a good delicatessen would make a good mutton, lettuce, and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe.


Sabretooth had traveled north in search of a pink elf he’d heard was helping out the elves of Crying Leaf. He’d been surprised at the devastation he’d encountered on his journey. A massive tsunami had struck all along the shores of the Varisian Bay. The people in the area were doing their best to recover, but the number of homeless families and ruined businesses didn’t bode well for the coming winter. He’d done what he could to help any refugees he’d run across, but to be honest there was little he could do besides helping fight of raiders, and share out what little food he’d brought with him. It was a day like most others, he’d gone out to help clean up some of the wreckage on the beach, and help search for anything that could be used by the people of Riddleport. It was around noon when he heard the screaming, he took off in that direction immediately. Orcs had been raiding for weeks now and while strong they were rather stupid, he wasn’t worried that he could take them.
He was rather surprised to see what appeared to be a rusted suit of armor strangling a woman in the surf. It took a moment for what he was seeing to make sense. “Shit” He said dismay and frustration clear in his voice. The sound must have carried because the creature on the beach turned to look at him. There was a flash of red in his eyes as he flung the woman away from him and began marching up the shore towards Sabretooth. Suddenly a beam of blistering hot energy shot out of creature once known as Vision and scorched the sand nearby. As more bolts shot out Sabretooth began charging down the beach…though apparently dodging wasn’t necessary. That might have had something to do with the can that seemed embedded in the side of Vision’s head. The smell of ozone was strong enough to block the scent of the sea, by the time the two men met, Sabretooth attacking with tooth and nail didn’t seem to be making much of an impression on the man of metal.
Vision had been at sea long enough for barnacles to grow and his exterior to be covered in rust. He seemed completely unimpressed with the blows Sabretooth managed to land and was instead focused on causing the man as much pain as possible. A solid punch knocked Sabretooth to the ground, but he soon found himself dangling from Vision’s grasp a full foot off the ground. “Bye-Bye” Vision said as he materialized his other hand inside Sabretooth chest. With a laugh he jerked the still beating heart out and dropped Sabretooth to the ground. “Kali-ma,” He said before dropping it to the sand and continuing his march up the beach.
Sabretooth lay there for a few moments, confused by this turn of events…sad that he wouldn’t find Blink…if it was Blink…and pissed that he’d lost a fight to a can opener.


She was getting rather bored with wandering around in tunnels under the ground all the time, it was wreaking havoc with her chlorophyll production, so she was rather pleased to come across a room dedicated to three large…though rather anti-social plants. They were moon flowers. She’d never seen one before but she’d read about them in books…and they didn’t seem healthy. Clearly they hadn’t been eating properly. She glanced back at her companions and briefly considered whether any of them were expendable. It wasn’t as though she disliked any of them…but on the other hand…they were only people…and her babies really did have to eat. Of course…the food didn’t have to be fresh…so she sent Tug after a few of the bodies they’d left in one of the earlier chambers. It was as he was pushing the last body into the door way when the accident occurred. Apparently the woman wasn’t actually dead…she reached out and grasped Ivy’s leg as she was being served up as dinner…dragging the lady in green with her. Tug went crazy and charged into the writhing vines. The two struggled in vain to extricate themselves from the moon flower’s grasp, but were quickly pulled under, never to be seen again.


he waves fall on the ship as pirates, team rampage and wererat zombies alike battle on board. Deathstroke shoots one zombie in the face scattering its head all over Blink. Blink squeals as the remains slide down her face. She quickly throws a javelin teleporting a pirate off the ship. Deathstroke smiles at Blink’s misfortune. Her goody-two-shoes attitude has been getting on his nerves but it’s also lead to this carnage he’s currently enjoying. Deathstroke fires another shot to his left killing a pirate and then fires another to the right killing a wererat zombie. Deathstroke then spots a ghost pirate and pulls out his longsword charging at it. He jumps up onto a banister, sliding down to the deck below and slips on the blood soaked wood. The sword flies from his hand bouncing off a crate. It continues high into the sky. Deathstroke keep his eye on the ghostly buccaneer, he pulls out his gun to fire. The airborne sword returns into view landing straight into Deathstroke’s skull. Deathstroke collapses onto the deck while the carnage still continues around him.


Doomsday’s immunity hasn’t been a problem before. The Hellwasp venom coursing through his body has created an unexpected reaction. Doomsday’s body was swelling and it was swelling fast. Light crackled across his skin. His immune system was working overtime and it was killing him too. He would have roared if he could breathe but as the last moments of his life came to an end he could only think of two things, his cat George and the mess he’s about to make. Doomsday’s body explodes sending his shards throughout the room killing the mass of hellwasps.


Rogue had survived the quest underneath Kaer Maga. Although it was horrible to see her teammates die, she felt a sigh of relief that she wouldn’t have to work with such horrible people. She leaves the tavern and looks up at the sky. She remember peaceful nights with friends and even lovers staring at those stars. Well, not those stars, she couldn’t even spot a single constellation she knew. It honed in deep that she was in a strange world. She notices a falling star and in hope that maybe wishes actually work here, she wishes that she’d be taken away from this awful world and be with her friends. The star grows larger. Rogue looks perplexed and then realizes that it’s heading right for her. She could barely move before it hits her and turns her into fire and red mist.



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