New Latveria

A Marvellous Discovery


After salvaging a wrecked galleon, the Pathfinders continued their track south along the island beach – ship in tow. They made rest in a small cove as Batman and Iron Woman took first watch. Stark noticed her armor starting glowing, as if under some magical effect, but she wafted it away. Soon the source of the glow became apparent – one of several fire elementals, which were Fire elementalhuddled together and hiding inconspicuously within the group’s campfire. Stark informed Batman, and as they discussed the nature of the creatures, the elementals burst forth and attacked the sleeping party. Thor took heavy damage as he lay on the sand, and the others quickly rose from their sleep. They each attacked the flames – Green Arrow with his bow, Batman with his shuriken – each with no effect. Thor, however, found the magic Mjolnir could actually do damage to the creatures. Shaking off the repeated fire attacks, he swung and threw his hammer – devastating the elementals. Elixir mended his wounds as Magneto and Superman attacked from a distance. Running to and from the water, in the hopes of gaining an advantage over the fire, the Pathfinders eventually subdued their magical foes.

In the commotion, Iron Woman looked to the tree line and noticed a half-dozen native Cannibals watching from a distance. Once the elementals faded away, so too did the natives – back into the island interior. Deeming the “haunted” beaches as unsafe in which to rest, the group decided to risk the Cannibals and make camp further inland. Arrow and Batman took to the trees to scout around. There they noticed two interesting events on the horizon – a distress flare signaled from a mist-covered island nearby, and what looked to be the central village of the Cannibals. After resting for the uneventful remainder of the night, they decided to set off for the village in the morning.

With Arrow expertly navigating the ship, the Pathfinders quickly sailed south to the Cannibal’s encampment. Batman scouted ahead, using his cape to fly over the tree line. Along the way he spotted a mountain peak with several ceremonial stones crowning the peak. He also spotted the encampment, which composed of a broken lighthouse and 7-8 stone buildings. Over twenty natives went about their morning routine, and several piles of unidentified bodies littered the center of the encampment. One his way back, Batman spotted one last thing – the body of a woman lying on a trail, leading down a river away from the Cannibals. He returned to the boat, where he asked Superman to follow up with the woman. Superman flew over and, some time later, flew back with the deceased woman in his arms. Iron Woman identified her as Mary Madison – known as Ms. Marvel in her particular universe. Arrow found a note Madison had written crudely, reading only “They got the others. Two leaders are not Cannibals. Following them.”

Superman explained that the trail on which he found Madison was a dead end, but the group decided to investigate. Green Arrow led them from the shore across the peninsula to the river. Vine1Along the way, however, the thick foliage proved too difficult to navigate. The group got lost for several hours. Soon they found themselves in the tangled web of a Yellow Musk Creeper, a deadly vine. Magneto was the first victim, grappled by the plant quickly. Its tendrils siphoned into the back of his neck, draining his very with and mental clarity. Another vine attack Arrow, but missed. He stabbed it, but lost control of his rapier – which rose with the vine into the canopy. The Pathfinders rallied to destroy the vines – except for Iron Woman, who was too confounded by the unnatural creatures to develop a plan of attack. Magneto destroyed one – using superheated magnetism to microwave the plant. Thor crushed the other with his hammer.

Resting for yet another night, the Pathfinders make camp close enough to hear a raging river just on the horizon.

Pathfinders: 675



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