New Latveria

Dark of the Moon - Pt. II

[Pathfinders] - Day 74

After freeing Wonder Woman from her torture chamber, the explained that the Drow had captured her because of her power and celestial blood. They had been conducting horrid experiments on divine creatures, torturing them slowly as they conducted their research. Once the group healed her of her wounds, they moved on to the next room of the crypt. Water cascaded from a quartet of demonic mouths that opened near the ceiling of the cylindrical chamber. The water fell passed dark lunar class pools on sporadic balconies, before descending into a whirlpool. Mist covered the floor area, which Hyourinmaru dispelled with a magical gust of wind. Yet some mist remained, those gaseous forms of four Hezrou Demons. The lurching brutes coalesced and attacked the Pathfinders, using their size and strength to slow their movement. They could even teleport, at one point dividing the party in two. Soon, thanks to new addition Wonder Woman and the powerful upgrades to Iron Woman’s suit, the group finally destroyed half of the demons. The other two, intimidated, turned to vapor and fled.

In the next corridor, the moldy ceiling was littered with hanging chains, most of which were full of broken prisoners wearing sharp, seven-pointed crowns of iron, their wails of suffering echoing through the tight space. Other rent bodies covered the floor, their forms torn limb from limb and left to rot slowly. Following Dove’s inexplicable disappearance, Loki remained the only healer in the group – and the others implored him to heal the surviving torture victims. He initially refused, but Hyourinmaru finally convinced him to spare some of his precious magic. Mending the wounded and sending them on their way, the Pathfinders continued to the next chamber – the largest they had yet seen in the underbelly of the Moonscar. Hanging gibbets swayed from the ceiling of the massive cylindrical chamber above the mist-covered ground below. On the floor a black vapor obscured the surface. As Iron Woman started scanning the area for magic, two rifle shots rang out – the bullets bouncing harmlessly off her armor. They came from two of several Clockwork Soldiers, robotic guardians of such dark places. When Superman and Wonder Woman flew in to investigate, the black mist vanished. Unfortunately it was because the mist, a powerful demon in vaporous form, possessed Wonder Woman. While the others tended to the rather weak Clockwork, Wonder Woman quickly turned on her companions. Before he could react, Diana wrapped Loki in her magic lasso and tied him to a nearby gibbet – dangling him helplessly. When Hyourinmaru tried to free him, Wonder Woman turned on him as well. With furious fervor her attacks grew stronger with each strike, as did her Amazonian rage. Superman tried to subdue her, but couldn’t grapple the seasoned warrior. Iron Woman moved to help Loki as well, but upon realizing the Lasso of Truth’s purpose began questioning him instead. She tried to get a straight answer from him on his true purpose for helping them, but even in the grip of a magical truth serum he managed to avoid revealing any condemning answers. Getting nowhere with the interrogation, Iron Woman and Flash finally freed Loki. Meanwhile, Superman and Hyourinmaru at last pinned down Wonder Woman and tied her up.

Shadow demon2Helpless in this form, the shadow demon vacated his host and formed his own visage. The colossal figure towered over those in the room at a height of 30 feet. Superman quickly freed Wonder Woman, but the demon lashed out – nearly killing her in a single barrage. With arms that could reach anywhere in the chamber, the demon raked and bit at the Pathfinders at every turn. The incorporeal fiend was resistant to their attacks to the point of being nearly immune, and even magic seemed to be of little use. Things look dire as the demon began ripping the Pathfinders apart.

It was then that Natasha Stark, using an identification prototype in her suit, focused in and scanned the demon. She detected that at its heart was an alien engine, not unlike the arc reactor in her own chest. She fired on it, cracking the empowering device – but inadvertently triggered a self-destruct countdown. The Pathfinders tried to scatter and retreat as quickly as possible, but the demon would not let them flee so easily. He sealed off their passage with a thick wall of stone, and hampered their magic with a resilient sphere of force. Flash warned everyone to leave, but was grabbed and ingested by the shadow fiend. Mere seconds remained until all trapped in the room would be vaporize.

Finally Stark sped over to the demon, grabbing the core at its heart. She flew up out of the room through a small hole in its roof. Soaring quickly above the surface of the dark moon, she sent a final and brief message back to the ship. Then, holding the detonator close, Stark and the heart exploded in a wave of fire and ash. In an instant, all that remained was the fine vapor of disintegrated metal.

Down below, Flash watched helplessly as his old friend sacrificed herself. Screaming in vain, he watched as the night sky once again grew dark. From the destruction and silence, a single remain fell back to the ground. Stark’s helmet which, still burning, bounced and rolled to Flash’s feet.


Dale: 203,820
Ricardo: 203,300
Will: 184,400
James: 181,100
Caitlin: 94,550

Sarah: 210,000



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