New Latveria

Beginning of the End

Kaer Maga.

As the sun began to set over the besieged city, Galactus the Devourer marched relentlessly forward. In his way stood Thor, Deadpool and the Hulk. They charged into action, the Hulk first leaping toward Galactus. The Devourer casually smacked him away, knocking Hulk into a nearby building. Deadpool tried to open fire on Galactus but – upon meeting the gaze of the space-god – felt too terrified to move. Instead he averted his eyes and tried to shoot blindly, with little luck.

Next Galactus tried to cast several spells on Thor, but the Asgardian stood firm. Unable to conquer his foe by mystic means, Galactus reached down and grabbed him in one fell swoop. Thor struggled to free himself from the Devourer’s grip, but it was no use. Hulk continued trying to grab onto Galactus as his marched by, but wasn’t able to get close enough to do any good. Deadpool finally got close to Galactus – just before Galactus cast a holding spell on him, freezing him harmlessly in place.

It was then that Thor tapped into the Odin-Force, growing several sizes larger. Thor tried to intimidate Galactus, but the Devourer wasn’t phased in the least. Instead Galactus stared down Thor, intimidating him into submission. Compelled by the awe of the force of nature, Thor turned and left the battle. Hulk at last climbed up to Galactus’ shoulder, trying to rip off the colossus’ arm. He strained and pulled, but he just wasn’t strong enough. Instead, Galactus grabbed him and continued on his way.


Elsewhere, in Magnimar, Doctor Doom laid out his plans for the Pathfinders. With the reforged Sihedron in hand, he would gather 6 of his servants to help him activate the ancient device. The Pathfinders were to keep Galactus busy long enough for the seven of them to use the Sihedron, at last destroying Galactus. He disappeared, telling the others to make final preparation before fighting the Devourer.

Superman, Hyourinmaru and Loki all transported to Kaer Maga while Flash and Dove went to keep an eye on Doom. They arrived to see Galactus plundering the vast Arcanus Acadamae, devouring the magical artifacts therein like food. While they had originally planned to wait for Doom, Superman and Hyourinmaru decided they needed to stop Galactus from gaining access to the power and knowledge within the Academy walls. Superman used his heat vision as a test, and found it completely ineffective. Hyourinmaru, however, unleashed one of his most powerful spells. The beam of ice blasted into Galactus’ back, shattering his cosmic armor. Loki immediately followed suit with a blast of fire, likewise scorching parts of his back.

Angered, Galactus shielded himself with energy and charged Hyourinmaru. He grabbed the sorcerer, but Maru instantly vanished in a puff of mist and reappeared some distance away. Superman tried to join the fray, but Galactus backhanded him away – knocking him through a nearby building into the street beyond. Galactus tried several spells against Hyourinmaru, but they had little effect. Instead he returned to his duties and summoned a powerful barrier of energy to protect himself.

Superman flew through the prismatic wall with no harm, but the spellcasters were not so fortunate. Hyourinmaru tried to dispel the barrier, coming close at point, but the wall was simply too powerful. Instead the trio sat and pondered their next move…



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